Top 10 Space Saving Interior Designs That Will Make Your Small Apartment Look Spacious And Clutter-Free

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 25, 2024 | 8 mins read

Space saving interior design ideas for small apartment families

Some intelligent space-saving interior designs to make your small apartment look spacious and clutter-free. Design Cafe’s designs give you 20% extra space in your apartment and that is a guarantee.

Every one of us dreams of a lavish and spacious home with modern amenities available at the tip of our fingers. But now, with advanced design technology, you can bring in a spacious and clutter-free vibe even if you have a small apartment. We at Design Cafe try to design homes as per your needs, preference and budget. Our designs guarantee customers 20% extra space and are crafted keeping in mind the needs of busy urban Indians. Our space-saving interior designs are functional, practical, affordable and aesthetic and perfect for small families living in petit urban apartments. These will surely inspire you to revamp your home right away.

A Murphy Bed With Ample Storage Space

Beds end up taking a lot of space in a home but it is the most comforting area in the entire house. Cooping up in your bed, wrapping yourself in a lovely blanket and falling off to sleep after a toiling day of work is the most comforting feeling. So if you are restricting yourself from experiencing this type of comfort because of space restrictions a murphy wall bed is the perfect answer for you. They are compact, space-saving and a brilliant way of adding a cosy bed to your master bedroom. You can put it away during the day to use the floor space for your daily activities and bring it down at night. Voila! Your dream bedroom is all set for you. This also helps to keep your home clean and clutter-free.

Murphy bed with ample storage space for small indian homes
A smart and space-saving bed for a mess-free living experience
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A Sliding Bookshelf Apt For Small Apartments

Are books your best friend? Do they relax you, calm you down and take you to an imaginary world and help you unwind after a tiring day of work but take away a lot of space in your living room? It’s time to give your books a new nest. This smart double sliding bookshelf will help you organise your books neatly without taking much of your floor space. This sleek piece of furniture is a must-have for book lovers like you. The freelancing book shelf with open shelves and drawers give you ample space to place your books and other decor items. You can use the second sliding bookshelf to keep away the books you have already finished reading or want to go back to later.

Sliding bookshelf for small apartments to save-space
A space-saving sliding bookshelf to organise your books

A TV Unit With A Hidden Dresser To Add To The Functionality Of The Space

A dresser unit adds a luxurious touch to your space and helps you organise your makeup and other delicate personal care items neatly. So if you love dolling up while watching your favourite show, you will fall in love with this space-saving piece of modular furniture. A dresser with a hidden mirror and a lot of storage attached to the TV unit increases the functionality of the space. This multifunctional TV unit also has push to open drawers and a shelf. The dresser has multiple storage options  inside, a pull-out tray and an ottoman with a drawers for extra storage.

TV unit with a hidden dresser to save space in small bedroom
Make your small bedroom a multifunctional space with this smart TV unit with a hidden dresser
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A Kitchen With A Foldable Breakfast Counter And Hidden Storage

Indian families love to have their meals together. We make sure we gather around the dining table and enjoy our meals with friends and family. Be it our regular meals or festive feasts. But with compact urban apartments, having a separate dining area is not a luxury everyone can afford. So why not make your kitchen multifunctional? This foldable breakfast counter is perfect for small families to enjoy their meals together or entertain guests while cooking. It also comes with hidden storage where you can stack your kitchen essentials. Just put the table back once you’re done with your meals and your kitchen is clean and mess-free.

Space saving option for small families with a foldable breakfast counter in kitchen
A foldable breakfast counter is a perfect space-saving option for small families

A Classy And Space-Saving Bar Unit Beneath The Staircase

With the recent pandemic, partying outside, pub hopping on weekends had become a distant dream. So why not turn a corner of your home into a cozy bar where you can chill with your friends or unwind in your pyjamas over a glass of wine? This bar unit utilizes the dead space under the staircase yet blends with the home’s design beautifully. The open bottle rack with sliding shutters, wine glass rack and drawers to store your bottle makes it an all in one unit. Just add two bar stools and your personalized bar is ready for a happening house party.

Space saving bar unit under staircase for small families and apartments
An uber-cool bar unit for best utilisation of dead space beneath the staircase

A Cabinet In The Foyer Area With Drawers And Built-in Seating

The foyer area if utilised intelligently can provide a lot of storage space in your home. A cabinet with deep pull out drawers helps you keep your shoes in an organised manner. You can also use some of the drawers to store your cushion covers, extra curtains and bedsheets. This cabinet comes with a pull out ottoman seating for you to sit and wear your shoes. You can space some nice decor elements on the top to add to the aesthetics of your home.

Space-saving cabinet with inbuilt seating for your foyer area
A space-saving cabinet with inbuilt seating for your foyer area
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Wardrobe With A Flip-Up TV Unit And Hidden Storage

This wardrobe design is perfect for small families living in small apartments. Now you can accommodate your entertainment unit inside your wardrobe and don’t need a separate wall for your TV. The TV panel can be accommodated inside your wardrobe. Besides, this TV panel comes with a flip-up mechanism and has hidden storage behind it. You can use the space to store your bags, clothes and other essentials.

Wardrobe with a flip up tv unit and hidden storage for small families
A compact and space-saving wardrobe with a built-in TV panel

A Small Bathroom With A Vanity Unit And A Dedicated Space For Washing Machine

Nesting your washing machine in a small apartment can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a separate utility area. Most of us end up placing it on the balcony even though it can destroy the look of our outdoor space. These sleek space-saving bathroom interiors come with a dedicated space for your washing machine. It looks compact, clutter-free and stylish. And the balcony is accessible for you to decorate just the way you want it.

Space-saving bathroom design with a vanity unit and a dedicated space for washing machine
A space-saving bathroom design that accommodates your washing machine as well

A Pull Out Study Table Attached To Your Wardrobe

With work from home being the new normal, a dedicated home office setup has become the need of the hour. But if your home doesn’t have enough space to accommodate a separate workstation, this cosy little pull-out study table attached to the wardrobe will help you create a work environment for yourself where you can concentrate fully. It is space-saving, unique and stylish. Just get a comfortable chair for yourself and you are good to go. So stop yourself from working from your bed and get ready to take your work calls from your uber-cool home office.

Space saving wardrobe design with a pull out study table for small families
A comfortable work station within the space-saving wardrobe
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A Modular Kitchen With Smart Storage Facilities For A Mess-free Cooking Experience

With our modular kitchen setup you are assured of having a mess-free cooking and cleaning experience, even if you have a tiny kitchen. Our designs are tailor-made to fit compact apartments. With our unique kitchen accessories like pantry pull-outs, oil pull-outs, magic corners, skirting drawers, tandem drawers, overhead and base cabinets, various types of carousels and appliance garage  you can utilise every corner of your kitchen for storage and display.

Space saving kitchen design with smart storage facilities
A space-saving smart kitchen with all modern amenities for a hassle-free cooking experience

We hope our exclusive space saving interior design ideas have inspired you to give your home a smart and stylish makeover. You can book an appointment with our expert designers, and they will help you design your home according to taste, budget and lifestyle. You can also walk into any of our experience centres to have a closer look at all these space-saving interior designs. And for more such interior design ideas, do check our blog and guide section.

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