No Puja Room? A TV Unit With Mandir Solves Your Problem!

by Anugraha Venugopal | February 24, 2024 | 5 mins read

Tv unit with mandir designs

Check out our design ideas for a TV unit with a mandir, the living room’s latest accent furniture.

The mandir/puja unit holds a significant place in many Indian homes. In compact homes, if not for a puja unit, there’s a place for the divine still. As the wheel keeps changing, so does the position of this at-home shrine. Newly-built homes or homes currently under renovation are in favour of a TV unit with a mandir in the living room. This isn’t about making the living room multifunctional anymore. Rather, it’s also a means of getting the family to be all involved in fun and reverence. Ready to bring divine love and light into the living room? Enjoy this tour of our TV unit designs with mandir!

tv unit cum mandir design

Resplendent See-Through Mandir With TV Unit

We love this design for many reasons. It is optimal for homeowners who want a compact living room TV unit with a mandir. The see-through glass doors enrich the visual appeal of the shrine. The wooden enclosing of the mandir separates it from the TV unit, without extra design elements such as a rack. Simple and resplendent! Consider adding a corner bookshelf with a pull-out study table to set up a reading space in the living room. This can be your corner when you want some personal time with the almighty.

Mandir with a tv unit in wood finish and has glass doors
Resplendently encased mandir with TV unit
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A TV Unit With Mandir Design For The Minimalists

This design is a win-win for keeping it basic yet assuring the sanctity of a mandir. The pristine white gives the TV unit and the mandir a serene vibe. The minimal design still ensures utility with its storage shelves. The wood panelling is yet another interesting detail in this simple design. For this setup to look its best, declutter the living room by using multifunctional furniture and save floor space.

TV unit with mandir design in pristine white with backlit
A simple and charming TV unit with mandir

Elegant Floor-To-Ceiling Open Mandir And TV Unit

This is a TV unit design with a mandir where all the boxes check — elegance, utility and convenience. The wood panelling is a nice touch to the TV unit. The jali work and wallpaper of the puja wall unit make it an elegant attraction. This is among the handful of designs where it’s alright to have more than one focal piece as they are distinctly stunning. The drawers in the laminate finish puja unit befit its style-meets-purpose vibe. The same goes for the drawers and overhead cupboards in the TV unit. The wall is used optimally. To retain the natural light and airy feel in the room, opt for minimal furniture and decor pieces.

We have many more wall unit designs for your puja room/section. And if you’re fond of jali work, you’ll love these mandir designs with jali work.

Floor-to-ceiling open mandir with tv unit in white laminate with back panelling
Elegant, open-style mandir with TV unit

Rustic Mandir With An Industrial TV Unit

Sometimes, keeping things simple and balanced is the trickiest thing to do. And we love this design for that! The mandir takes on a different aura with its rustic look. The industrial wall detailing in the TV unit is balanced well with the rustic cupboards. The laminate finish drawers give it a touch of modernity. We love how modern meets old-school in this TV unit with a mandir. The best part is that every inch of space is well-utilised in both sections. Spruce up the room with more elements that are a mix of rustic and industrial styles to complete the look.

Industrial tv unit with mandir takes on a different aura with its rustic look
Old meets new in this TV unit with mandir

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Separate But Same Living Room TV Unit With A Mandir

While most TV cum mandir units are built as one piece, we like this design where the primary styling for both sections is the same yet they are kept as separate entities. This is a wonderful option for homeowners who need a separate puja unit in the living room but wish for a uniform look like the other elements. Here, the veneer finish console table and drawers ensure design continuity in the living room. Still, detailing such as the geometric golden metal cutwork in the puja unit gives it a distinct appeal.

Living room tv unit with mandir where the primary styling for both sections is the same, yet kept as separate entities
Matching mandir and TV units
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Wall-Mounted TV Unit With A Floating Mandir

This TV unit with mandir comes with a twist and our customers love it. The TV unit has a wall-mounted TV and a freestanding console table. The mandir, however, is designed as a floating entity. Similar to the previous design, the veneer finish ensures consistency in the styling and the drawers guarantee utility. The mix of floating and freestanding elements, the intricate jali work, and the wallpaper add to the visual appeal of this TV unit cum mandir. Check out some more wall-mounted mandir designs.

Wall-mounted tv unit with pooja mandir designed as a floating entity
TV unit with a floating mandir that saves space

With such riveting TV unit with mandir designs, your living room is surely going to be a place where both serenity and style can be experienced. Maybe it’s time to say, ‘A family that prays together and has fun together stays together.’ An important note — to ensure the divinity of the mandir, it’s necessary to consider its positioning. Check out our vastu tips to help you set up or rearrange your mandir. Our designers are a click away if you need more information on a TV unit design with a mandir or anything related to interior design. Book your consultation to talk to our expert designers.

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