Bedroom TV Unit Designs For Your Home

by Ekta Poddar | February 28, 2024 | 8 mins read

Bedroom TV Unit Designs For Your Home

Binge watching your favourite show in the bedroom is a night fix we all need, isn’t it? Why not make this experience even more enjoyable with stunning TV units in your bedroom?

There is nothing like catching up on your favourite sitcom at the end of the day from the comfort of your bed. Or catch up on the day’s political happenings and sports news. Many of us choose to have a TV installed in the bedroom distinct from the family entertainment centre or living room. These will give you your private screen time and can do wonders for your bedroom decor. So read on now so that you can grab the remote later and sit back for some relaxed television viewing. Here are bedroom TV unit designs – cabinets, panels and more. 

TV Unit Design For Bedroom

If you want the luxury of watching your favorite sitcom from the comfort of your bed, install a TV unit at the foot of your bed. There is no reason why such a practical solution should interfere with the aesthetics of your bedroom. Making the TV unit blend well into bedroom decor is a good way of achieving a cohesive look. Shop for a TV unit that fits in seamlessly with your bedroom style and is suited to the proportions of your TV. If you don’t find one readily, go the bespoke route and have a TV unit built to your requirements. 

Bedroom tv unit designs to make the tv unit blend well into bedroom decor
Design your TV unit to blend in seamlessly with the rest of the bedroom
Turn your bedroom into your personal theatre

TV Unit Design For Master Bedroom

The master bedroom surely deserves a statement – one that is befitting to the master and mistress of the home. While you can always make your television unobtrusively blend in with the rest of your bedroom, how about making a grand statement of your TV unit? Build a feature wall, using paint, wallpaper, decals, or a striking panel to highlight this space. Put in a few custom shelves or a cabinet to store the audio-visual system and use it as a display case. Style with decor items such as vases, books, and artwork to complete the look with a flourish.

TV unit design for master bedroom to highlight a striking tv unit panel for bedroom
A feature wall with a striking TV unit makes for a grand master bedroom

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TV Cabinet Design For Bedroom

When it comes to choosing a material for a bedroom TV cabinet, you can never go wrong with wood. If the look in your room is more traditional, opt for a more classic cabinet while those favouring a more urban modern look can explore a rugged wooden effect. Reclaimed and recycled wood will lend a warm and natural feel to your room. If contemporary is your style, consider polished wood with a sleek and cool finish. With so many textures, grains, veneers and colours available, there is something for everybody when it comes to wooden TV cabinet designs for your bedroom. 

TV cabinet for bedroom design with a wooden tv cabinet for contemporary style
A wooden TV cabinet can set off your television like no other
Turn Your Bedroom Into Your Personal Entertainment Zone

TV Panel Design For Bedroom

A cool panel is a fabulous way to set off your TV in the bedroom.  Pick a wall, preferably one that you can comfortably view from your bed and design a panel that goes onto it. Place your television at eye height. There are plenty of ways to add interest to the panel. Use unconventional materials such as distressed wood for a rustic touch. Or keep the lines cool and elegant in a more contemporary home. Continue the panel onto adjacent walls or even the ceiling such that it immediately draws the eye. Use contrasting colours on the panel to further accentuate the effect and create a beautifully modern look.

TV panel design for bedroom with a cool tv panel designed and using contrasting colours makes perfect tv panel design
Draw out the TV panel onto the ceiling for a fabulously modern effect
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TV Unit Design For A Small Bedroom

A tiny bedroom can become cosy and snug haven and one that can be made even perfect with a well-placed TV unit. With some intelligent design, the smallest of spaces can accommodate all your needs. Explore all the architectural features of the room – a recess, a handy nook or cranny, an unused corner – and take complete advantage of it. Put in some custom storage for your audio-visual systems and mount your television on the wall to create an airy and clutter-free look.

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A tv unit design for a small bedroom with a recess and unused corner to make a beautiful small tv unit design
Make the most of a small space with a cleverly designed and placed TV unit.

TV Showcase Design For Bedroom

What’s the one feature that can make or break any interior design? If you guessed lighting, you are right on target. Good accent lighting can highlight a piece of furniture or decor and a TV showcase is no exception to the rule. Build in some clever lighting around your TV unit to dial up its oomph and style. This not only creates a gorgeous furniture item but is also a practical solution. You may be tempted to turn off all lights for your bedtime TV viewing but refrain from doing so. Watching TV in complete darkness can strain your eyes, so some subtle and low lighting can help protect your eyes.

Tv showcase design for bedroom with lighting can highlight a piece of decor to your bedroom tv showcase
Some subtle lights around the TV showcase is practical and classy

TV Stand Designs For Bedroom

If you are someone who swears by Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’, pick a simple TV stand for your bedroom. This works all the better if your room is small or if the overall look in your room is minimalist and cool. Think a few simple shelves, preferably mounted on the wall at the foot of the bed, leaving floor space open. You can add a touch of sophistication by adding a feature to the wall behind the TV, like a simple panel. Pare the styling back in your bedroom. Your colours of choice will be monochromes and neutrals that are on the cooler end of the spectrum. 

Bedroom tv unit designs for your home with a simple tv stand design and tv panel design
A simple TV stand can enhance the elegance of your bedroom

Bedroom TV Unit With Study Table

Your bedroom may need to serve functions beyond providing a respite in the company of Morpheus. It may double up as your entertainment centre. It may also need to do duty as a home office. Install a multipurpose unit houses your TV, storage shelves and a study space. Some simple drawers and cabinets can hold your audio-visual system, books and decor items. The TV can be wall-mounted or placed on the unit. Cleverly integrate study space into the furniture, with a working space, clever task lighting and seating solution.

Bedroom TV unit with a study table to keep your entertainment together
A bedroom TV unit can do effectively do double duty as a study table
End-to-end home interior design solutions for a stunning home

LCD Panel Designs For Bedroom

You will often find LCD panels mounted on the wall near the foot of the bed. Buck this trend and install the LCD panel on a bedroom wall that cannot be directly viewed from the bed. If your bedroom proportions allow you the luxury, build a separate entertainment zone complete with comfortable seating, a panel to support your LCD and a cabinet of drawers and shelves. Breaking up the room like this will demarcate the zones. You will have the option of turning on your TV whenever  you fancy but at the same time, not having direct viewing access from the bed will limit your screen time.

LCD panel design by installing the LCD panel on a bedroom wall
Be smart about the LCD panel placement to better control your screen time.

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FAQs On Bedroom TV Unit Designs

1. What are the latest trends in modern bedroom TV unit designs?
Contemporary TV unit designs for bedrooms are embracing a minimalistic and space-saving approach. The latest trends include sleek wall-mounted units, integrated storage solutions, and innovative swivel designs that are both stylish and practical.

2. Are there TV unit designs that allow for hiding the TV when not in use?
Yes, TV units with clever features like retractable panels, sliding doors, and foldable screens are designed to hide the TV when it’s not in use, maintaining a tidy and uncluttered look.

3. How do I choose the right size of TV unit for my bedroom?
Finding the right TV unit size involves measuring your TV’s dimensions and the available wall space. Opt for a unit that accommodates the TV’s width while also leaving space for additional accessories and storage solutions

4. Can you suggest TV unit designs that blend well with a traditional bedroom style?
To complement a traditional bedroom style, consider TV units with wood finishes, intricate detailing, and designs that seamlessly blend modern functionality with timeless aesthetics.

5. What materials are commonly used for designing elegant and functional TV units?
TV units often feature materials like wood, engineered wood, glass, and metal. These materials come together to create designs that strike a balance between style and practicality.

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