Modern Home Decor Ideas | 9 New Ways To Reinvent Your Home’s Interiors

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 29, 2024 | 9 mins read

Modern home decor ideas for your home

2021 is the year of healing. It’s a year when everything is in reset mode. Be it work, the way we socialise or the way we live — we are in a time when change is the only trend. So, how do we cope with these transforming times? Well, we follow our comfort. So, yes, 2021 is all about realising the importance of good health, good food and a comfortable home.

Our homes require a reboot. From bringing in a dedicated work corner at home (check out our Have Some Fun With Your Furniture Pieces At Home section) to embracing calmness as a design element (see Go For Earthy Tones), 2021 will be the year of the home interior revolution and we are all set to help you know all that you need.

Bring Back Warm Colours

2021 is the year of warm colours. Our homes will be the ultimate destination to relax and recharge this year as well. Thus, warm colours are trending big time. Yellow, red, orange and the different shades of these colours will be ruling our modern home decor items trends. These colours help people feel happy and upbeat by inspiring positive thoughts — an imperative for home designs. So, feel free to indulge in warm and cheerful colours that make you feel alive. If you want, you can also try accent walls with pop colours to impart a vibrancy to your monotonous home interiors. Besides the obvious warm shades, there is the massive popularity of comforting hues like aqua shades, ginger hues, earthy tones, etc. These colours imbibe warmth and comfort to the occupants and make headlines in the interior world.

You can also follow the Pantone colours of the year 2021 — ultimate grey and illuminating yellow colour trends. Both the colours display a unique mix of happy and uplifting vibes.

modern living home decorated with a sectional sofa and an orange accent wall
A spacious living room with a sectional sofa and an orange accent wall

Indulge In Impressionistic Lightings

Reserving tables at your favourite restaurant is going to be replaced with house parties in your living room. So, in 2021, indulge in luxurious, unique and dramatic lights. Monumental chandeliers, extravagant lamps, rustic light fixtures — get your hands on anything that strikes your fancy. Fashionable lights are at the heart of modern home decorations. They can transform any mundane room into a dramatic space. If you are into mid-century design, you can also go with crystal, drum and tiered chandeliers. You can try decorating your living room with such lavish structures. If you are not into such flashy endeavours, you can go with rustic floor lamps or elegant pendant lights that may not be dramatic like the chandeliers but are equally enticing. You can also DIY your kitchen and dining corner with some statement lamps.

A living room with a modern chandelier is the modern home decor item
A living room design with luxury lightings is the new cool

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Have Fun With Functional Furniture Pieces At Home

When you spend so much time at home, you ought to pay more attention to your furniture sets. So, feel free to try modern home decor ideas that let you play around with furniture pieces. We’d say go with comforting choices that support your well-being, besides playing a role in your home decor. Recliner sofas, comfortable loveseats, multipurpose TV units, foldable living room furniture, etc., will be in vogue this year. In terms of design, you can go ahead with rustic furniture sets that are appealing. These types of pieces will add character to your house and give your interiors a different personality.

This year’s furniture will also be more about functionality. Since work from home is the new normal, the need for a workstation at home is now indispensable. Therefore, invest in work desks. But that doesn’t mean you have to go serious with your work desks. There are different work desks, TV units with an attached work desk, folding work desks, etc. So feel free to have fun while investing in your work desk.

A living room in modern earthy home decorated with a tv cum study table
An aesthetically pleasing living room with clever space-saving furniture sets

Wrap Your Wall With Wonderful Wallpapers

Modern home decor 2021 continues our love for wallpapers — they are flexible and easy to apply. So, go ahead and capture the essence of your walls with beautiful and meaningful wallpapers. According to Instagram, abstract artistic designs, dark florals, textured and playful patterns will be trending in 2021. You can use wallpapers to create accent walls in the living room, bedrooms, etc. Wallpapers can also play a significant role in kitchen designs. With wallpapers, you can experiment without creating anything permanent. Thus, you get the leverage to play around with the different styles of wallpapers. This can also be a great DIY modern home decor idea for your living space.

Modern home decor wallpaper in floral pattern creates an aesthetic vibe to the foyer space
A foyer area with a beautiful floral wallpaper design

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Green Is Now A Synonym For Modern Home Decor Ideas

When we got home stuck last year, we realised the essence of nature and the outer world. While we were away from pollution and traffic, we did miss out on the fresh air and greenery. And that encouraged most of us to bring the green inside the home. Hence, home gardens, indoor plants and water bodies are the essential home decor elements. You can DIY this with indoor plants and decorate your living room, study room and even bedroom. You can also make an extra effort and indulge in some gardening at home. Besides flowers, you can also go for vegetable garden ideas. You can have little garden nooks in your kitchen and balcony areas.

You can also go for artificial green design elements like artificial grass flooring, green wallpapers, etc. Though these are artificial elements, they help in relieving stress and inspiring a positive environment. So, if live plants are not doable at your place, you can DIY by decorating with artificial green design elements.

Modern home decor kitchen in greenery look with indoor plants
A green kitchen design with a lot of plants and vegetables

Vibe With The Vintage Modern Home Decor Ideas

Love for archaic design has always been a trend. And this year, too, home interiors will witness a wave of vintage designs, especially repurposed furniture. So, if you have a grandfather clock or an old wooden crockery unit stored in a spare room, bring it into the main areas of your house because they are trending! You can refurbish the old furniture sets by painting them or varnishing them; if you’d ask us, we’d keep them as is because they would bring a rustic appeal. You can also repurpose the vintage furniture sets and use them for other functions, as your old study table can be repurposed as your home workstation.

A living room with vintage furniture and a chair is a modern home decor item
An old-school study area with a vintage wooden table design

DIY Your House’s Floors With 2022 Flooring Trends

As people are becoming more aware of sustainable materials, they are opting for eco-friendly carpeting trends. Fibre carpets, natural woollen carpets, coir carpets, jute carpets, etc., will be making news this year. Besides carpets, you can also go for cork flooring, bamboo flooring, linoleum flooring, etc. So, if you want to deck up your floors, go for carpets or flooring solutions that are not chemically treated. You can also use flooring carpets as an accent element in your house to liven up your place.

Modern home decor idea for modern living room with wooden flooring is trending
A modern living room with wooden flooring and other natural aesthetics

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Mirrors Are Becoming A Modern Home Decor Trend In 2022

You might be indifferent to mirrors, but 2021 home interiors bring great news for mirror design. So, go ahead with unique, unconventional mirror frames for your house. You can play with mirror decorations in your foyer area (check out the bronze mirror design in the picture below), living room walls, bedside walls, etc. In terms of mirror frames, go for circular, oversize, mirror mosaic, 3D mirrors, etc., as they are in vogue. If you follow the rustic look, go for roped Scandinavian and nautical style mirrors to create solid design statements. You can also play around with your dressing mirror as use it as a decor element in the house.

A modern home decorated with mirror item made from wood in oval-shaped
A dressing area with a sizeable oval-shaped mirror design

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Create Accent Design With A Gorgeous Armchair

As we regard comfort as the primary motivation behind home decoration, the first thing that pops up is furniture. While we have already covered fun with furniture, this section is dedicated to the ever comforting armchair. And they are not just comfortable; they are also great at making a design statement. Many people use pop coloured armchairs to add an accent character to their place; others go for a vintage armchair design to add to their rustic theme. Whatever be the reason, adding an armchair will always be worth it. Armchairs with velvet upholstery, armchairs with copper legs, armchairs with accent colours, rocking armchairs, etc., are the ones that are trending in 2021.

White living room with a blue accent armchair is best modern home decor idea
A subtle living room design with a velvet fabric armchair in accent blue colour

Some Purely Modern DIY Home Decor Ideas:

  • Create a coffice (coffee + office) corner at home with an easy chair and a small centre table.
  • Use handmade shade lamps in your bedroom or dining area.
  • Bring out your old-school table lamp and create a rustic work corner at home.
  • Use your mother’s wooden dress-hanger and make a cool cloth stand for your bedroom.
  • Use a CNC cutting design (a jaali partition) and create sectioning between your living room and dining area.
  • Use handmade baskets and decorate artificial flowers to create a farmhouse-style modern home decoration.
  • Add books as a part of interior decoration by using bookshelves, racks, etc.
  • Use strip lights to create a dim light decoration in bedrooms and living areas.
  • Follow Design Cafe‘s YouTube channel for more DIY modern home decor ideas (winks).

There you go; follow the trends, and most importantly, follow your heart to re-energise your home.

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