10 Types Of Modular Furniture That Make Weekends At Home Fun

by Sreya Dasgupta | February 24, 2024 | 8 mins read


Indoor weekends are fun when you have super efficiently designed home interiors that ensure a cosy living experience. Most of us make a lot of weekend plans, but by the time the weekend arrives, we end up being too tired to step out. This leads to spending time in the comfort of your home during the weekends. Home interiors play a huge part in infusing fun and vibrant elements into your home and increasing its comfort quotient. Functional modular furniture, decor and the right colour palette add value to your home. Various types of modular furniture can help you save a lot of floor space. They also provide ample room for storage, making your home look clean and free of clutter.

So, here we have got for you various types of modular furniture that will make your stay-at-home weekends enjoyable. Whether you are a solo dweller, a young urban couple with or without kids, or live in a joint family, we have personalised the designs to suit each one of your lifestyles. So, what are you waiting for? Dive right in and find out which ideas you can pick to turn your home into a perfect weekend paradise.

Kitchen With Breakfast Counter At Srushti Sampada In Bengaluru

This modular kitchen at Srushti Sampada in Bengaluru is designed with handleless cabinets in white for a clutter-free look. The glossy white colour reflects light beautifully and makes the kitchen look bigger. We have added a breakfast counter with multiple storage units and three tall chairs for the residents to enjoy meals with their friends and family over the weekends. And if you are a solo dweller, opt for a TV unit on the wall, so you can watch your favourite shows while enjoying your supper. This kitchen comes with modular mechanisms like an appliance garage and multiple pull-out units and lift-up shutter units to provide ample space for your pantry, kitchen essentials and utensils.

Modular furniture kitchen with a breakfast counter designed in bengaluru
Modular furniture kitchen with a breakfast counter designed in Bengaluru

Bedroom With Window Bay Seater In Embassy Pristine In Bengaluru

This bedroom has a rustic feel because of the wood-finish poster bed and side tables. The window bay seater utilises the window space beautifully and provides the homeowners with a cosy corner to enjoy the outside view. The hidden storage beneath the seater offers ample space to store a variety of things and give your home a clean look. This bedroom interior has a subtle old-world charm and a rustic touch making it a one-of-its-kind design.

A DesignCafe bedroom in Bengaluru’s Embassy Pristine
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Bedroom With Study At Sterling Ascentia In Bengaluru

A modular study corner in the bedroom elevates the functionality of your bedroom and provides you with a space to get your work done in peace. But how will it add value to the weekend fun quotient of your bedroom? Well, you can use the shelves to house all your books and turn your room into a personal library, where you can enjoy a lazy weekend with your favourite books. The stone finish laminates lend an industrial touch to the bedroom, making the space look stylish and trendy. This is also an excellent option if you are considering getting some modular home office furniture for small spaces.

Modular bedroom furniture with a study corner makes your weekend more fun
 A modular study nook in Bengaluru’s Sterling Ascentia 

A Wall-Mounted TV Unit In The Living Room At Atlantis In Mumbai

If you live in a joint family or love to hang out with friends at home during the weekends, this living room is perfect for you. The comfortable sofa units provide ample seating options. The modular entertainment unit with back panel lighting saves floor space by facilitating free flow movement. If you want to enjoy a movie night with family or host a house party for your friends, this living room interior will satisfy all your requirements.

Modular living room furniture a wall-mounted tv unit
A living room by DesignCafe in Mumbai’s Atlantis

Kids Room With Multi-Purpose Modular Furniture And An Activity Corner

If you have kids at home, having an activity corner helps to keep them entertained and physically active too. But a double bed in your kids’ room takes up the entire floor space, leaving very little room for an activity corner. So, different types of modular furniture like a bunker bed and a modular study unit save a lot of space and lend a clean and sharp look too. In this kids’ room, we have also added a window bay seater and pull-up ropes for kids to enjoy some fun activities at home during the weekends.

A fun kids’ room interior with innovative designs

Balcony With A Modular Book Cabinet And A Bar Unit

A balcony is the best place to have some weekend fun. It gives you an opportunity to enjoy the natural view in the comfort of your home. So, we have designed this balcony with all your favourite things. A modular book cabinet with box shelves and drawers, a wall-mounted bar unit, and a small table that can be used as a bar counter or to keep your laptop and music system. We have also added a rattan swing and a small coffee table for you to enjoy your early morning tea with a book on a cosy Sunday morning.

 A balcony with modular furniture for small spaces
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An Industrial-Style Living Room With A Bar Counter

This living room is all you need to throw happening parties for your friends at home. The brick-cladding walls lend a rustic look and bring in a restaurant or a pub vibe at home. The different types of modular furniture, like the bar unit, and entertainment unit, add to the functionality of the space. We have opted for raw wooden laminates to match the industrial design theme and make the space look stylish and chic. Opt for wooden flooring and a vintage wall clock, and you are all set for your happening weekend parties at home.

Modular living room in industrial-style with a bar counter
A party-ready living room with quirky interiors

A Modular Partition With A Ping Pong Table For The Living Room

This modular partition unit comes with a foldable ping pong table for you to enjoy some indoor gaming time with your friends and family. Modular partitions create a subtle and stylish division between rooms without making it look heavy on the eye. For this living room, we have added a sectional sofa unit where you can sit with your entire family and have a nice get-together while your kids enjoy some indoor games.

 A living room partition with a ping pong table

Living Cum Dining Room With A Stylish Bar Counter

This living cum dining room is excellent if you have a compact apartment yet want to host lavish parties with your friends and family. The open layout creates an illusion of a bigger area and makes your home look spacious. Opt for a light colour palette and space-saving modular furniture for a clutter-free space. The sectional sofa comes with hidden storage to hide all your clutters. The modular bar unit features wine racks, pull-out drawers, a cabinet with a glass front, and a bar counter, making it perfect to showcase your wine collection and enjoy fun house parties. The dining room comes with a dining table and cushioned chairs to enjoy meals, while the jali partition divides the kitchen and dining space subtly so that the view of your lavish kitchen doesn’t get hidden.

Space saving modular furniture in living cum dining room with a stylish bar counter
 Smart interiors that make your home look spacious

A Dining Table That Transforms Into A Pool Table For Game Nights

Modular furniture for small spaces is all about multifunctionality and space-saving features. With apartments getting cramped over time, multifunctional modular furniture has become the need of the hour. As you can see in the image, a modular wine cabinet and a multifunctional dining table can easily transform your dining area into a cool entertainment room in no time. The wine cabinet with a glass front and pull-out drawers provide ample space to store and exhibit your wine bottles. The dining table transforms into a pool table, turning your dining space into a gaming room perfect for some late-night shenanigans with friends.

 Enjoy gaming weekends in the comfort of your home

So, whether you are a loner, party animal or family person, the various types of modular furniture mentioned in this blog will help you turn your home into a fun weekend paradise. And if you want to know which type of home interior design will match this modular furniture, book a free consultation with us today. Our designers will help you with personalised home interior designs that suit your budget and lifestyle.

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