Diwali Special: Space-Saving Modular Interiors That Offer More Room For Celebration

by Nikita Raikwar | February 20, 2024 | 7 mins read

Space-saving solutions by designcafe offers more room for celebration

Struggling for space at home? Here are 10 smart space-saving interior design solutions for compact Indian homes.

Modern Indian homes are infamous for being compact and cramped. Hence, designing them is a battle that’s best left to the experts. From compact bedroom spaces with zero floor area and absolutely no spare storage in your homes, it’s likely that you are struggling to find the right space for the right decor in your compact Indian home. However, you can turn your problem into an opportunity this Diwali. Take this chance to design your home in a way that guarantees 20% extra space with DesignCafe, meaning you have #MoreRoomForCelebration and added joy at your home. 

Wondering why you must choose DesignCafe for your compact home? Read along to know!

  • 10-Year Warranty: DesignCafe offers a 10-year warranty on all its modular home interiors and modular solutions. Quality is paramount for us at DesignCafe, and we ensure you get the best of both worlds with our factory-made interior solutions.
  • Zero Interest EMI: Interior design EMI options at DesignCafe can be split into an EMI cycle of 36 months, making it an affordable home interior project for all home sizes
  • On-Time Delivery: With more than 75% of our products made in-house at our state-of-the-art factory, we project realistic timelines to our customers, making the entire interior design process seamless and smooth.
  • Hassle-Free Experience: The process is simple — book a free consultation call, see your personalised home interior design in VR and get it delivered in 30 days*.
  • 1,000+ affordable designs: With over 1,000 designs to choose from, you definitely are spoiled with choices — from the fanciest of materials to the most affordable finishes!
  • 51-Point Quality Checklist: Our site staff and trained carpenters ensure that your floors are protected during installation and that standard operating procedures are followed. We have a 51-point checklist that we follow for all our interior design projects.
  • In-house Customer Happiness Team: At DesignCafe, your home’s interior design project means the world to us. So, we make it a point that a dedicated customer happiness team member is always there with you to answer any questions that you may have.
High-quality beds with storage are space-saving solutions for bedrooms at no cost EMI
Space-saving wardrobe solutions with an inbuilt study unit this diwali season
Affordable home interior with bed cum extra space storage
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With a crunch for space at home, one can always struggle to find the right spot for their miscellaneous items and continuing to live with dedicated spaces can be a herculean task. However, choosing modular home interiors with DesignCafe guarantees you 20% extra space at home. 

There are multiple ways in which you can design your space-saving furniture and accessorise your home as per the needs of your family. However, a small home doesn’t mean you can’t have the luxury of a well-designed space to yourself. Here are 10 space-saving solutions for your home that make up for all the space crunch at home.

Complete end to end home interiors on a budget

A Space-Saving Bedroom Designed With A Murphy Bed

For someone that has an awkwardly small bedroom, a day bed or a murphy bed comes handy. This stunning murphy bed is wall-mounted and can be easily hidden when you’re done with your good night’s rest. Simply put, your bedroom can allow you to pursue your hobbies, activities, and fun time with the bed lugged away inside a closed wall cabinet, whilst you stay away from the perils of zero legroom.

Space-saving bedroom ideas with a murphy bed this Diwali season at no cost EMI
Space-saving bedroom design with wall-mounted murphy bed
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Floating Wall-Mounted TV Unit

Truth be told, floating cabinets and wall-mounted TV units are a saviour for compact Indian homes. Not only do they accommodate all your miscellaneous items, but also tow away the unnecessary surface clutter in the living room, making for a fine, neat and clean living experience for you and your family.

Wall-mounted space-saving tv unit by Designcafe with floating cabinets accommodates all your miscellaneous items
Wall-mounted space-saving tv ideas for living room this Diwali season
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Magic Corner, D-Carousel And S-Carousel For Your Kitchen

For L-shaped kitchens that are always crammed with pots and pans, a magic corner as well as D- and S-carousel shelves are a fine choice. The magic corner unit helps you make the most of the awkward L-corner of the kitchen and stores your large utensils at bay. The D- and S-carousel units are perfect for storing occasional-use items in the kitchen.

Space-saving kitchen storage ideas by Designcafe with magic corner
Space-saving kitchen storage provide Designcafe with d carousel unit
Space-saving kitchen storage with s carousel shelves
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A Study Unit With An Integrated Bookshelf

Who says you need to give away your passion for reading when a desk comes in. Just like this study unit that’s integrated with a modular bookshelf, your home can have one too. What’s so special about this study unit is not just the bookshelf in the front but also a hidden second shelf on the back, making for double the space to store all your books and knick-knacks away.

Space-saving study table with integrated bookshelf is an affordable home interior
Space-saving study table by Designcafe with an integrated bookshelf cum hidden second shelf
space-saving-study table-with-hidden-second-shelf
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A Master Bedroom With A Hidden Study Unit

Unlike the dedicated desk like the one seen in the previous renditions, this study unit is a space-saving solution for homes that need a discrete stowaway. Perfectly cooped into the wall’s wooden design, this study unit has a flip-down shutter that can be used for study, WFH setups or as an arts and crafts table for your kids.

Personalised interior design for master bedroom this Diwali season at no cost EMI
Space-saving master bedroom with a hidden study unit
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A Balcony Designed With Storage To Save Space Indoors

When the space inside your home is compromised, a lovely deck or balcony certainly comes in handy. This balcony is equipped with bright yellow storage, complementing the biophilic floor alongside the plants and other decor pieces. You can choose to spruce up your balcony’s design with a floating storage cabinet as well.

Designcafe provide home interior on EMI with Space-saving storage ideas
Yellow chest of drawers is a space-saving solution for the balcony
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Home interiors offered by DesignCafe: FLAT 18% OFF + 0% EMI

A TV Unit With A Hidden Dresser

If saving for a vanity space is costing you a dime, this hidden dresser that extends out of the TV unit is a space-saving wall storage solution that you can try out in your living room. What’s so cool about the dresser is the added storage on the insides of the shutter and an additional drawer below the upholstered seat. Doesn’t it make for a lovely home interior addition to your Indian home?

Space-saving tv unit with hidden dresser with home interior on EMI this Diwali festive
Space-saving tv ideas with hidden dresser
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A Side Cabinet With A Pull-Out Dining Table

Be it a family of 4 or 8, this side cabinet that morphs into a pull-out dining table is one of the smartest space-saving solutions that you cannot miss out on. Swipe through the images to see how you can make the most of this side cabinet for your living room. The side cabinet also functions as a lovely storage piece and adds to the aesthetic of the space seamlessly.

Get extra space storage with a side cabinet this Diwali at affordable home interiors
Space-saving interior design with side cabinet
Space-saving solutions provide by designcafe designers with a side cabinet that doubles as a dining table
Extra space with a side table cum dining table
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A Wooden Partition With Swivel TV Unit

From watching a movie by nesting cosily in the living room to bingeing a marathon on the dinner table, this wooden partition doubles up as a space-saving storage solution whilst offering a striking home interior design luxury of a swivel TV unit. Perfect for homes that love a good movie night and don’t want to miss out on a minute of time together, these swivel TV units are perfect luxurious additions at an affordable interior design price.

Space-saving solutions- opt for a swivel tv unit at no cost EMI interior design this Diwali festival
Space-saving furniture by designcafe, the swivel tv unit doubles up as a room divider
Space-saving tv unit room divider perfect for home interior
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A Wall-Mounted Foldable Dining Table For Two

Your L-shaped kitchen needs a dining space and what better way to have one than a wall-mounted foldable dining table for two? Perfect for nuclear families, couples and working professionals, these wall-mounted dining tables also double up as a breakfast counter or a workspace for your home.

Wall-mounted foldable dining table is a space-saving solution for your affordable home interiors
Wall-mounted space-saving dining table for two
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And with that, we come to an end of our lovely space-saving solution ideas for your home. Design your home with the top designers at DesignCafe for a guaranteed 20% of extra space. Simply put, we bring you #MoreRoomForCelebration for this festive season, with our state-of-the-art interiors.

Want to get started on the home of your dreams? Get a free quote today for your personalised home interior project.

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