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Calling All Home Lover’s: Floor Tile Designs For Your Living Room

Floor Tiles Designs for Living Room

Floor your guests with these floor tile designs for your living room

Unlike furniture or décor, the flooring of your house is one thing you aren’t going to even think about changing in a hurry. It’s all the more important to make an informed and tasteful decision while choosing the flooring design of your house. In most modern houses, the flooring of your living room usually starts right at the front door and goes straight into your family room – it is almost like a red carpet into your home. 

If you fall, I will be there! – Floor

Your floor isn’t going anywhere, so make it count. There are several options to choose from for living room flooring – from vitrified to ceramic tiles, from faux wood tiles to vinyl. Read on to find the best floor tile designs for modern living rooms.

Vitrified Tiles For Contemporary Designed Living Room

Vitrified tiles are known for their glossy sheen and look elegant in soothing neutral colours like ivory, beige, soft white, pale ash, among others. Stain, moisture and crack resistant and highly durable, these versatile tiles give home the rich feel of marble or granite and yet are easy to maintain. Light coloured vitrified tiles look best in modern, minimalist living rooms and let the décor take centrestage with their understated yet chic azure. Notice how contrasting colour tiles have been used as a border on the edges of this living room to match the play of white and brown in the interiors.

Tiles for living room are known for their glossy sheen and look elegant on living room floor design
Neutral colour tiles provide a versatile canvas to facilitate an easy change in décor

Ash Theme:

These pale grey floor tiles with meandering white veins look beautiful in this modern ash themed living room.

Floor tiles designs for living room with pale grey colour where white veins look beautiful with floor carpets for living room
Light-coloured vitrified tiles are perfect for modern living room interiors

Ceramic And Porcelain Living Room Floor Tiles

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are great options for living room flooring as they are highly durable and easier on the pocket than vitrified tiles. In the right colour, they can bring a chic flair to living rooms. In homes with open plans, these tiles are ideal to seamlessly cover the entire kitchen, dining and living room floor in a single clean colour. 

Light coloured tiles can enhance the look of rooms with little natural light and darker coloured tiles give a cozier look to larger areas. Modern living rooms look best with floor tiles in white, beige, sand, etc.

Living room floor tiles which are great options for living room flooring as they are highly durable and here are also some living room floor ideas
Larger floor tiles can make a small room appear bigger


Dark-coloured grouting can be used in between light floor tiles to create a pattern in this otherwise blank canvas flooring. And, voila! You have a floor that perfectly matches the black and white geometrically designed living room interiors.

Living room tiles design which can be used in between light floor tiles to create a pattern and also read some floor tile colors for living room
Contrast colour grouting can provide a pattern to enhance the décor of the room

The Wood Effect

If you love the look of hardwood but don’t want the hassle of its maintenance, consider installing wooden ceramic tiles in your living room. Faux wood is the hottest trend in tiles that combines the natural beauty and rustic charm of wood with the durability of tiles.

Floor tiles design for small living room where you can consider installing wooden ceramic tiles for wood floor living room
Faux wood tile flooring can make a living room look warm and inviting

Layer It:

Tiles can be installed diagonally to walls or in a layered pattern in order to provide a focal point to living rooms.