All The Single Ladies: Here’s How You Can Decorate Your Studio Apartment

by Noopur Lidbide | January 19, 2024 | 5 mins read

how to decorate a studio apartment for a woman

Living alone in a studio flat for single women can be a task in itself, but making it look good shouldn’t be

We love a woman who knows what she wants and goes for it. While going for absolute independence for a woman can be tricky to get, the struggle doesn’t end there. Anyone who lives alone can vouch for the fact that it ain’t always a piece of cake. There are a hundred different things to juggle, especially when you are managing your work life and home. But it’s doable and totally worth it!

The place that you call home should be lovable and livable. With a small studio apartment, the challenge of how to decorate a small studio apartment is to fit in different spaces that work in harmony without feeling too cluttered, and ensuring that the space stays beautiful at the same time. Here are seven great tips on how to decorate a small studio apartment for single women.

Create Your Cosy Corner

When you think of designing and decorating a small studio apartment, the focus is usually on getting all the essential components in place. Well, a cosy nook is equally important too. If your studio apartment comes with a cute window or has a spare corner, put a comfortable chair, throw in a pouffe or a rug to rest your legs, add a minimal warm lamp and throw in some cushions to create space for some ‘me time’.

Decorate a small studio apartment for women by putting a chair, rug, and warm lamp
Every house, small or big, needs a comfy corner for you to unwind
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Add Functional And Decorative Partitions

The challenge (as well as the exciting part) about small spaces is to ensure that different zones within it are clearly identifiable, yet have a flow between them. For this studio apartment, the division between the living room and bedroom is done using the large open-shelving rack. The rack acts as a wall or partition and can hold books or other pieces of decor that make it look beautiful. Similarly, the half wall dividing the dining area and living area can be used to add indoor plants, making the apartment look fresh and lovely.

Studio apartment decoration by adding functional and decorative partitions making the apartment look fresh and lovely
Compartmentalisation in a studio space can be beautiful too

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Have Some Fun With Patterns And Prints

It’s best to keep the colours to a minimum with small multifunctional spaces. But that doesn’t have to make it boring. Within a minimal colour scheme, your small studio apartment decor can be fun with the addition of cool stripes and Aztec prints for the furnishing and decor.

Decorate a studio apartment by playing with prints and patterns to add a fun element
Keep the colours minimal and play with prints and patterns for a small studio

Brighten Your Studio Apartment With A Pop Of Colour

Keeping your small studio apartment decor minimal in greys and whites is always a safe bet, but you can keep it from getting too monotonous. The pop of bright green with the bar stools, the plants and the lampshade makes this studio apartment even more lovable.

Decorate a studio apartment by adding a bright pop of color that adds charm to monochromatic spaces
A bright pop of colour adds charm to monochromatic spaces

Keep Your Space Understated In Grey

While a pop of colour works for some, for others it is all about keeping the house understated. And a versatile colour like grey is the best way to achieve that. This studio apartment for single women is cosy and functional in grey. The relaxed seating options for the living space connect well with the bedroom space. The elaborate bathroom space also adds a wall and a different texture that sets the tone for the dining space.

Studio apartment decoration by creating a relaxed seating options and keeping it all grey and
An all-grey decor for a studio looks refined, elegant and authoritative like its owner

Provide For Some Privacy

A studio apartment doesn’t necessarily have to translate into a space with no boundaries and separate rooms. It’s completely normal for you to have the occasional friend stay over, or even share the studio apartment with a roommate. Creating an element of privacy whether you are staying alone or with someone is crucial, especially in a small space. You can add a sliding door to enclose the bedroom area. With a permanent roommate, it’s best to have multipurpose furniture like a convertible sofa bed.

Decorate a studio apartment by creating an element of privacy by adding a sliding door
Can two people live comfortably in a small studio apartment? Yes, they can!
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Arrange Furniture In A Manner That Connects Two Spaces

Having limited space and wanting it all can be challenging when it comes to how to decorate a studio apartment for a woman. But thoughtful design can help overcome it. The kitchen-cum-dining space in this studio apartment gels well with the living space. The additional counter space acts as a partition, a platform for cooking prep, an area for displaying decor as well as a dining spot for one. The placement of the dining chair between the living and kitchen spaces gives you the best of both worlds.

Decorate your studio apartment by arranging furniture in a manner that connects two spaces
It’s best to have a seamless connection between two spaces for your studio apartment to be functional

There are few things as empowering for women as doing the entire independent living thing, and to be able to do it well. With the right small studio apartment decor additions and design improvements here and there, living by yourself or with your girlfriends is sure to be one of the most cherished experiences ever!

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