15 Latest TV Showcase Designs For Your Home

by Devna Tiwari | February 23, 2024 | 8 mins read

TV Showcase design on a green wall with square cupboard shelves for tv showcase design latest

TV Showcases add value to your space with both function and style. Take your pick from our extensive guide here.

TV showcases are the most utilised pieces of furniture in any home. And thanks to their prominent placement in living rooms, it is the first thing your guests will notice. TV showcases, like any other piece of furniture, come in myriad styles and are designed with ample storage options. From your music system, books, delicate showpieces, remotes, wires and more – TV showcase designs these days are designed for modern homeowners. 

Sleek contemporary styles, clean lines and an uncluttered structure are ruling TV showcase designs today. The choices are aplenty and it can be a task to pick one that suits your taste, space, requirements and existing decor. We have 15 eye-catching TV showcase designs for you to make your decision-making process simpler and your home trendy.

TV Showcase Design In Modern Aqua Blue

A splash of calming aqua blue on this TV showcase pops against a background of solid white. This design is intrinsically contemporary with clean lines and a clean structure. The unit is built with spacious storage, display options and glossy laminate finish. It is really all you need to get your guests talking.

Tv showcase design for home with contemporary aqua theme with rectangular upside cupboards
 A beautiful blend of blue and white gives this room a refreshing feel
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Where TV Showcase Design Can Be Compact But Fun

If you live in a small home that is already full of furniture, a bulky TV showcase design will not work. A compact floating TV showcase like this one is a blessing for small living rooms. It’s designed with a flip-up shutter that covers your screen when not in use. The glossy blue shelf underneath can be used to stack up remote controls, set-up box or display knick-knacks.

TV Showcase design in wall with brick theme wall design which is a tv showcase new wall design 2023
A TV showcase that’s compact but functional is a great pick for a small living room

TV Showcase Design With A Pooja Room

An essential element of an Indian house is the puja room. Sadly, contemporary living room in urban spaces often don’t allow the space for a separate puja room. Although if you look at the brighter side, a puja room doesn’t require that much space. After all, what you designed with space for one? The puja space here blends in with the living room flawlessly. This is because the TV showcase has a continuous design with the puja cabinet and all the hues mix and match just perfectly.

tv showcase design furniture for your home with a pooja unit attached to it in the corner tv showcase
A beautiful puja cabinet makes this TV showcase unique.
TV showcase designd for modern indian homeowners

A Modern TV Showcase Cum Study

TV showcase that doubles as study units are need of the hour for today’s way of living. A smart unit that expands into a study will make your life eas. These simple pull-up tables can be pulled down when not in use, leaving you with additional space to move around.

Tv showcase design with LED TV showcase with a white colour cabinet on 3 sides of the led tv unit
A TV showcase with an extended study unit is sure the need of the hour

Minimalism Is The Key For TV Showcase Design

Is contemporary and sleek your style? Take tips from this minimal painted glass unit with white cabinets. It offers a picture-perfect look mounted on the wall.

LED tv showcase designs with a minimalistic furniture inside the room for simple tv showcase
 If your taste is subdued and classy then this is just the right pick for you

New Age TV Unit With Floating Shelves

This TV unit design is a unique one, and you can pick it if you have a large bare wall. The base unit with pull out drawers offers you extra storage. The unit per se includes a wall-mounted TV and a smattering of floating shelves beside it.

Tv showcase design images with floating shelves and a floating style of table with a big relaxing chair for corner
A TV unit with floating shelves is everything modern
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Sleek Yet Stunning TV Showcase

When space is limited, but the style statement has to be on top, a TV unit like this one is a great option. The glossy panel behind the TV adds a stunning look to this space while the boxed base unit gives a sleek look. Moreover, the base unit offers ample space to both displays and store your belongings and doesn’t eat up a lot of space.

Latest tv showcase design which looks sleek and stunning with a big board on the back of tv and a rectangular cupboard
A rich chocolate TV panel is the limelight of this living room

A Vibrant TV Showcase To Set The Mood Right

A sleek TV showcase paired with glossy red panels sure takes centre stage in this modern living room. The base unit further offers dual cabinets and bottom shelves to organise your things well.

Hall tv showcase interiors for your home with red coloured tv cabinet on the top and bottom in modern tv showcase
A pop of bright red colour cabinets brings life to this room

The Classic Wooden TV Showcase With A Modern Touch

Sleek, and chic, this TV showcase has every single element of a showstopper. The back wooden panel with white base cabinets and a secret study makes this minimal showcase stand out.

Tv showcase design with back wooden panel with white base cabinet tv unit designs in the living room looks sleek
If wooden furniture is all your all-time preference, you will love this gorgeous wooden unit with a modern touch.

A Perfect Wall Mounted  TV Showcase Design

This wall-mounted TV showcase in white and brown is eye-catching and fires up this room. The lighter shade of the wood base unit helps to generate a well-lit look.

TV showcase design with a wall mounted hall tv showcase with a big mirror on the side with designer dresses
A minimalistic approach of this simple showcase has its unique charm

A Dual-Toned TV Showcase Design Promising Ample Storage

An utterly functional TV showcase is the showstopper in this room — features extensive storage, a six-boxed bookshelf, display shelves and push-to-open cabinets in white making sure that you can keep your things while you show off your collection.

Tv showcase design with a big tv cabinet with wall mounted white colour shelves
A unit with multiple storage options is always the right pick
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A Modern TV Showcase Design With Just The Right Amount Of Glossy

Something royal and elegant, maybe? How about a unit with a glossy white touch? It makes for an ideal addition in an otherwise soft-toned living room. The unit further offers storage and display options making it just perfect.

Tv showcase design cupboard with attached storage for speakers and drawers with a glossy finish
If you like chic furnishing this is the pick for you

A Symmetrical TV Showcase Design In Black And White

While white frees up space, black adds a modern vibe to the complete decor. For example, this contemporary TV unit with a perfect blend of open and closed shelves and cupboards innate an ideal symmetry and looks very classy by just being black.

Tv showcase design with black and white colour with different styles of cupboards for living room
White and black can never go out of style

Glass Concealed TV Showcase Design

If you have a large wall and you have toddlers at home, this glass concealed TV showcase is the right pick for you. Multiple cabinets with glass doors help you keep things out of your kids reach but lets you display them at the same time. The unit further offers ample storage options with two huge drawers at the base.

Tv showcase design images made up of glass covered with both sides and cabinets upside and down of new tv showcase
A classic glass-covered unit for modern homes

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TV Showcase Cum Storage Unit Design For Your Living Room

A unit like this one is an ideal choice for the modern lifestyle. This TV unit for Living Room with several storage options is something that every house requires. Multiple push-to-open drawers and cabinets with a hidden storage panel right behind the television lets you store your things and hide those ugly wires. And with the L shaped panels around the TV cabinet with several open shelves enables you to show off your souvenirs and your collection of books if you are into reading.

Tv showcase design with wooden tv showcase and tv unit cum storage with liftable tv
A TV unit with a hidden cabinet? How cool is that!
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These TV showcase designs cater to the needs of urban families be it joint or nuclear. They are eye-catching, gorgeous, functional and optimise your space to its fullest potential. Yes, we know, choosing one can be confusing – so pick one that best suits your style! 

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FAQs On TV Showcase Designs

1. Are there modern and minimalist TV showcase designs available for contemporary spaces?
Absolutely! Modern and minimalist TV showcase designs are tailored for contemporary spaces. For instance, consider wall-mounted TV units with sleek lines, integrated lighting, or modular cabinets offering customizable storage solutions. These designs flawlessly blend functionality and style to enhance the appeal of modern interiors.

2. What are the benefits of TV showcase designs that include additional storage and shelving?
TV showcase designs with added storage and shelving offer a dual advantage. They not only elegantly display your TV but also provide space for organizing essentials and displaying decor items, keeping your living area organized and clutter-free.

3. Can I customize TV showcase designs to fit my specific room dimensions and layout?
Absolutely, TV showcase designs can be customized to align with your room’s dimensions and layout. Personalizing a modular TV unit ensures seamless integration, optimizing space, and reflecting your personal style.

4. What materials are commonly used in the construction of TV showcase designs?
Materials commonly used in the construction of TV showcase designs include wood, glass, metal, and MDF (medium-density fiberboard). These materials provide durability, modern aesthetics, and a range of finishing and laminate options.

5. Are there TV showcase designs that can accommodate other media and entertainment devices?
Certainly, there are TV showcase designs created to accommodate various media and entertainment devices. For instance, you might find designs with designated compartments for gaming consoles, integrated slots for sound systems, and shelves for streaming devices.

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