6 Tile Countertops That Give Your Kitchen A Vintage Look

by Henna Achhpal | February 7, 2024 | 4 mins read

Beautiful tile kitchen countertops for your home

Personalise your cooking area with tile kitchen countertops

The kitchen is usually considered a functional area with little need for personalisation. However, if you’re a cooking enthusiast, the kitchen is certainly your happy place where you spend most of your time. You may want to make your kitchen stand out and the regular plans simply don’t inspire the chef in you. Tile countertops are your best bet when you want your kitchen to reflect your personality.

When you decide on tile kitchen countertops, you’ll have endless choices to pick from. Unlike regular single-slab countertops, tile countertops offer a variety of materials, shapes, sizes, patterns and colours. What’s more, you can go the extra mile to mix and match patterns to further add character to your cooking area.

While tile countertops have been around since the 1800s, it’s only in the 1970s that tile kitchen countertops became popular. Of course, with time the modern countertop materials replaced tile countertops. However, the discerning decorator still yearns for tile kitchen countertops. They’re also the perfect way to give your kitchen a retro and vintage look. Here are six trending tiled kitchen countertops pictures for inspiration.

Black Tile Countertops

Black tile countertops give the kitchen a sleek look and they are the easiest to maintain. Simply wipe down with warm water and mild cleaning liquid after each use. Install ceramic tile countertops in small squares and contrast the black countertop with printed wall tiles for the backsplash. A black cooking area offers the opportunity to play with bold colours in the rest of the kitchen. Go for kitchen cabinets in a solid colour.

The kitchen black tile countertop looks sleek and easy to maintain.
Black tile countertops look great when matched with a printed backsplash

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White Tile Countertops

Keep the kitchen minimal and classic with white tile countertops in large squares with matching tiles for the backsplash. Tile kitchen countertops in white are a good choice as tiles lend texture to the otherwise basic colour scheme. White tile kitchen countertops will need some extra care and maintenance, the grout lines in particular. Ensure they’re sealed regularly to avoid residue and maintain hygiene.

The kitchen white tile countertop looks minimal and classic with matching tiles for the backsplash.
Lend texture to your cooking area with white tile countertops and a subway tile backsplash
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Broken Tile Mosaic Countertop

If you think the regular large-slab countertops are too boring, you may want to consider a broken tile mosaic countertop. It turns your cooking area into a party of colours, patterns and textures. When you’re installing a broken tile mosaic countertop, it’s best to still to a backsplash in solid colour tiles. Match the kitchen cabinets to the backsplash and keep the flooring white and basic.

A broken mosaic tile kitchen countertop turns the cooking area into a party of colours, patterns and textures.
A broken tile mosaic countertop turns your kitchen into a party of colours and patterns
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White Granite Tile Countertop

Granite is a trusted material particularly for kitchen countertops thanks to its durability. Install a white granite tile countertop if you want to give your kitchen a different look. Matching the backsplash and flooring with solid colour tiles allows granite tile kitchen countertops to stand out more.

The kitchen white granite tile countertop stands and durable material for the kitchen countertop.
Granite is a popular and durable material for kitchen countertops

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Ceramic Tile Kitchen Countertops

Cleaning tile countertops in ceramic is super easy. Ceramic tile countertops don’t demand high maintenance and just require a regular wipe with warm water and mild cleaning liquid. Go for a monochrome look with rectangle ceramic tile countertops. Contrast this with black subway tiling on the backsplash. Keep the kitchen cabinets and flooring white.

The kitchen has a rectangle ceramic tile countertop with a monochrome look.
Ceramic tile countertops look great with a black subway tile backsplash

Printed Tile Kitchen Countertops

Printed tiles are an excellent choice when you want to customise your cooking area to reflect your personality. You will find tiles available in various prints, patterns and colours, and you can even get tiles in a custom print if you like. To ensure printed tile countertops remain the hero of your kitchen, match the backsplash wall tiles and kitchen cabinets in a solid colour.

A printed tile kitchen countertop is an excellent choice for customisation and looks perfect with a patterned backsplash.
Printed tile kitchen countertops are an easy way to personalise your cooking area

These tiled kitchen countertops pictures help you visualise what your kitchen will look like with tile countertops. Tile countertops are making a comeback because they are easy to install and budget-friendly compared to other materials for kitchen countertops. Besides, you can simply replace the tile in case of damage instead of remodelling the entire countertop.

Found a design you particularly like? Tell us about it in the comments below. We are looking forward to receiving your responses, so keep them coming!

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