8 Practical Vastu Tips For Your Mandir’s Direction In Home

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 30, 2024 | 7 mins read

Pooja mandir direction in your home

Pray to your idols in the right Vastu direction with these essential Vastu tips for your mandir’s directions at home!

Let the light, joy and faith be in the right direction!

Puja mandir in a home is one of the most important aspects of Indian Hindu homes. It is a place that can totally change the ambience of your home. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to consider some serious aspects of the mandir in the home.

While the presence of the mandir itself accentuates the aura of your home, placing it in the right mandir direction in home, choosing the right colours, arranging the idols correctly, selecting the right puja unit layout, etc., play crucial roles. No matter if you have a dedicated puja place in your house or adjusting it in your small apartment, we have some great Vastu tips for your mandir direction in the home.

Vastu is an essential factor while designing your puja unit at home. Without the right Vastu guide, your puja mandir is incomplete! So, if you are planning your new home, it’s the best time to note down the important mandir direction in home according to Vastu. And if you already have a puja corner, go through the following points and make all the necessary changes.

Vastu tips for your mandir's direction in home

The Right Mandir Direction In Home Is Northeast

The most important step while designing your mandir at home is to select the right place. You must know that placing the mandir or the puja unit in the wrong direction may be inauspicious. Hence, you must not take chances as the mandir is the pivotal corner of your home’s ambience. According to Vastu, the ideal mandir direction in a home is the northeast. If the northeast direction is otherwise occupied, you can go with either north or east directions. According to Vastu Shastra studies, the northeast is believed to be the ideal mandir direction because the direction helps in imbuing the maximum solar energy.

Tip: Avoid placing your mandir in the south direction; it is a no-no in Vastu Shastra.

Best mandir direction in home is northeast helps in imbuing the maximum solar energy.
A simple puja unit for modern homes
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Idols’ Mandir Direction In Home Plays A Crucial Role Too

After finding the apt corner for the mandir, the next step is to find the right directions for the idols in your mandir. A rule of thumb is to avoid placing the idols in front of each other. Just like the mandir direction in home, the idols too should be placed towards the northeast. You must make sure that you don’t place the idols in a cramped manner. Also, you must note that the idols must be placed away from the walls. Keep at least a distance of six inches from the walls.

Tip: You can also place the idols in the west, but you must totally avoid the south direction.

Veneer finish pooja unit with storage and idol's placed in a northeast direction
A veneer finish puja unit with storage drawers and cabinets

Puja Unit’s Doors And Windows Must Open In The North Or East Direction

While placing the mandir in your home, make sure that you are placing the puja unit in such a way that its doors and windows open towards the north or the east direction. You must keep the puja unit in a spacious area where there is enough room to open the shutters properly. According to Vastu Shashtra, a puja unit must always have two doors or shutters. So, keep the unit in an airy place that allows the doors to open completely.

Wall-mounted puja unit's door opens in the north or east is the best direction for mandir at home
A small two-door wall-mounted puja unit

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The Ground Floor Is The Best For Placing The Mandir In A Home

If you have a multistorey or duplex house, it is advisable to place the puja ghar on the ground floor. While you can place mini puja units in your bedrooms, if you have a dedicated mandir at home, place it on the ground floor. This place is also ideal as it generates a positive vibe, right on the house’s entrance floor. An interesting place would be in the foyer area or the porch area of your house. This placement choice comes from the older days when mandirs were placed in the ‘aangan’ or front verandah of houses. However, make sure you have your puja unit or mandir away from the shoe racks.

Tip: Don’t place your mandir in the basement as it is considered inauspicious. And if you are placing the puja unit in your bedroom, make sure your feet don’t point towards it.

Ground floor is the best mandir direction in home in minimalistic design and make sure your feet don’t point towards it.
A subtle puja ghar design for minimalist home interiors

Always Place Diyas And Agni Kund In The Southeast Direction

While going for the right mandir directions at home, make sure you never miss out on the suitable directions for placing the mandir diyas, lamps and agni kund. According to Vastu, you must place the lamps and the mandir’s agni kunds in the southeastern direction. You can also decorate the mandir with beautiful hanging diyas, as in the picture. You can also place the diyas in the east or the north. Placing them in the east is believed to bring health to the family, whereas placing them in the north brings wealth.

Tip: Avoid placing the mandir diyas and lamps in the south. According to Vastu, placing them in the south may drain the house’s wealth.

Marble pooja unit Diyas and Agni Kund placed in the southeast mandir direction in home.
A beautiful marble puja unit for spacious homes
Vastu compliant interiors for a peaceful home

Make Sure You Face North Or East While Praying

While placing or designing the mandir face direction in home, make sure you are arranging the idols in such a way that you always face north or east while praying. The north or east direction bring positivity to the house; hence, praying towards those directions will facilitate the positive aura. You must keep in mind that while designing your mandir at home, keep enough space to sit and pray. If you have many family members, place the mandir in such a way that every member gets to sit properly and pray.

Praying towards the direction of the Mantra, either North or East, is believed to bring positivity.
A spacious puja ghar with CNC cutting designs

You Can Decorate The Mandir With Religious Books And Other Auspicious Items

Generally, you must avoid storing things in your mandir. However, if there is enough space and cabinets in the puja unit, you can place religious books, rudraksha malas, thaalis and other puja-related items in the storage. You shouldn’t, however, store money or tricky books and items in the puja unit as this may hinder the positive vibe of the place.

Tip: Avoid placing photographs of deceased people near the mandir.

Mandir direction in home towards the northeast and designed with open shelves on either side.
A wooden puja unit with open shelves on either side

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Choose Soothing/Light Colours For Your Mandir In Home

A mandir is a sacred place where you can pray, meditate and imbibe positive vibes. So, the right colours for such an auspicious place are light, soothing colours. These colours help in echoing subtle tranquillity in the house that helps maintain a peaceful aura. Light colours also make any place look and feel airy and spacious, whereas choosing dark colours may make the place look cramped and heavy. So, go for whites, off-whites, creams, pale pinks and light yellows as the mandir colours.

Space-saving pooja mandir in north east direction brings a positive vibe and harmonious.
A space-saving puja unit with an attached rack

Some Vastu Tips For Your Mandir In Home

  • Do not place your mandir or puja unit near the bathroom.
  • Do not place the mandir below the staircase; you can use the space next to the stairs.
  • Always keep your mandir well-ventilated, which is why using CNC cutting designs is good as they allow proper ventilation.
  • If you are placing your mandir in the kitchen, make sure it is placed towards the northeast direction.

So pray to god in the right direction with the above Vastu tips for your puja ghar. If you need some expert puja unit designs, write to us and we will connect you with our design Yodas today!

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