Open Kitchen Cabinets: Here’s What’s New, Fun And Functional

by Anugraha Venugopal | February 23, 2024 | 5 mins read

Open kitchen cabinets

Open kitchen cabinets are back! We spill the beans on how to incorporate them into your kitchen.

With the advent of modular kitchens, open kitchen cabinets had taken a backseat. But not anymore. Homeowners now have more options to flaunt a modern-day kitchen with a mix of storage sections for convenience and visual appeal. From the material and exact number of cabinets to the placement and mode of operation, the combinations for open cabinets render splendid choices — some of which we have covered here. Explore these options and amp up your kitchen style.

Open Kitchen Cabinets For Everyday Essentials

This design seamlessly blends the kitchen countertop with the open cabinets, although they are different materials. From the morning cuppa and breakfast cereal to ingredients for food preparation, everyday essentials can be neatly stacked in these open kitchen cabinets which are convenient to reach. They are interlinked with the overhead closed cabinets thus reinforcing the different range of storage options which also includes the cabinets below the countertop. The placement of the foldable and multifunctional breakfast counter by the open cabinets makes it highly useful when looking for small soulful things like some salad seasoning or cereal refill. And finally, using a geometric tile backsplash, wood backsplash or both, as seen here, can give the cabinets of the modular kitchen a striking look. For a round-up on kitchen cabinet storage

Open kitchen cabinets for everyday essentials with kitchen countertop blends well
Use open kitchen cabinets to store meal essentials

Open Kitchen Cabinets With A Fancy No-Doors Look 

This island kitchen design has a fantastic mix of closed and open cabinets in addition to the central island with storage. The open kitchen cabinets of different shapes and sizes not only look fancy but are highly accessible when using the cooktop. The open kitchen cabinets have been thoughtfully designed with no doors yet with varying sizes and styles. The cabinet colours, the backsplash, the chimney and the flooring complement the appearance of the unit. And if you love the idea of two-colour cabinets as seen here, you’ll love these options too.

Open kitchen cabinets with no doors look yet with varying sizes and styles
Open kitchen cabinet unit for varied storage options
Kitchen cabinet design to glam up your interiors

Singular Open Cabinet For A Subtle Statement

When browsing for open kitchen cabinet ideas, solo cabinets may not seem interesting at first. However, a kitchen design with a singular open cabinet amidst multiple closed cabinets is apt for those who like making a subtle statement. Take this design, for instance. This modular kitchen uses closed cabinets below the countertop and for the overhead. Yet, just next to the chimney there’s a standalone open cabinet in wood. It could be your go-to section for tea time! The singular open cabinet is prominent with its appearance and placement in this compact kitchen. Further, it holds its ground despite the space-optimised storage options such as the overhead single-door corner cabinet and the narrow drawer at the bottom. On that note, explore this article for more ideas on corner cabinet storage.

Singular open kitchen cabinet design provides a subtle statement
Statement-making singular open cabinet

Open Kitchen Cabinets With Pull-Out Units For Crockery

Modern open kitchen cabinets offer a wide range of storage solutions, like this crockery unit. Operated easily with a pull-down-push-up handle, this exposed wall cabinet can hold your daily crockeries like plates, bowls and cups. As the wooden cabinet and its racks can be customised, you can tweak it to your preferred size. Try this — instead of smaller cabinets for spices like the one in this design, get a custom handle-operated wooden cabinet to hold all your spices and other essentials too. Such mechanical cabinets can be your kitchen’s USP!

Open upper kitchen cabinet with a pull-out unit made from wood
Mechanically-operated open cabinets for crockery

Open Kitchen Cabinets With Wicker Baskets

Searching for images of open kitchen cabinets will likely show you traditional wall cabinets. But if you’re looking for more elegant options, you could consider wicker baskets as seen here. In this design, they are used for storing vegetables and fruits. Yet, you can use them for organising your spice counter or other utility supplies such as cutlery, graters, kitchen scissors, cooking tongs, etc. Besides, you can get customised wall-hanging multi-layered wicker baskets for storage. This type of open cabinet is aesthetic and functional!

Open kitchen cabinets with wicker baskets used for storing vegetables and fruits
Wicker baskets for open storage in the kitchen

Freestanding Open Kitchen Unit

This is not among the modern open kitchen cabinets yet the design works! The traditional stainless steel or wooden kitchen stand has undergone a makeover with an interlinking granite stone for a luxurious feel. The design’s simplicity and understated elegance win brownie points. The durable racks can hold your crockery, utensils and fancy china for the guests. But opt for this only if you have a slightly larger kitchen space as you don’t want its towering presence to interfere with your movement and the ventilation.

Freestanding open kitchen cabinet with a granite stone top
Modern-style freestanding kitchen rack

Horizontal Interconnected Racks As Open Cabinets

Overhead cabinets are what is usually planned for the space above the countertop. For a change, try this design which includes a mix of horizontal racks and closed cabinets. You can opt for a solo rack or layered racks to give it the feel of a typical cabinet. Attaching them to the closed cabinets reinforces the cabinet look. A unique advantage of this design is that the kitchen seems airier whereas the use of multiple overhead cabinets makes the room feel overstuffed. As with other modular kitchens, be cautious in the choice of cabinet colours, backsplash, and countertop material for a completely stunning setting.

Open kitchen wall cabinets with horizontal racks interconnected
Interconnected racks can act as open cabinets

Open kitchen cabinets are making a comeback and how! We hope you got to explore what ticks in the world of kitchen cabinets with this blog. If you’re looking to set up or revamp your kitchen space, do consider implementing some open cabinets for improved efficiency. And if you need help designing your kitchen, book your appointment here to talk to our experienced design team.

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