Stunning Pooja Room Wall Unit Designs For Your Home

by Sneha Virmani | February 22, 2024 | 4 mins read

Interior design for pooja room wall units which an integral part of Indian homes

Executing the perfect pooja room wall unit design is a task. Read on to know more about how to place them even in the tiniest corner of your home

In a fast-paced world where urban homes offer less space for rooms, having a separate pooja room is a real luxury. To optimise space even in compact homes, interior design for pooja room wall units is fast emerging as an intelligent hack. A pious and serene corner, pooja rooms are an integral part of Indian homes. Designed to fit into any nook and corner, pooja room wall units allow homeowners the flexibility to customise colours, designs and shapes to complement the aesthetics of their home. 

From finding the perfect corner to designs that match the theme of your home, these wall unit designs are all about utilising dead space. 

Pooja Room Wall Unit Designs For Your Living Room 

Placed behind the seating area, this living room wall-mounted pooja unit fits perfectly in any narrow space. Adorned on three sides of the pooja room is an elegant wood jali to separate the mandir from the living room. Painted in white to match the neutral aesthetics of the area, the jali design allows a peek of the deities while keeping the pooja area hidden. The deity is placed neatly on a cabinet that allows easy access to pooja utensils and other everyday essentials. 

Interior design for pooja room wall units for your living room
Hanging from above the brass bell is a contrasting addition against the soft white tone of the room. With just a few idols, this minimal wall unit design is perfect for placing behind the living room
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Pooja Room Wall Unit Designs For An Empty Wall 

When we think of space optimisation in a compact urban home, even empty pillar walls come into play. Utilising space with utmost finesse, these pooja room wall units are ideal to complete wall cavities. You can place the shrine on a small wooden cabinet with idols of gods. 

Apartment interior design for pooja room wall units for a perfect heavenly vibe
To create the perfect heavenly vibe, use pendant lights to diffuse ambient warmth in the area

Pooja Room Wall Unit Designs In The Kitchen Area 

Placing a wall-mounted pooja unit in the kitchen is considered both auspicious and Vastu-friendly. A trend that has prevailed for ages is also a smart design hack for small homes. When placed in a corner, this closed pooja wall unit rests on a cabinet against the wall. Besides accommodating both pooja and household items, the wall-mounted unit will elevate an empty corner of your kitchen. Incorporated inside are small marble slabs to place the deities neatly and a fitted yellow light to enhance the aesthetics of the unit. 

Interior design for pooja room wall units in the kitchen area
It is always advisable to place a closed pooja room wall unit in the kitchen instead of an open one.

Pooja Room Wall Unit In A Stair Corner 

When you sign up for a compact pooja room, you do not need to compromise on design or style. Maximise the corner space connecting two staircases with this modern interior design for pooja room wall units. Placed on a hanging wooden drawer set, this marble wall mandir unit exudes an elegant vibe. Embellished with colourful and intricate work on the marble, the design stands out despite being placed in a compact space. 

Interior design for pooja room wall units in a stair corner with a hanging wooden drawer set
To add a stylish look to your sacred space, hang a metallic jali behind the wall unit.
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Versatile Pooja Room Wall Unit 

Ideal for homes with no defined wall cavity, this versatile pooja wall unit can be placed anywhere! A backlit pedestal for the idol with an intricately carved panel behind makes a stunning entrance for your home. The interior design for pooja room wall units must exude elegance by seamlessly blending with the aesthetics of the home — both of which are ticked by this wall unit design. 

Versatile interior design for pooja room wall units with an intricately carved panel behind
Use one single idol on the pedestal when placing the unit at the entrance foyer of your home.

No matter how compact your home is, these pooja room wall units will fit right in. From stair corners to empty entrance foyers, these pooja room wall unit designs will put your idle space to good use. To know more about gorgeous pooja room wall unit designs for your home, reach out to us at Design Cafe and leave the rest to us.

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