Save Space With Our 10 Stunning Study Table Design Ideas In Bedrooms

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 29, 2024 | 9 mins read

study table design in bedroom

Now create the perfect home office/study corner with these super modular study table design ideas for bedrooms

As the world moves towards remote working/studying mode, there’s an urgent need for proper desks at home. After all, lying on the bed and working or studying on your laptop cannot be ideal for the long term. After all, first, you might develop back pain that would stay with you forever, and second, because you don’t want to mess up your bed.

So, it would be best if you made some urgent changes in your bedroom to include some space-saving, functional study table design in the bedroom. With these modular bedroom/study room interior solutions, you will solve all your work-from-home and study-from-home woes. Even if you are not working remotely, having a study area in your bedroom can be super-efficient, especially in small houses with space issues. Therefore, get ready to go through our list of study tables for bedroom ideas.

Stunning study table design ideas in bedrooms

Choose A Simple Study Table Design In Bedrooms

This is one of the most uncomplicated study tables in bedroom design ideas. All you need is to make some arrangements and place your bed on one side of your bedroom, attached to the wall. Then make some room for the study area right next to your bed. For a simple study-cum-bedroom design, you can go for this dark wood finish study table with two handleless drawers. The width and height of this type of table are perfect as study table ideas in a small bedroom. Place the study table on the wall side to keep the place uncluttered and neat. You can couple up this study unit with a simple bucket chair and a floating shelf unit, as shown.

Wooden study table design in bedroom designed with a bucket chair and a floating shelf unit looks sleek.
A simple bedroom with a wooden study table unit
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Go For This TV Unit With An Attached Study Table For Bedroom

These days, most people prefer to have a TV unit in their bedrooms. And we all know this might take some space in the room. So, if you want a TV in the bedroom and a study table, why not go for this TV unit with an attached study table design in the bedroom? This TV-cum-study unit is compact, wall-mounted and multifunctional. The TV unit comes with handleless storage cabinets at the bottom and open shelf floating cabinets at the top that can help you with storage in the bedroom. The storage unit at the bottom of the TV shelf comes with an extended desk portion that can totally work as a study-cum-work table. You can save more space with a bucket chair for the study table. This unit is excellent for study table design in small bedrooms. The white laminated finish of the TV-cum-study unit adds to the room’s neat design idea.

Study table in bedroom idea, The bedroom has a wall-mounted tv unit cum study table design in white laminate.
A bedroom with a modular white laminated TV and an attached study unit

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How About A Hidden Study Table Design In Bedroom?

Well, if you are someone who loves foldable furniture, this one’s for you! This bedroom comes with a simple rectangular bed with a wooden laminated finish slab design behind the bed’s headboard. The same wooden laminated finish is used to build a floor-to-ceiling storage unit with a hidden study table design. The study table has a foldable, handleless desk unit that can be pulled out to open and folded back to close. The study table remains hidden in plain sight without interrupting the room’s clutter-free interiors if not in use. This modular and super space-saving study unit can be great for millennials who like to keep the interiors non-bulky and straightforward.

The storage unit with a hidden study table design in the bedroom is a super space-saving study unit.
A modern bedroom design with a wooden unit and an attached study unit

A Small And Savvy Study Table Corner In Your Bedroom

Some of you may not like the idea of indulging in a hefty study table design in bedrooms. Therefore, you can go for a small study corner that won’t take up much space in your bedroom and keep things subtle. The study unit has a simple, wall-mounted desk with a floating bookshelf unit on the top. The study desk is placed at one corner of the bedroom to occupy the room’s least space. You can couple it up with a simple plastic bucket chair to go with the airy interiors like this one!

A small study table in bedroom ideas with a floating bookshelf unit and a plastic bucket chair looks elegant.
A small bedroom with a compact study table in the corner

Make A Separate Study Table Section With A Wall-Mounted Unit

This bedroom comes with a wall-mounted study unit with handleless drawers and a wooden floating open rack to shelf the books. The study table design in bedrooms can be great if you want a separate study section in your room. The study unit is placed beneath a wall slab that also helps act as a book/display shelf. For this type of study unit, you won’t need much space in the bedroom. In addition, there is a bucket chair for the study table that helps save more space.

Study table design in bedroom idea with a wooden open rack and bucket chair.
A lavishly decorated bedroom with a study unit with a floating shelf
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Glam Up Your Study Table Design In Bedrooms With This Functional Unit

This posh bedroom comes with several modular pieces of furniture that make it one of our trendiest bedroom designs. Besides the lavish, multifunctional wall-mounted shelf unit, the bedroom’s USP is the study unit designed in the alcove. The study unit pushes back into the alcove when not in use. It also comes with overhead cabinets and storage shelves at the bottom. The study unit saves a lot of space with its multifunctional shelves and cabinets, letting you keep the room neat and organised.

Small study table in bedroom designed with a shelf and cabinet lends a chic look.
A cosy bedroom with a functional study unit

Bring Home This Modern Bookshelf-Cum-Study Table Design In Bedrooms

Bookshelves are significant assets for home interiors. However, they do take up space which is crucial in small homes. So, if you are battling with space issues and can’t find a way to have both a study unit and bookshelf, here’s a chance to save some space. This bookshelf unit comes with storage cabinets at the bottom and an attached study desk unit. The study table extends from the bookshelf, creating an intelligent modular furniture choice for bedrooms. The study unit also has a floating overhead storage shelf that keeps things clutter-free in the room. You can go ahead with this study table design in bedrooms if you have a dedicated space for the bookshelf unit.

Study table design in bedroom ideas with floating overhead storage shelf is clutter-free design.
A contemporary bedroom with a study unit and an attached bookshelf

Try Out This Wardrobe With An Attached  Study Table Design In Bedrooms

Wardrobes in bedrooms are the actual furniture units. But they require a lot of space, especially if you are going for a wall-length, floor-to-ceiling wardrobe design. Therefore, an extra place for a study table may not be viable at all. So, you can twist things up a little bit and hit two birds with one stone. Yes, you can have both a wardrobe and study table with this kind of study table design in bedrooms.

As you can see, the wardrobe takes up all the significant portion of the room; so, you can choose a wall-mounted study table unit with a wall-mounted desk with additional space for shelving things, along with two other racks of shelves. The study unit’s extra shelf portions go underneath the wardrobe’s sliding door, creating a clean design statement. This study table in the bedroom idea can be great for rooms with small space.

The wardrobe with an attached corner study table design in the bedroom with a rack shelf is a space-saving design.
A cool bedroom design with a wardrobe and an attached study unit

Go For This Low-Height Study Table Design In Bedrooms

Some bedrooms, unfortunately, don’t have enough height. Therefore, you must select the interiors as per the layout of the room. Such a low-ceiling bedroom cannot afford to have tall furniture units. They will make the room look cramped. Therefore, the best way to design such a room is to go with stout furniture choices to make the room look spacious. So, we bring a low-height study table design for this type of bedroom. The wooden study table has storage drawers on either side. The table has a good width to place books or work on a desktop. For this kind of bedroom, go for fewer furniture pieces. Keep the room clean and spacious.

Low height bedroom has a classic study table and chairs are a study table ideas in small bedroom
A low-height bedroom with a stout study unit

Choose This Modern Bedroom With A TV Unit And A Peppy Study Table

This is a peppy, upbeat bedroom design that demands some quirky furniture units. So, we teamed up the wall length, floor-to-ceiling TV unit with a study table that fits right in the room. The TV unit has a wall-mounted TV screen unit and floating open shelves on the top and the bottom. The bottom shelf extends and widens to create a desk space suitable for both studying and working. This study table design is also a space-saving choice that would be great for bedrooms with contemporary interiors.

Modern tv unit cum study table design in bedroom with contemporary interiors.
A modern bedroom with a floor-to-ceiling TV unit with a study table

So, now that you have decoded all the possible study table designs in bedrooms, go ahead and save space and make work/study from home more productive and ergonomic. Remember, choose the study table designs as per your bedroom interior set-up. Go with the flow of the room and choose a design that suits your room’s style.

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FAQs On Study Table Design For Bedroom

1. What are some space-saving study table designs that work well in bedrooms?
Space-saving study table designs for bedrooms include wall-mounted desks, corner desks, and foldable tables that utilise available space efficiently.

2. What factors should I consider when selecting the size of the study table for my bedroom?
When selecting a study table size, consider the available bedroom space and your storage needs to ensure the table fits properly without overcrowding the room.

3. How important is ergonomic design when it comes to a study table for the bedroom?
Ergonomic design is important for a study table to provide comfortable seating and prevent strain during long study sessions.

4. What are some space-saving study table designs that work well in bedrooms?
For space-saving study table designs in bedrooms, you can opt for wall-mounted desks, foldable tables and compact writing desks to utilise space efficiently.

5. Are there budget-friendly options for stylish and functional study table designs?
Budget-friendly study table designs that offer both style and functionality include simple wooden desks, sleek wall-mounted desks or multifunctional folding tables.

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