TV Panel Designs For Living Room

by Mohita Adhvaryu | February 23, 2024 | 4 mins read

TV panel designs for your living room

Own happiness by picking the latest TV panel designs for your living room. Here are our picks of the best!

Restyle your TV watching time in your living room and get set to Netflix and chill with elan.

Watching TV is an important part of the time you spend at home. So, why not add some decor enhancements to refine your TV watching experience? Needless to say, TV panel designs for your living room are key to making your TV hour more stylish and worthwhile. Not convinced? Well, take a look at our curated list of recommendations for modern TV panel design for the living room.

Our panel design recommendations incorporate every size, material and texture and would do wonders to the look of your trendy flat-screen televisions. They promise to not only uplift the ambience of your home, but also add more depth and character to an otherwise dull background for your TV screens. On that note, take a look at some of our favourite picks for LCD panel designs for your living room.

infographic tv panel designs for living room

A Minimalist TV Panel Design Adds Finesse To Your Life

Wood is often preferred as a backdrop for a TV screen. However, these days, you could experiment with various textures and go for fiber or even plywood panels. While the TV would continue to be the focal point, a layered, minimalistic panel design would brush up the look and bestow a subtle note of novelty.

Minimalist tv panel design for living room tv
Go right with the trends, choose a minimal panel design for your TV

A Modern TV Panel Design That Promises To Dazzle

Do you feel like giving your TV a modern makeover? Go ahead and pick this all-in-one trendy design that includes floating shelves, versatile storage, drawers and a stunning backdrop. You could pick neutral palettes of black or white for this panel design.

Modern tv panel design for living room
Get something effortlessly modern for home: choose this classic TV panel design
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Pick A Simple TV Panel Design For Your Home

You don’t fancy an ornate TV panel design for your home? We hear you! Instead, go for a chiseled, sophisticated panel of wood as a backdrop for your TV and see how this transforms your home. You could choose glass and painted glass for such panel design.

Simple tv panel design for your living room
Crafted without any frills, this TV panel design is seamless and on point!

A Chic TV Panel Design That Speaks For Itself

You don’t want something too fancy or too simple? This TV panel design, that seamlessly fits in the sweet spot of aesthetics, is for you. This TV panel is crafted to suit your taste and you’ll love it both for its natural form and functionality. Feel free to experiment with wood, plywood or even glass for this design idea.

Chic tv panel design for your living room with a sleek and streamlined outline
With a sleek and streamlined outline, this design would look uber elegant around your TV

A Contemporary TV Panel Design That Impresses

For the unique finish and feel of wood, we cannot recommend this new-age TV panel design enough! You could get it designed from a custom wood arc or even pair up varied textures and materials to recreate the same look.

Living room tv panel with a contemporary tv panel design
Furnish your living room with a contemporary TV panel design
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A Rustic TV Panel Design That Hits The Right Notes

Rustic designs are popular for the right reasons. Pick them for your TV panel design and see how they grow on you. The texture provides more depth and character to your TV, not to mention how the device will stand out in an otherwise normal living room.

Rustic tv panel design for your living room
Looking for something trendy? Go for a rustic panel design for your TV

A Luxe TV Panel Design That Oozes Confidence

It is your living room that helps create a good first impression of your home. Usher in your guests and feel good yourself by opting for a subtly plush TV panel design. An interplay of wood, glass and various other materials makes this kind of design all the more appealing.

Luxe tv panel design for your living room
Textured to the core, a luxe TV panel design is a stunning sight
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Now that you have got a lowdown of all the trendy TV panel designs for living room, pick the one that suits your sensibilities the best and tell us all about it!

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