Top 7 Wall-Mounted TV Cabinet Design For A Stylish Home

by Sreya Dasgupta | February 9, 2024 | 6 mins read

Wall mounted tv cabinet design ideas for your home

A wall-mounted TV cabinet is space-saving, aesthetically pleasing and a practical piece of furniture for urban homes.

Wall-mounted TV cabinets are not just space-saving but look beautiful as well. They give homes a modern touch and help keep all media essentials organised. Most of these entertainment units come with open shelves, drawers and low lying cabinets that provide extra storage space to keep away all your unsightly clutter. You can also use the open shelves to arrange your books, add some potted indoor plants or decor items of your choice. A wall-mounted TV cabinet is a super functional piece of furniture that helps keep your home organised while saving you precious floor space. So if you are looking for a space-saving and sleek looking wall mounted TV cabinet design this blog is for you. Here we have curated a list of eight super trendy and versatile wall mounted TV cabinets to add a style statement to your home interiors.

Wall-Mounted TV Cabinets With Fluted Wooden Panels

Wood brings in a lot of warmth to any space and as we see in this image here panelling as a backdrop adds to aesthetics. This design is perfect if you like a minimalistic style of home interior design. This wall mounted TV unit has a low lying cabinet to store all your accessories. It also has a small study nook for those who work from home. This setup is perfect for working as well as entertaining yourself between your heavy work schedules.

Minimalist wall mounted tv cabinet with wooden paneling background
A minimalistic style wall-mounted TV unit with cabinets and a cosy workstation
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A Smart TV Cabinet With Hidden Storage Space

This wall mounted TV cabinet comes with multiple storage options and has additional hidden storage behind to tuck away ugle wires, small gadgets like remotes and other things you do not want to display. Closed cabinets keep your books, documents and other necessary items organised while the open shelves provide space to display decor or small knick-knacks. The combination of wood and white adds warmth to the space and blends well with the entire interior design of the home. This is an excellent wall mounted TV cabinet design for your living room if you want extra storage in your home without making it look bulky and cluttered.

Brown wall-mounted tv cabinet design with hidden storage space and open shelves
A sleek wall mounted TV cabinet with smart storage solutions

A Trendy TV Unit With Floating Shelves And Low Lying Cabinets

This modern wall mounted TV cabinet is designed with floating shelves that gives it an edgy look. Floating shelves as we see in this image here are slender in appeal and this one here has a fun, quirky design. The all black colour of these shelves makes a bold statement. Set against a white painted wall this TV unit becomes the major focal point of this room. Shelves above the TV cabinet have been used to display potted plants and decor items. The cabinet below is used to store other items so that this space looks neat at all times. You can place your speakers and woofers beside the cabinets for a complete theatrical experience in the comfort of your home.

Black and white wall-mounted tv cabinet design idea with floating shelves
A stylish wall-mounted TV unit in black and white with floating shelves
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An Industrial Style Wall Mounted TV Cabinet

Are you a fan of the industrial style of interior design? Then this wall-mounted TV cabinet will surely catch your eye. The brick cladding wall behind the TV brings in an industrial touch to this space. The wooden finished cabinet below accentuates the industrial style of design while the white floating cabinet cuts the monotony of grey wall behind beautifully. This wall mounted TV cabinet is space-saving and extremely functional making it a popular piece of furniture with urban home owners living in small apartments.

Industrial-style living room wall mounted tv cabinet with floating shelf
A compact wall-mounted TV cabinet in wood and white with brick cladding wall

A Wall-Mounted TV Unit With A Floating Cabinet And An Attached Bookshelf

A dedicated bookshelf attached to the TV unit as we see in this image here makes this an incredibly smart design for small homes. This design is for bibliophiles and neat freaks who love to have their homes organised and clutter-free at all times. If that is you then this design is a must-have in your home. The marble finished backdrop and a white floating cabinet at the bottom gives this room enough storage without looking over the top. Wooden panels on one side break the monotony of white beautifully. Sputnik lights and the tripod floor lamp illuminates the space and lends a warm, comforting vibe.

White laminate tv cabinet design wall-mounted with an attached bookshelf
A modern wall-mounted TV cabinet designed with an attached bookshelf

A Scandinavian Style Inspired LED-lit Wall Mounted TV Cabinet With Geometric Patterned Wallpaper

Scandevinian style is all about clean lines, a minimalistic style with a lot of white and wooden elements. This wall-mounted TV unit brings in all the elements of Scandinavian design and a lovely serene vibe to this living room. The geometric-patterned wallpaper with LED strip lighting brings in character to this living room’s interiors. The low lying cabinets designed with wooden finished laminate provides ample storage while shelves on the other side provide space to display books and other decor items in a clutter-free manner.

A wall-mounted tv cabinet design with LED strip lighting dazzle ups the living room
A wall-mounted cabinet with LED strip lights dazzle up this living room

An Elegant Wall Mounted TV Unit With Push-To-Open Doors

This elegant wall-mounted TV cabinet with push-to-open doors is a perfect combination of function and style. Pastel pink coloured cabinets add a soothing vibe to space while spotlights above illuminate the room beautifully. The design is sleek and saves space too, ideal if you live alone or in a small apartment. The open shelves give you display space for your precious decor items, travel souvenirs and plants if you love a bit of nature indoors. And if you have small kids at home then this design is great because everything stays out of their reach. A comfortable sectional sofa faces this wall mounted TV unit making it the perfect set up to watch your favourite shows with friends and family. The huge window on one side of this living room lets in ample natural light so you can do away with excess artificial lighting. You can use some dark coloured curtains when you want to darken the room or simple pull them back when you need sunlight.

Modular wall mounted tv cabinet in pink laminate with open shelves lends an elegant look.
A simple space-saving wall-mounted TV unit in pink with open shelves and handleless cabinets

We hope that these stylish and elegant walls mounted TV cabinet designs inspire you to get one for your living room. If you are confused on details that will go well with your space do book a consultation with us.

Our team of expert designers will not only help you get the best wall-mounted TV cabinets for your living room but with everything you need for the perfect home interiors. So what are you waiting for? Book a meeting today.

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