10 Two Colour Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

by Pallabi Bose | January 26, 2024 | 5 mins read

Two color kitchen cabinets for your home

Two-colour kitchen cabinets are a great way to give your kitchen a makeover. Pick your favourite from our colour combination ideas

World-renowned celebrity interior designer Lauren Makk once said that the easiest way to create instant interest in any home is a two-colour kitchen. What she meant is colour blocking your kitchen cabinets with two different shades. This trend has dominated the home interiors industry for some years now – and it is not going anywhere. So, if you are looking for inspiration to give the heart of your home – your kitchen – a trendy makeover, then you are in the right place. Below are ten incredible ideas for two-colour kitchen cabinets.

Get The Latest Look For Your Two-Colour Kitchen Cabinets With The Colour Of 2022

PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri is the colour of 2022. While this colour can stand alone, it can create magic when used in combination with another hue. This is why we have done a small experiment painting this U-shaped kitchen with Very Peri, and it has paid off. We have made the kitchen pop by combining Pantone’s brand new shade in the bottom drawers with a light-coloured veneer-finish laminate on the top.

Get the latest look for your dual color two color kitchen cabinets with the colour of 2022
Have some fun with the Pantone colour of 2022

Revamp Your Cooking Space With Cheery Two-Colour Kitchen Cabinets

Homeowners, especially Indian homeowners, love to paint kitchens in yellow and white because of the high use of spices and chances of spillage. So, we thought, why not combine both? Made with high gloss laminates, we released the monotone of yellow drawers with a combination of white cabinets and open wooden shelves on top.

Yellow and white two color kitchen cabinets and drawers
Transform a boring kitchen with two cheery colours
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Terracotta Pink With White Is A Modern Combo For Two-Colour Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to give your kitchen an earthy look, terracotta pink is an excellent choice. It’s also a modern colour in home interiors that will give your kitchen a refreshing new vibe. Combine it with white upper kitchen cabinets for a natural look. The cooking space looks even airier with the quartz countertop and ceramic tiles on the backsplash.

Terracotta pink with white two-tone kitchen cabinet colors is a modern combo
A bright kitchen with terracotta pink and white

Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinet Colours Idea That Mixes Matt With Rustic Laminate

Two is better than one, and mixing textures makes the look even more interesting. The combination of matt and weathered laminate finish is perfect for an industrial-style home. The light grey matt finish of the bottom cabinets organically compliments the cement grey on the walls in this kitchen. While the distressed laminate dark grey shade of the upper cabinets offers a striking contrast. Finally, the white marble countertop balances the whole look of the kitchen.

Matt and weathered laminate finish are perfect two color kitchen cabinet ideas for an industrial-style home
Experiment with matt and distressed finish

Best Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinet Colours For A Young And Vibrant Look

The white kitchen will continue to be in trend because of its sheer simplicity. But, if you are not afraid to experiment, the combination of seafoam green and mustard yellow can give white a run for the money. Try this palette in your kitchen for an interesting twist!

Best dual color two color kitchen cabinets for a young and vibrant look
A unique colour combination for the kitchen

A Glamorous Kitchen Design With Two-Colour Cabinets In Eggplant Purple And White

This kitchen cabinet colour combination might seem unique, but the statement-making vibrancy of eggplant purple perfectly balances out with the simplicity of white. Coupled with the fun ceramic tiled backsplash and quartz countertop, this kitchen is luxury at its best.

A glamorous kitchen design with two color kitchen cabinets in eggplant purple and white
A luxurious upgrade with rich plum and simple white
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Black And Brown Are Great Two-Colour Kitchen Cabinet Ideas For A Dark Theme

Most people love bright and airy colours in their homes. So, white and pastel colours are usually preferred over darker and moodier tones. But trust us, nothing can make things interesting better than the combination of black and dark brown. Go for black upper cabinets and brown veneer finish bottom cabinetry. The open island in this kitchen further adds drama and contrasts the otherwise bright living room. White ceramic tiles in the backsplash and quartz countertop offer balance and accentuate the dark theme.

Black and brown are two color kitchen cabinet ideas for a dark theme
A dramatic rendition of black kitchen cabinets

Two-Colour Kitchen Cabinets Offer The Perfect Chance To Colour Block With White

Instead of matching or contrasting your upper and lower kitchen cabinets, we recommend colour blocking the drawers. For instance, in this yellow and white kitchen, we have used white for the space-saving pull-out drawers and yellow for storage cabinet doors. This gives the kitchen some serious dimension.

Dual color two color kitchen cabinets offer the perfect chance to colour block with white
Colour-blocked cabinets for easy navigation

Pick Your Focal Point Before Deciding Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinet Colours

High-gloss, purple-hued lower cabinetry creates a distinct focal point in this ultra-compact G-shaped kitchen. The upper cabinets are painted grey to even out the vibrancy. Open shelves in purple have been installed below the grey upper cabinets to add a sense of depth. It’s a great way to display small items and containers.

Two color kitchen cabinets in grey and purple
A compact yet vibrant G-shaped kitchen

Use Different Coloured Borders For Your Kitchen Design With Two-Colour Cabinets

Give your two-colour kitchen cabinets an interesting twist by painting the border with contrasting colours. This works exceptionally well if you have glass cabinets. In this kitchen, the upper cabinets are painted matt yellow, while the clear glass doors of the three cabinets are brown-hued to match the lower cabinets. This creates an interesting look, especially against the white exposed brick wall at the back.

A white exposed brick wall complements the colours of yellow and brown-hued two-tone kitchen cabinets
Add dimension with borders on kitchen cabinets

Remember, you do not need to break the bank to give your kitchen a fresh look. Just go for two-colour kitchen cabinets in exciting shades of your choice, and there you have it! All you have to do is get creative with the colour options. If you are looking for professional assistance, feel free to speak to our talented experts. For more such modular kitchen interior ideas, check out our other blogs.

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