5 Ways To Rejuvenate Your Home With A Pastel Colour Scheme

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 25, 2024 | 5 mins read

A pastel colour bedroom with a tinted glass wardrobe

Ace interior design trends with some pastel colour schemes for your home.

Gone are the times when pastel colours were only for the kids’ bedroom. Pastel colours are now gaining popularity across home interiors for their understated charm. Not just pastel colour bedrooms, but pastel colour schemes are a popular choice for living rooms, bathrooms and the balcony too! Pastel shades lend a chic look to your space and make your home look lively and fun.

So, here are some trendy ways to incorporate pastel hues into your home — from simple colour combinations for your wall to pastel-coloured furniture and beautiful accessories to accentuate your home’s aesthetics, this list has everything to embrace the pastel colour scheme in your home interiors. You will also find tips from Nivedita, our expert designer, who shares things to keep in mind when you’re working with pastel colour scheme interior designs.

Breathe Life Into Your Space With Subtle Pastel Colour Bedroom Options 

Pastel colour bedroom ideas might sound a little intimidating, but when done thoughtfully, it can make your bedroom interior look stylish yet serene. This bedroom is a perfect mix of pastel shades with subtle warm textures and finishes. The wooden panelling on the accent wall behind the bed and the wooden flooring beautifully complements the wall’s pastel blue hues. We have also used some pastel colour cushions to add a pop of colour to the bedroom. You can complete the look with white and yellow curtains. The yellow pairs well with the bedroom’s pastel colour scheme, while the white brings balance.

Designer Tip: The best way to accessorise a pastel colour bedroom is to add a serene wall painting.

Breathe life into your space with subtle pastel colour bedroom options
A beautiful bedroom with a pastel colour scheme

Give Your Living Room A Fun Vibe With Purple-Hued Experiments

Purple makes your space look chic and vibrant. This living room is designed for people who appreciate luxury and love being on-trend. The shades of pink and purple are used intelligently to make an eye-catching statement. Most of the walls are painted in muted colours so that the design doesn’t look heavy on the eye. The purple sofa and colourful accent chairs blend with the pastel colour scheme, and the dazzling cushions and golden accents add glamour to the space. The white wood side table brings a Scandinavian vibe to the interiors while offering space to organise books and other items. Illuminate the room with a sputnik light and a floor lamp.

Designer Tip: When going with bold colours for the accent wall, make sure to keep the other walls muted so that the design looks soothing.

Give your living room a fun vibe with purple-hued experiments for pastel colour bedroom
A pretty living room in pink and purple hues

Bring The Coast Home With An Aqua Colour Scheme For The Bedroom

Give your home a tropical vibe with this pastel colour bedroom design. The curtains and cabinets match the aqua blue accent wall and bind the look together. The stencil wallpaper lends personality to the room, while the wall cabinet with open shelves and drawers adds a lot of storage and display space. We have also added a smart study nook to take your work calls and be more productive at home. You can add a matching floor rug, bed cover and pillow covers to blend with your pastel colour bedroom.

Designer Tip: Avoid cluttering your room with multiple pastel shades and textures.

Bring the coast home with an aqua colour scheme for the pastel colour bedroom
Aqua colour scheme gives your bedroom a cool vibe

Accessorise A Yellow Balcony With Some Natural Greens

Yellow is one of the most cheerful colours in the pastel shade card. It makes your home look bright and luminous. Yellow works extremely well on balcony walls. The bright sunlight makes the yellow walls look even more vibrant. Accessorise your balcony with some potted plants and hanging planters to add freshness to the setup. You can use colourful pots to create a contrast against the yellow wall. We have added a sofa and a low-lying coffee table to make a space where you can chill with friends and family.

Designer Tip: Yellow and green pair well with each other, so accessorise yellow-coloured home interiors with plants.

Accessorise a yellow balcony with some natural greens pastel colour bedroom
A vibrant pastel yellow balcony with plants

Turn Your Kitchen Into A Fun Zone With Turquoise And Yellow

This kitchen, designed with a yellow and turquoise pastel colour scheme, is a perfect choice for young urban dwellers. The kitchen features an array of base and overhead cabinets to store crockery and other kitchen essentials. The cabinet with glass shutters can be used to arrange spice bottles for a clutter-free cooking experience. The quartz counter is easy to clean and creates a pleasant contrast to the bold pastel colours. The LED strip lights illuminate the cooking space with a bright glow.

Designer Tip: When opting for a bold colour scheme, illuminate the space with some warm ambient lights. This helps set the correct vibe for the room.

Turn your kitchen into a fun zone with turquoise and yellow pastel colour bedroom
A smart kitchen in cool turquoise and yellow

Hope you had a fun time reading this blog as much as we enjoyed curating it for you. If you love the idea of a pastel colour scheme and want to turn your new home into a pastel paradise, we are here to help you. Our expert designers will guide you with the latest trends and designs that are budget-friendly and extremely functional. Book your free consultation today, and let’s get the design journey started!

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