Keep Your Home Monsoon Ready With These Cleaning Tips

by Devna Tiwari | January 26, 2024 | 5 mins read

How to keep house clean in rainy season

If you’re thinking how to keep your home clean and tidy during monsoons, here are some tips and hacks to help you stay prepared before the rainy days hit the calendar!

The rainy season is here to cool down scorching summers. Regardless of how soothing it sounds, for homeowners, monsoons can bring unwanted things like mud and humidity! As much as you want your kids to enjoy the rainy season you don’t want your living room to be filled with mud and water now do you?

Take a cue from our tips on keeping your home clean during the monsoon season. To enjoy the rainy days with a hot cup of tea, a plate full of crispy pakoras and no worries!

Don’t Slip And Slide

It’s no surprise that monsoon season brings a lot of water into your home either from a  window left open, kids coming home from school dripping wet or your pet who managed to sneak out and have a rain dance! Floors made out of marble, vitrified tiles and the like are slippery in nature. So if you sprinkle in some rain water you have a recipe for sprained ankles and bruised backs. Hence, it would be best if you mopped up your floor immediately.

Also, monsoon is the season when you want to put your carpets/ rugs back in storage as they are difficult to clean and dry if they become wet and dirty. Instead, you can opt for small doormats made from easy-to-clean materials like rubber or plastic or heavy-duty fabric.

Use easy to clean materials like rubber or plastic during monsoon/rainy season

Let’s Keep Those Walls Dry

Just like how the smell of wet earth reminds us of the rain, damp walls with molds is a nostalgic reminder of monsoons that none of us are fond of! Damp walls are an indication that you have a clogged rain gutter that’s allowing water to collect on the roof that seeps into your walls. It could also be a sign that there’s leakage in the plumbing of your home. The corrective measures have to be taken before it becomes worse and allows molds to grow. Painting over damp walls is never a good idea, without fixing the root cause of the issue. Clogged rain gutters or leaks in your plumbing has to be fixed professionally and damaged walls can be resurfaced using waterproof sealers or putty.

Let's fix the damaged walls to keep your home clean during monsoon season

Keep The Bugs At Bay

The rainy season is the breeding season for insects and pests. From mosquitoes, termites, flies and moths there is no shortage of creepy crawlies looking to make your house their home! They not only bring in diseases but can also cause damage to your furniture, clothes. Other than using insect repellents and pesticides to get rid of them, install screen shutters on your windows and doors. This will stop them from getting into your home in the first place. It’s a classic case of prevention is better than cure! Chemicals are not safe either for the health and safety of your family, especially kids and senior citizens at home.

Keeping bugs and rain insects at bay this monsoon
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Let In The Monsoon Breeze

The scent of fresh rain is one of life’s simplest pleasures. At the same time, the smell of a damp, moist room is like living in an old sock! It is a common practice to keep the doors and windows closed when it rains. However, doing this for a prolonged length of time and you end up with stale air in your home. Therefore, it’s a good idea to open your windows and doors once in a while to let in the cool monsoon breeze to flush out the stale smell. You can also use air fresheners, aerosols, scented candles and floor cleaners to freshen up the air inside.

Use air fresheners, aerosols, scented candles and floor cleaners for house clean during rainy season

You Need A Clean Bathroom, More So In The Monsoons

When you are drenched in the rain covered with mud, your bathroom is the first place you head to. But also remember to clean the dirt from the bathroom floor after every use. A clean floor will dry up faster as compared to a dirty, wet bathroom floor with mud caught in the corners. Use shower mats to avoid getting water out of the bathroom and clean them regularly.

Keep clean your bathroom during monsoon rainy season

Wash Your Clothes ASAP

Monsoon season means a lot of wet and dripping clothes. It is never a good idea to dump wet clothes together in a bucket only to be taken out once a week when you do your laundry as they can stink up your home with foul smells. Use laundry hampers or baskets in the bathroom and bedrooms so that wet clothes can be handled without making a mess! Since it’s not as sunny in the monsoons as the rest of the year, it is a good idea to keep your clothes washed, rinsed and ready to dry if and when the sun shines!

Keep your home clean by washing your clothes as early as possible in rainy reason

And that’s a wrap! We are sure these tips will help you keep your home clean at all times during the monsoon season.

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