Intelligently Designed Space-Saving Beds Suitable For Your Home

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 25, 2024 | 6 mins read

Comfortable space saving beds

Don’t stop yourself from the comfort of falling asleep in a cosy bed. Try these space-saving bed designs that are intelligent and comfortable.

A bed is the only thing you need to crash on after a tiring day of work. It provides a blanket of comfort and takes you away from the humdrum of daily life and into a world of dreams. The comfort and relaxation a cosy bed can bring to your life are immeasurable. Be it a lazy day when you want to spend time with your books, listen to music or binge-watch your favourite movie. Days when you feel too tired to face the world or a happy day when you want to enjoy a cosy pyjama party with your close friends – your bed gives you the perfect comfort your body and soul desires. A comfortable bed brings in a relaxing and peaceful vibe to your bedroom. But with people living in small compact apartments having a big bed in their bedroom can be a little tricky. It takes away a lot of the floor space and makes the bedroom look cramped and cluttered. So here we bring you some space-saving bed designs for tiny homes that are comfortable and do not take up too much bedroom space.

A Murphy Bed That Can Turn Into A Wall Unit When Not In Use

A Murphy bed works beautifully for small spaces. This vertical bed can be folded in the wall when not required and turns into a comfortable bed when you need one. This bed will turn your bedroom into a personal haven of comfort and adds to the functionality of your room. Turn your bedroom into a hobby room or a hangout space where you can enjoy yourself with your friends and family the whole day. At night, pull your bed down, and your room changes into a cosy bedroom in no time. The design is sleek, compact and saves valuable floor space.

Space-saving Murphy bed is comfortable and adds to the functionality of the room.
A smart bed that is space-saving and practical for your small bedroom

A Double Bed With Side Drawers To Store Your Clothes And Other Belongings

Drawers beneath the bed are an excellent way of using dead space in your bedroom. You can use them to organise your bed sheets, shoes, blankets and other daily essentials. These drawers are easily accessible compared to lofts and an intelligent way of keeping your bedroom clutter-free. So if you don’t have space for huge wardrobes or lofts, this bed design with extra storage is an excellent space-saving option for your bedroom.

A space-saving bed with side drawers is an intelligent way of keeping the bedroom clutter-free
Bed with storage space is an excellent space-saving option for your small bedroom

A Hydraulic Bed With Ample Storage Space

This bed with a lift-up mechanism works well to give you optimum comfort. These beds provide you with extra storage space to keep things organised. This type of bed maximises the space in your bedroom while looking splendid and plush. You can store your blankets, extra cushions and anything you don’t want in plain sight. They add an air of luxury to your bedroom while making the best use of available space. They are easy to access and give you a hassle-free living space. The easy lift up and lift down mechanism of hydraulic beds makes it easy even for elderly members of the family to use.

Hydraulic space-saving bed with hidden extra storage space keeps things organised.
A hydraulic bed brings in an edge to your bedroom’s interiors while lending extra storage space
Customise your bed and enjoy up to 25 year warranty

A Trundle Bed Is Best For Families Living In Small Apartments

Trundle beds are hidden beds that can be pulled out from the parent bed. These beds easily fit in a snuggly way and come in handy when your friends and family come over for a sleepover. You can also use it for your kits if you don’t have a separate kid’s room. These beds are elegant and lend a clean look to your bedroom. This is an intelligent and space-saving bed design. You can also use them in your guest bedroom so you are prepared for unexpected visitors. It is also great for homes with kids.

Trundle space-saving bed is a smart way of adding an extra bed that lends a clean look.
A Trundle bed an elegant way of adding an extra bed without compromising on floor space

A Space-Saving Bunk Bed

Bunk beds are excellent if you have more than a kid in the family. These are trendy, cosy and fun. A bed stacked on top of the other saves a lot of floor space in your kid’s room. You can use this space to add a study nook or a hobby corner in the room. Space-saving bunk beds for small spaces are an excellent way of making your kid’s room clutter-free. Add a playful wallpaper to add to the playfulness of the room. You can add drawers beneath the bed, open shelves, and some cabinets for  extra storage space to the room.

A bunk bed with a lot of storage and an attached bookshelf is the best space-saving bunk bed.
A bunk bed is excellent to bring in a fun vibe to your kid’s room

A Bed With Added Storage In Pantone’s 2021 Colours For A Trendy Kid’s Room

This bed in Pantone colours for 2021 is an intelligent way of adding a cosy corner to your small kid’s bedroom. This bed has a drawer beneath the bed that lends extra storage to arrange your kid’s toys and keep their space clutter-free. The study table attached to the bed gives your kid a space to concentrate and finish their homework. Wallpaper in white with stars and moon cuts the monotony of the vibrant colour beautifully. This bedroom design is uber-cool, stylish, and a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality.

Kids’ space-saving bed in Pantone colour with the drawer beneath the bed lends extra storage.
A trendy space-saving bed design in Pantone’s colours for 2021

We home these space-saving beds solves the problem of adding a bed in your bedroom and helps you have a clutter-free home without compromising on your comfort. If you are looking for some space-saving interior design for your home, book an appointment with our designers. DesignCafe’s designs help you get 20% more space not just in your bedroom but in your entire home as well. And for more such interesting interior design ideas, do check our blog and guide section.

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