5 Plywood Wardrobe Design Ideas That Are Pretty And Practical

by Sonali Desai | February 24, 2024 | 4 mins read

Plywood wardrobe design ideas for your home

A plywood wardrobe is a great idea for many reasons and these stunning designs give you more

A plywood wardrobe stuns you from a style magazine, but you think it’ll be out of your budget? Design Cafe makes it possible to have a functional closet that doesn’t bust the bank. Here’s a list of plywood wardrobe design ideas that are exotic and friendly for your wallet too. But before we dive into plywood wardrobe design, here are some things to know.

Plywood is an engineered wood made by sticking together thin veneer sheets with an adhesive. If you’re wondering which is the best plywood for wardrobes, we have that covered too. Plywood can have any number of plies – 3-ply, 5-ply or multi-ply. The 3-ply variety is the most commonly used since it’s more visually appealing than thicker plywood boards. While 3-ply is used indoors and is the best for wardrobes, 5-ply is usually for outdoor use.

There are many types of plywood and their grade depends on their thickness. The types of plywood you will find in the market are commercial MR grade that is used for interiors, waterproof BWR grade that is used for exteriors, and marine plywood that is mainly used in kitchens and bathrooms.

A plywood wardrobe is a combination of both beauty and substance. They last long, are easier to maintain and don’t compromise on functionality or aesthetics. If you’re looking for a wood material that is budget-friendly and equally appealing for your bedroom, a plywood wardrobe is an ideal solution.

Add Stylish Finishes To Your Plywood Wardrobe Design

Plywood wardrobes need not be all brown and beige. There are many options in plywood finishings such as PU paint, lamination and using glass or jute fabric. You can mix and match as well. For instance, if you love glass but don’t want the interiors of your wardrobe to be visible, then paint the shutters with PU paint. Likewise, you can play around with the design to get the best of both worlds. There are fantastic pastel shades available in PU paint for that perfect bedroom makeover.

Plywood wardrobe design with stylish finish with a touch of retro
Here’s an elegant plywood wardrobe design with a touch of retro

Plywood Wardrobe Door Designs In Glass

Mirror or glass shutters on a plywood wardrobe give your bedroom a clean and spacious look. It also makes the bedroom look light, expansive and less cluttered. You can install hidden lights inside the wardrobe for the light and glass to create a designer look for your bedroom. But beware, with a plywood wardrobe that has glass shutters, there is no scope for letting huge heaps of clothes pile up.

Plywood wardrobe door designs in glass give your bedroom a clean and spacious look
Give your bedroom a minimal look with plywood wardrobe door designs in glass
Embrace a clutter free life with functional wardrobe designs

Reflect More And Embrace These Plywood Wardrobe Door Designs

Who doesn’t love mirrors? Just like glass, mirrors too make the room appear bigger. This is because mirrors on a plywood wardrobe help reflect light in the bedroom optimally. You can decide what type of door you’d like to have but mirrors with sliders are most recommended by designers. They feel it’s easier to use and also very practical in terms of maintenance and space.

Plywood wardrobe door design with mirror helps reflect light in the bedroom optimally
Mirror the idea of self-love with these plywood wardrobe door designs

Opt For A Trendy 3-Door Plywood Wardrobe Design

A 3-door plywood wardrobe adds a new dimension to the decor of your room. The design of the wardrobe totally depends on your taste, budget and space. It can be either compact or big and spacious. You can also have a built-in plywood wardrobe with three doors, or highlight the centre portion with discreet lights. You can also install bevelled mirrors to give a contemporary look to the entire wardrobe.

A 3 door plywood wardrobe design adds a new dimension to the decor of your room
The 3-door plywood wardrobe is all about glam, grace and good looks

Create An Aesthetic Set Up For Your Bedroom

Plantation shutter wardrobes are popular these days as they provide a decorative touch to wardrobes. They carry a sleek, finished look of real wood, which will never warp or fade. If you like the vintage charm, here’s the right plywood wardrobe design for you. This design comes with modern manufacturing while evoking traditional appeal.

Plywood wardrobe with angled shutter doors design in the bedroom gives vintage charm
Angled shutter wardrobe doors keep it airy and clean

If you’re interested in any one particular style from the above plywood wardrobe design ideas or have more queries – get in touch with our experts today.

Give your wardrobe a designer look!

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