Best Option For Kitchen Countertops: Take Your Pick Here

by Anugraha Venugopal | February 24, 2024 | 6 mins read

Kitchen countertops options

Narrowing down your options for kitchen countertops can seem quite the task. Read this to make it easier.

The kitchen plays a significant role in the house for those who mostly prefer to eat home-cooked food. And so, it is recommended to explore a variety of options in kitchen countertops as there are many factors at play. Material availability, resistance to heat, scratches and stains, waterproofing, aesthetics, sturdiness, ease of cleaning and the price point — all of these aspects can alter your ultimate decision. Although the countertop forms the major decision, it helps to visualise how the kitchen will look finally with the cabinets, the backsplash, the island counter (for an island kitchen) and even the floor tiles. Take a look at our suggestions here and choose a countertop that best fits your needs.

Classic White Indian Marble Options For Kitchen Countertops

When looking for options for kitchen countertops, Indian marble with its different varieties tops the list as this pre-polished, ready-to-fix stone is available aplenty in our country. The price range also varies from economical to expensive. The luxurious material, renowned for its sturdiness, is specifically long-lasting in Indian homes where we often use pestle and mortar, traditional grinding stone and stone-based chapati rolling boards. This design’s brilliant use of white marble for everything from the countertop and backsplash to the floors makes the kitchen appear spacious. The thoughtfully-designed modular cabinets further enhance the organised and roomy vibe of the kitchen. If you’re keen on white countertops, here are more designs you’ll love.

Best option for kitchen countertops with a classic white indian marble
Indian white marble for a sturdy kitchen countertop

Stain-Resistant Quartz Is A Good Option For Kitchen Countertop Material

Many homeowners are likely to say that a quartz stone is the best option for kitchen countertops. They aren’t entirely wrong as the stone is sleek, available in a variety of colours and doesn’t stain easily. Look at this kitchen with the quartz countertop in mustard yellow, for instance. The countertop coupled with the brick-style ceramic backsplash in a crisp white, printed floor tiles and bright cabinets gives the kitchen a fun and functional look. Don’t you love how the floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinet makes optimal use of the space? We’ve made your quest for such functional kitchen designs with quartz countertops easy with this blog. And here’s another to equip yourself for the cleaning part.

Kitchen countertop material options with a stain-free quartz countertop
A stain-free quartz countertop for the kitchen
Do you know whats trending for your kitchen countertops

Get The Aesthetics Spot On With A Wood Countertop

Looking for a sensational interior for your cooking unit? Then a kitchen countertop in wood is an excellent choice. It’s a stable and sturdy surface that also exudes a rustic charm. Especially in an island kitchen setup, the wooden surface acts as a multi-functional table. We hope you love the additional storage features in wood-finish in the island kitchen design here as much as we do. As with any other wood furniture, this countertop requires gentle handling to avoid scratches. But it’s worth it given the visual appeal it brings to the room when used with a white tile backsplash and splendid lighting. Besides, wood is also one of the most eco-friendly kitchen countertop material options. Still unsure? We’ve got you covered with this blog on wood countertops.

Kitchen countertops options ideas with a wood countertop lend a rustic charm
Wood countertops lend a rustic charm to the kitchen

Black And Gold Ceramic Tile Countertop For Easy Maintenance

Ceramic tiles are amongst the most inexpensive options for kitchen countertops. The added advantage of a ceramic countertop is its ease of cleaning. We suggest opting for black tiles with a splash of gold, as seen here, to give the kitchen a shimmer. To add some vibrancy to the kitchen, go for a backsplash with printed tiles. You can also choose bold cabinet colours for some drama. With a modular design like this, you can even get your tiles to match the cabinet handles for added effect. On that note, those who love the black shade, in general, will not want to miss this blog on black countertops.

Inexpensive kitchen countertops options with black and gold ceramic tile countertop
Ceramic tile kitchen countertop for easy maintenance

Get Vibrant Options For Kitchen Countertops In Mosaic 

If you crave fun colours in your kitchen, then get your countertop done with mosaic tiles in a melange of shades. It’s also a great alternative if you don’t prefer slab-like stones. This design with the vibrant countertop, the tall sliding wardrobe, open cabinets and windows without grills makes cooking seem a breezy and organised affair! Isn’t that the perfect vibe for a space you’re likely to use every day? If you said yes, you’ll also love these ideas for kitchen tile countertops. Do check them out.

Vibrant options for kitchen countertops with mosaic tiles
A vibrant kitchen countertop with mosaic tiles

Pristine Granite Stone For An Island Kitchen Countertop

Granite countertops are a splendid choice for a modular island kitchen as you get to flaunt more of the aesthetic stone with the breakfast table. Another reason to consider this natural stone is that it is among the inexpensive kitchen countertops options in the Indian market. This design shows how best to accentuate your granite countertop and table. Set up the kitchen with mosaic tiles for the backsplash, contemporary cabinets in a pastel hue, an elegant wine rack, a table with storage and some quirky chairs. The best part is that while the stone gives the room a sophisticated look, it is still warm and inviting. To explore kitchen granite countertops in different colours, dive into this blog. And for countertop recommendations specific to island kitchens, do surf through these designs.

Granite stone option for island kitchen countertop
Granite countertop for an island kitchen

Set Up A Durable Kitchen With A Stainless Steel Countertop

We love how stainless steel has been used for both the countertop and the kitchen island in this design. The clean edges give it a seamless look while the material itself makes it durable, glossy and easy to clean. The slap brush texture of the backsplash and the colour combination for the cabinets also contrast with the steel top. With storage features, this design makes efficient use of the layout in addition to making the countertop stand apart. If you find yourself swaying towards stainless steel kitchen countertops, you can also explore these options for your island kitchen.

Stainless steel countertop option for island kitchen
A stainless steel countertop is highly durable

Like we said, kitchen countertops come in a range of budget options too. So, here’s our last suggestion — laminate countertops — considered to be cost-saving and DIY-friendly. As there’s a lot to know about them, here’s a detailed guide. Well, you now have enough information for picking the best kitchen countertop for your home. Once you’ve selected a few styles to explore further, simply talk to our design team and finalise your countertop. Click here to book your appointment.

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