2000 – 2020 : Home Design And Decor Trends Through The Decades

by Charmaine Kenita | January 4, 2024 | 10 mins read

home decor trends transformation and growth of the home we see today.

From mason jars to kitchens in white, eco-friendly furniture to minimalist interiors, home design has seen it all. Here’s a clap back to the past decades and what we can expect in the years ahead.

Decor and home design has changed phenomenally over the last few years. In the time that it has taken music to move from hard rock to R&B, art from pop to contemporary, and fashion from all-denim to layered cuts, home design too has seen its movement and transformation to what we have today. There’s always something evolving and changing in decor 2021, whether it is the move across materials and textures, or spaces flowing into each other and even a revival of trends that may have existed more than a few decades ago.

Design and home decor cannot do without change. Unlike previously where trends lasted for more than decades and much of value in a home was very utilitarian, today the emphasis is on design and spaces merging to echo people who call the space home. There’s the change of homes from large units into compact, micro spaces. Lack of space has facilitated the need for greenery indoors. Furnishings and upholstery have become modern, minimal and eclectic. Given such phenomenal change, it makes sense to trace back the old path every once in a while and find out emerging new trends in home decor. Understand how decor has become simple yet complex, and walls have led to fluid, open and welcoming spaces.

Captured below are trends across the last 20 years, home decor trends 2021, of transformation and growth of the home we see today.

Trends From 2000’s

Release of the iPod, Backstreet Boys and Blu-ray, 2000’s was a decade of sudden and immediate change. As much as it wasn’t too long ago, decor trends of that period seem like it happened in centuries past. Our obsession with white kitchens and jar storage came from that period. Let us see how it impacted the rest of the home.

Home design trends where the release of the iPod, Backstreet Boys and Blu-ray was a decade of sudden and immediate change in 2000.
Bring back the memories of 2k with this old yet chic design.

Shabby Chic Bedrooms

Before the modern farmhouse there were shabby chic bedrooms; rustic, distressed, slightly off-kilter and a bit of country vintage. There was ruffled lace bedding, white washed dressers, ornate table lamps and an air of non-conformity.

Shabby chic is a style of interior design that was home trends before the modern era.
A vintage lamp sits next to a bed with ornate mirrors and shabby chic bed, exuding subtle nostalgia

Entertaining Living Room Trends

Remember the large since, entertainment unit you must have had in your living room? Most homes did and everything would be packed in it; Blu-ray discs, TV, large radios, oversized speakers and more. It was bulky, heavy equipment and this was the key focus in most living rooms.

New home design trends go for minimal living room design and hide your Blu-ray discs, equipment and more behind your tv unite.
A contemporary closed-door version of the entertainment unit in the living room, with gadgets safely hidden away

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The All Trendy White Kitchen

It was all white, most kitchens. This trend still holds today. Dark wooden cabinets gave away to light, white ones and slatted shelves and it became the dominant colour tone for everything furniture in the kitchen.

home trends still today holds all white, and it became the dominant colour tone for everything furniture in the kitchen.
White kitchens provide a stunningly simplistic background against which cooking and entertaining converge

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Mediterranean Bathroom Trends

Bathrooms became much larger and luxurious in the decade, with ornate features. The design moved away from small, cramped functional ones to large bathrooms where endless time could be spent in.

Decorating trends moved away from small, bathrooms became much larger and luxurious in the decade, with ornate features.
Spacious, off-white and elegant, bathrooms have moved on from cramped spaces to larger inviting ones

Mis-matching Dining Furniture

The perfection that existed before in having everything matched up, broke the mould in the 2000s with mismatched furniture. Dining rooms became more whimsical, fun spaces. Chairs and furniture became non-conformist, bought in single quantities and different colours for a warm vibe.

Dining room became more whimsical, fun spaces with new home trends.
A rustic, easy charms sits over this dining space with different kinds of chairs and a slate wall that lends some relief

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Contrast Colour Tones

As much as white kitchens and pastels took off in the decade, there was also a studied contrast of dark colours and deeper hues. Pantone’s 2002 ‘true red’ and deep browns reflected this trend.

Contrast colour tone reflects home design trends.
A bright red wall offsets the elegant dining space, lighting it up festively

Single, Collectible Accessory

Mason jars and storage boxes were everywhere. From kitchens to cabinet counters to bedroom dressers, they stored odds and ends, bobs and pins. Whether used as a wine glass, candle holder or vase, mason jars redefined what a compact, glass container could do.

Home decor trends 2020 raise in Mason jars from kitchens to cabinet counters to bedroom dressers; they stored odds and ends, bobs and pins.
Versatile mason jars on the kitchen countertop used for groceries, and also stationery and odds and ends

Design And Decor Trends From 2010

Despite the continuing of whites and experimentation of the last decade, the 2010s were strangely sober. There was the rise of new techs such as the iPhone, new sounds of music and increased focus on the environment. This more or less affected home design and decor which became more minimalist, understated and simple. Much of what trended, countered the excesses of the previous decades as we see below.

Decor trends in 2010, despite the continuing of whites and experimentation of the last decade, the 2010’s were strangely sober.
A perfect living room to please the minimalist in you!

Tiny Closet Spaces

Bedrooms have always been elaborate but the 2010s saw them becoming functional. More space for the bed, less room for changing and the closet. Doors becoming simple and modern, furniture more streamlined.

Home trends changed bedroom with more functional and furniture more streamlined.
This compact bedroom doubles up as closet and changing space in modern homes

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Poufs Across Living Rooms

With a relaxed vibe and minimalist furniture, came use and flexible furniture pieces. Poufs and cushions became easy floor seating. They were spread all around, from patios to living rooms, balconies to dining areas doubling as seating and to rest.

Current home decor trends, Pouf with a relaxed vibe and minimalist furniture, came use and flexible furniture pieces.
Small cushions or poofs in the living room are great for resting the feet and also double up as emergency seating

Trendy Open Shelved Kitchens

With a minimalist approach and small cooking space came the need to keep kitchens open, airy, organised and away from traditional heaviness. Although needing more work, it was a good way to showcase dinnerware.

New trends in home decor minimalist approach and small cooking space comes in need to keep kitchens open, airy, and organised.
Small open shelf display for cutlery and dinnerware lend a rustic country feel to this modern kitchen

Geometric Tiled Bathroom Trend

Floral, simple bathroom tiles in this decade gave way to geometric diamond and hexagonal-shaped tiles, with better visual interest and more personalisation.

Geometric diamond and hexagonal-shaped tiles are new decades of home decor trends.
Geometric detailed backsplash in this otherwise simple bathroom changes the entire look and plays up the lighting too

Modern Farmhouse Dining Trend

What began in the previous decade with shabby chic, continued with a modern farmhouse look. A simple, non-pretentious design that combines minimalism with chic, wood tables, rough textured surfaces, patchwork and functional furnishings.

Home interior trends began in the previous decade with shabby chic, continued with a modern farmhouse look.
Bar counter and a simple wooden dining table and chairs look chic in this modern minimalist area

Millennial Colour Tones

Pinks and greens, yellows and purples, 2010’s were all about such weird but attractive contrasts especially on walls of single rooms. On one hand all-white became too boring, so it was swapped for light pastels and flowers. On the other, heavy browns and greys gave way to deep green and mustard hues in the bedroom, dining and kitchen areas.

Home decor trends where heavy browns and greys gave way to deep green and mustard hues in the bedroom
Raspberry pink wall offsets a sombre, simple dining area with a play in contrasts

Open Floor Architecture

From closed, confined spaces with walls, home design began to run fluid with the open-plan concept. Whether in tight, compact apartments to large, sprawling mansions, homes became a welcoming, warm, flowing space.

Home trends try the open-plan concept to make home become a welcoming, warm, and flowing space.
With a dining space adjoining the foyer and a see-through partition, the home flows and melds into the rest of the house

Trendy Dull Gold Hardware And Accessories

There began to emerge a subtle sophistication especially in hardware, brass, bronze, dull gold taps, pipes, finishings in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms were a coveted architectural feature.

New trends in home decor with a wash basin made up of brass and bronze with dull gold tap
Copper bath fittings complement the subtle lighting of this minimalist bathroom

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We’ve just begun with the new decade and much of what has happened previously, we see a continuation in the years ahead. Although it is difficult to predict, below is what we can definitely expect in the forthcoming years.

New home design trends in 2020 totally changed than what has happened previously and with unique murphy bedroom designs.
The future of home interiors looks smart and classy with space-saving designs

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Smart Bedroom Furniture Design Trend

Tech is increasingly going to get into every space and bedrooms seem to be the most likely. From temperature-controlled environments to heat-sensitive lighting, built-in USB ports to sleep tracking, smart tech is the future and will be omnipresent.

Smart tech is the future and will be omnipresent. So try to integrate with your home to be stylish that is current home decor trends.
Tech integrated bedrooms change lighting and moods at press of a button

Boho-chic And Eclectic Living Spaces

Maximalism is in, if trends show, after the overindulgence in minimalism of the last decade. Over-the-top chandeliers and gold-dusted decor to plush carpeting and marble walls, eclectic will be the way of modern living spaces.

2020 decorating trends with a modern living space designed with a murphy bed and a bookshelf beside it with a cupboard above it
Subtle and sophisticated, this marble wall is an eye-catcher in this simple living space

Bright Colourful Kitchen Trend

White which has been a perennial favourite in kitchens since the last two decades, doesn’t seem to fade away. But colour and brightness will pop up in cabinets, gadgets, cabinets and appliances. From pops of red to soft pinks, colour is going to make a big splash in kitchens.

Home trends, bring bright colourful cabinets, gadgets, and appliances to make a big splash in kitchens
Yellow cabinets are a bright pop of color in this otherwise simple kitchen, lending a simple elegance

Formal Dining Room Design And Decor Trend

As much as open-plan spaces are all trending right now, homeowners will see the need for closeted spaces that are separate and intentional from the rest of the home. This applies to the dining room and the space where families will increasingly have meals together.

New home trends, having a separate dining room where families will increasingly have meals together.
Closed off on all three sides is this cozy dining space that lets you concentrate on nothing else except the food

Dark Palettes Revival

Although beige was too 90’s it will make a strong comeback. We are already seeing whites make way for this colour. Also neutrals going more greys, heavy and deep seem very imminent.

Home interior trends with grey and minimalist accessories with a clean look.
A grey minimalist bathroom with minimal accessories and a neat, clean look

Trendy Eco-Friendly Architecture

With the environment gaining greater focus, there seems to be an increased urgency in eco-friendly architecture and design. Sustainable, eco-focused homes with solar panels, natural ventilation, low-energy lighting and earth-friendly buildings seem to be the way forward.

Eco-focused homes with solar panels, natural ventilation, low-energy lighting and earth-friendly are new home trends.
An old trunk used as a coffee table and reclaimed wood TV unit gives this space a very casual, relaxed vibe

Natural And Earth-Friendly Accessories

Rattan, bamboo and reclaimed wood will continue to make an impact given our earth-conscious building initiatives. From rattan chairs to bamboo bookcases, natural linen upholstery to wicker chairs, there will be lots more of such time tested materials.

Save the earth with new home trends by utilizing natural and earth-friendly accessories.
Rattan chairs and tables are such an eco-friendly, easy alternative to heavy chairs and tables

Home decor trends 2021 capture the creativity, imagination and ideas that have been infused through the decades into the places we’ve lived in.

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