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Ultimate DIY Guide On How To Clean All Types Of Countertops

How to clean all types of countertops

Your countertops will look as new as on installation day

Cleaning countertops is perhaps the task all of us perform the most frequently around the house without realising it. Therefore, how to clean countertops is an essential life skill to master. Whether you’re looking for tips on how to clean and polish marble countertops, how to clean Caesarstone quartz countertops or how to clean Cambria quartz countertops, this definitive guide tells you all you need to know about cleaning all types of countertops.

Kitchen and bathroom countertops are in constant use throughout the day, every day. The surface of these countertops is also subject to various materials, making it more susceptible to damage. When you factor in your countertop material, figuring out how to clean countertops can be complicated. Read on to find DIY hacks to keep your countertops sparkling clean no matter what material.

Preventive Measures To Keep In Mind

Before we dive into expert tips on how to clean kitchen countertops and how to clean bathroom countertops, here are a few preventive measures to keep in mind. The surest way to ensure your countertops remain durable, no matter which material they’re made of, is always to follow proper precautions.

  • Use pots and pans with a thick base
  • Use heat pads to avoid exposing your kitchen countertop’s surface to extreme temperatures
  • Use cutting boards to avoid scratches
  • Immediately wipe away spills, stains and solids with a dry or partly damp cloth
How to clean and polish marble countertops with preventive measures to keep in mind
To ensure durability, keep preventive measures in mind and treat your kitchen countertops with care

Your Daily Countertop-Cleaning Routine

How to clean kitchen countertops:

  • A microfibre cloth and a mild dish soap are all you need for the daily cleaning and maintenance of your kitchen countertop
  • After you’re done cooking the meal and have put away the ingredients and cookware, simply wipe the countertop surface. Use a dish soap-warm water solution to clean with the cloth
  • Rinse the cloth in fresh water and wipe once again
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How to clean bathroom countertops:

  • For your bathroom countertops, all you need is a microfibre cloth
  • Make sure you don’t leave the bathroom sink and countertop damp for too long
  • Wipe away any liquid immediately to make sure it doesn’t make the countertop’s stone porous over time

How To Clean Countertops With Baking Soda

Hacks on how to clean countertops naturally are incomplete without mentioning baking soda.

  • Baking soda paste is a popular home remedy for tough stains that refuse to leave your precious countertop. It’s a particular favourite to fight oil-based, coffee and tea stains
  • You don’t even need to know much about your countertop’s surface to learn how to clean countertops with baking soda
  • To get rid of a stubborn stain, mix baking soda with warm water to make a paste. Apply it to the stained area with a microfibre cloth or soft-bristled brush and let it sit for a few minutes
  • Make sure you don’t scrub as baking soda is abrasive and it can scratch the surface of your countertop. You simply have to let the baking soda absorb the stain and then wipe it off with a soft and damp cloth
  • If it’s a very stubborn stain, you can leave the baking soda paste for a few hours or overnight
How to clean sticky laminate countertops with baking soda popular which is a home remedy for tough stains
Baking soda does wonders to get rid of tough stains from kitchen countertops

How To Clean And Polish Marble Countertops

These tips on how to clean marble kitchen countertops also apply if you’re looking for answers about how to clean granite countertops.

  • Warm water mixed with mild dish soap is enough to keep a marble or granite countertop looking polished clean
  • Always wipe with a microfibre towel. Make sure you use cleaners that are non-acidic and non-abrasive. These products tend to damage the countertop’s sealing, wearing it out sooner
  • Marble and granite countertops are popular choices for both kitchen and bathroom countertops thanks to their durability
  • Once installed, marble and granite countertops usually don’t require much maintenance. Both marble and granite countertops are mostly resistant to stains and scratches and stay with you for a long time
  • Although marble and granite countertops are tough, they do require regular resealing
  • To know how to clean and seal marble countertops, you first need to determine whether it’s time to reseal your marble or granite countertop
  • A typical test is to spill some water and note if the stone absorbs the water. If it does so under five minutes, then the marble and granite need resealing
  • Sealers are available in the market. All you need to do is clean your countertop and apply the sealer. Allow the stone to absorb it and then wipe the surface dry
How to clean and seal marble countertops with warm water mixed with mild dish soap
Marble is one of the most popular materials for kitchen countertops

How To Clean Caesarstone Quartz Countertops

These expert tips on how to clean Caesarstone quartz countertops also apply to solutions on how to clean Cambria quartz countertops.

  • How to clean quartz countertops shouldn’t be a big worry for most homeowners because this material is mostly stain-resistant. There is no stain or mark that a simple soap and water solution can’t resolve with a microfibre cloth or non-abrasive sponge
  • Quartz is another popular material choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Its non-porous quality means it’s naturally resistant to liquids and oils, making it the perfect choice for these areas in a home
  • Like marble, this countertop material is very durable. It also brings in the advantages of not needing any resealing. It’s available in many varieties, and it’s one of the most affordable and versatile countertop materials
  • If you’re unsure whether your cleaning product is mild or non-abrasive, you don’t have to worry with quartz countertops. How to deep clean quartz countertops is a fuss-free process because most of the harsher cleaning products don’t affect it
  • For how to clean quartz countertop stains, you can simply go ahead and use any surface cleaner. It’s a great help for dealing with stubborn stains and doesn’t damage the surface of your countertop
  • If daily wiping leaves behind streaks on your quartz countertop, use a glass cleaner to wipe the surface now and then
How to clean caesarstone quartz countertops which is mostly stain-resistant
Quartz countertops are known for their durability

Keep this guide handy to know how to clean countertops no matter how tough the stain or spill and keep your countertops gleaming clean like a pro.

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