Smart Spending: 1BHK Interior Design Costs Deciphered

by Agniva Banerjee | February 24, 2024 | 7 mins read

Decipher the cost 1 BHK interior design

Here’s the inside scoop on a 1BHK flat interior design cost. Get creative with your dream home!

Planning for a makeover of your cosy apartment? Understanding and managing expenditures are critical while considering a 1BHK flat interior design cost. Through our blog, we can help you break down the various components that influence a small apartment, throwing light on what you can expect while designing your dream abode of peace. 

Before we dive deeper, let’s get a fair view of the 1BHK interior design package first.

Understanding a Budget 1BHK Interior Package

Many interior design firms offer a pre-defined 1BHK interior design package to simplify the process and reduce costs. Such packages frequently incorporate several services and deliverables for a defined price. The scope and offerings of these packages range from basic designs to more complex solutions. Researching and evaluating several packages is critical to pick one that fits your needs and budget. 

The cost of 1BHK interior design may also vary due to several factors that come into play when planning a budget strategy. While we look into these factors later in the blog, let’s first help you with some budget-friendly amazing ideas for creating a beautiful abode without breaking the bank.

Understand the budget of 1 BHK interior package
Creating a dream abode is possible with sensible spending

1BHK Interior Design Low-Cost Ideas

Effective 1BHK flat interior design cost doesn’t have to mean sacrificing practicality or elegance. There are many affordable ways to transform your home into a personalised abode. The use of modular furniture, space-saving storage solutions, DIY aspects, and the selection of inexpensive yet sturdy materials are some methods for designing a fashionable and cost-effective interior. 

Some popular 1BHK interior design low-cost ideas are mentioned below:

  • Magical Pastels And Neutral Shades: Choose neutral colour palettes to give the appearance of a larger area. The 1BHK room designs can feel brighter and larger by using lighter colours.
  • Play With Mirrors: By carefully positioning mirrors, you may create the look and feel of more space while improving the aesthetics with your budget of 1BHK interior design cost.
  • Touch of ‘You’: Add a personal touch by including decorative items, artwork, or photos that express your personality and taste to give the room a cosier atmosphere.
  • Nature’s Bliss With Plants And Gardens: Add a revitalising touch and improve the ambience with space-saving vertical gardens or hanging plants. 
Low cost ideas for 1 BHK interior design for a unique look
Your unique touch in every room gives personality to your home

Simplifying the Cost of 1BHK Interior 

Consulting with professional interior designers greatly helps estimate a 1BHK flat interior design cost. A detailed cost breakdown based on your demands and preferences is required to proceed further. Certain parameters, such as design fees, material prices, labour charges, and a few more, such as permits or structural alterations, are typically included in the cost. 

Simplified pricing of  interior design of 1 BHK
Enhance every nook and corner on a simplified pricing
End-to-end home interior design solutions for a stunning home

Major Influencers of 1BHK Interior Design Cost

The 1BHK full interior design cost will vary depending on many things. Understanding these key influencers is critical for effectively estimating and planning your budget. Some important factors to consider are as follows: 

  • Space Measurement And Layout Planning: The budget is heavily influenced by accurate space measurement and layout planning. Professionals guarantee that your design is proportional to the available space, maximising both aesthetics and your finances.
  • Cost of Material Selection: Material selection directly impacts a 1BHK flat interior design cost. High-quality materials, personalised solutions, and cost-effective alternatives may all help you manage your spending.
  • Design Complexity and Budget: The complexity of design concepts greatly affects how the costs unravel. Search for cost-effective design solutions, whether they are for lighting or window-treatment.
  • Furniture and Furnishings Costs: Your interior design project stays incomplete without the right furniture and accent pieces. Elements like quality, brand, and design can help optimise the budget without sacrificing flair.
  • Labour and Installation Expenses: A skilled professional is required for successful execution. Labour costs vary by area and the skills they offer to deliver your customised design package.
  • Electrical and Plumbing Considerations: Electrical and plumbing system upgrades and modifications can impact prices. You need to choose cost and energy-efficient options to keep a tab on your budget, especially post-project-completion, so your electricity and water bills aren’t shooting through the roof.  
  • Project Management and Consultation Fees: Project management and consultation costs are critical for considering your 1BHK full interior design cost. Choose partners that offer value for money and stay with you throughout the entire project.
  • Contingency Budgeting: While planning your expenses, a small bandwidth for unforeseen expenses must be accounted for. Scoping the unplanned costs helps you keep your project on track.
Major factors influencing the design of 1 BHK interior
Every element adds up to build your dream home

Tips to Avoid Exceeding Your 1BHK Interior Design Cost

Here are some handy tips that will help you stay on top of your cost for 1BHK interior design:

  • Prioritise your essential interior design elements by focusing on the must-have items.
  • Compare pricing, quality and services by requesting quotes from multiple firms to make the best choice.
  • Maximise space utilisation by cleverly installing smart storage units, built-in shelves and multi-functional furniture.
  • Invest in efficient lighting options to create the illusion of bigger space at an affordable budget.
Tips for avoiding the exceeding cost of interior design of 1 BHK
Make smart choices to avoid going beyond budget


To sum up, uncovering the secrets of 1BHK interior design cost is critical for a successful and cost-effective change of your living space. Whether you’re looking for estimated costs or looking into low-cost options, this guide will give you the confidence to start your interior design adventure. 

For more information and to help you plan your journey towards your dream home, our experts are a call away. Contact us: DesignCafe – End-to-End Home Interior Designs

FAQs On 1 BHK Interior Design Cost

How much should I budget for 1BHK interior design?
It’s critical to create a balance between your design preferences and the intricacy of your project. Consider the materials you want to use, the level of customisation you want, and whether you want an affordable or luxurious design. You can obtain a plan that adequately meets your taste and economical bandwidth by adjusting your budget to your needs.

Is it possible to get a cost estimate for 1BHK interior design before starting the project?
Yes, you can obtain a cost estimate before beginning the project. Professional interior designers may provide accurate estimates based on your design preferences, the size of your space, and the materials you select, allowing you to plan your budget and avoid surprises later on efficiently.

Are there any hidden costs involved in 1BHK interior design projects?
Yes, hidden charges might occur in 1BHK interior design cost planning. These are frequently caused by unforeseen complications during construction, changes in design preferences, or additional electrical and plumbing requirements. A contingency budget is vital for dealing with unexpected expenses.

What are some cost-saving tips for 1BHK interior design without compromising quality?
Saving money on 1BHK interior design cost while retaining quality requires strategic decisions. Follow these tips:

  • Prioritise vital features such as layout, flooring, and key furnishings. Allocate your funds to the components that will most impact the overall design.
  • Material Selection: Choose cost-effective materials without sacrificing quality. For example, laminate flooring may approximate the look of hardwood at a fraction of the expense.
  • Pre-Owned or DIY: Consider second-hand furniture or DIY projects for custom pieces. Refurbishing old furniture or making your decor pieces can add character while saving money.
  • Simplicity: A simplistic, streamlined design frequently feels roomier and is more cost-effective.
  • Comparative Shopping: Look around for the greatest discount or most competitive pricing on materials.

Can I use eco-friendly materials to keep the 1BHK interior design cost down?
Using eco-friendly products in your 1BHK interior package design is an excellent way to save money. Bamboo or repurposed wood, for example, can be used in place of standard hardwood, while recycled glass and low-VOC paints add to both eco-consciousness and cost. Furthermore, using sustainable materials often results in long-term energy and maintenance cost benefits.

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