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Monsoon Home Decoration Ideas For 2021

Monsoon home decoration ideas for 2020

It’s monsoon season which means we need to get set and ready to make some changes around the house. Take a look at our monsoon home decor ideas.

Monsoons are beautiful. Heavy splashes of rain, tough winds and droplets on windows – all of these make for pleasant days and nights. Yes, they are cold and dewy and sometimes the weather does get foggy, however, the beauty that monsoons behold is unlike any other season. We at Design Cafe have come up with some interesting monsoon decoration ideas for your home this season.

Drive Out The Glooms With A Pop Of Colour This Monsoon

When monsoons hit they can get quite gloomy and sometimes affect your mood. But every problem has a solution. And that’s why we have this colour-popping monsoon home decor idea that you can consider and wave your blues goodbye! The living room is a place where you all tend to spend a lot of time be with family or friends so pep the place up with colourful pillows, woollen bean bags and a nice warm abstract floor mat! Trust us, because this monsoon decor idea will cheer you up for sure. After all, colours impact how we feel too.

Rainy season decoration in living room with warm coloured bean bags
A living room with warm coloured bean bags will keep your bottoms warm this monsoon

Take The Monsoons To Your Bedroom With These Monsoon Decor Ideas

If you belong to a large population of people who love the monsoons so much that you bring an essence of greenery right into your bedroom, then this monsoon decor idea is for you. Let the theme of the monsoons seep through with leaf printed sheets, a quilt with a forest green armchair and woven footrest, and a block of wood as your side table.  Now your room is sure to spell out monsoon in every way. The indoor brings in lots of freshness to add to the greenery!

Monsoon decoration for bedroom with green decor leads monsoon high
A room with green decor will leave you in a monsoon high
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Dry Your Damps In Style

The monsoons come with a lot of pitter-patter raindrops as you all know that can get your home all damp and icky. Walking in straight in with a raincoat and umbrella dripping wet is not such a wise thing to do. So as part of this rainy season decoration idea, we thought it would be great to invest in an umbrella stand and coat hanger! Let the damps dry in a corner and save yourself a mopping cycle! Cool isn’t it?

Monsoon decor ideas with warm lights in your living room
A lovely living room with warm lights and a stand to hang your dripping wets

Candle Light And Scents Of Delight As Monsoon Home Decor

The monsoon season, as much as you love it, does leave the smell of damp fungi behind. These monsoon tips for your home can leave your house smelling like heaven even through this season. How is that possible? Well, super simple scented candles, fresh flowers and incense sticks are sure to do the trick.

Monsoon home decor in living room with scented candles and fairy lights
A cosy living room with scented candles and fairy lights will make you want to stay stuck at home all day enjoying a hot cup of cocoa

A Whiff Of Freshness Indoors

Monsoon season is the best time to grow your own set of greens be it indoors or outdoors. Monsoon plants for your home can elevate the level of oxygen within your home. Some like to place plants in their bedroom and like to enjoy a sniff of freshness every now then. So don’t hold back to bring a whiff of freshness indoors!

Monsoon plants for home brings freshness indoors in rainy season decoration
A bedroom with abundant greenery brings nature’s gift indoors

This is what we at Design Cafe think are some great monsoon decoration ideas. If you want more ideas and interior design tips do book a consultation with us. Our designer’s are just a click away!

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