Tidy Tales: Wooden Cupboard Designs That Glam Up Your Bedroom

by Pulkit Singh | January 29, 2024 | 4 mins read

Wooden cupboard designs for your bedroom

Look at our stylist-approved wooden cupboard designs for the bedroom to add glamour to your home.

A staple of every bedroom, the wooden cupboard has come a long way. From being shunted to the dark, musty corners, this classic is basking in the spotlight now. Classic yes, boring no — the wooden wardrobe owns its space with a regal, debonair air. Of course, it is functional, but a sophisticated wooden cupboard can also add a layer of style to that functionality. There is no other element in your home that can conceal and display with such an equanimous flair. Our wooden cupboard designs for bedrooms prove that style and function can be married with aplomb.

While our grannies chose the standard teak and Sheesham hardwoods as cupboard material, we have more alternatives to choose from. Engineered wood, MDF, and HDF boards are all suitable and popular choices in modern homes. One thing is for certain, most homemakers still prefer wooden cupboards to metal, acrylic, or other materials. Let’s look at why the wooden cupboards have been around forever and why you must jump on their stylish bandwagon. 

Modern Wooden Cupboard Designs Bring Balance In The Bedroom

The sleek and geometric appeal of wooden cupboards balances the plush softness of typical bedrooms. The hard edges and the clean lines of this bedroom staple offer a counterpoint to the comfy mattresses and soft furnishings. Consider the space available before deciding on a wooden cupboard design. DesignCafe offers great modular cabinets that you can tweak to your preferences to accommodate more shelves and organise your belongings neatly, even in smaller bedrooms.

Modern bedroom in sleek and geometric appeal
A wooden cupboard balances the room’s softer features

Bedroom Wooden Cupboard Designs For Indian Homes

Dust is an integral part of Indian homes. It doesn’t matter how big or small the city is; dust seeps into our homes and settles as a layer. Closed-door wooden cupboards are the best bet against such a pervasive onslaught of dust. If your room is smaller, sliding door cupboards can amp up space. Make use of the vertical space by enclosing it in floor-to-ceiling cupboards. With more room to experiment, you can add freestanding cupboards that are more embellished. These give you the freedom to explore different layouts and arrangements. You could even go for wooden walk-in cupboards if space is not an issue.

Bedroom wooden cupboard design for Indian homes with sliding doors can amp up space
A built-in cupboard helps achieve organisation goals
Bedroom interior design with a bed that fits just right

Bedroom Wooden Cupboard Designs With Handles

It is a simple enough element but essential to any quality wooden cupboard design. We are talking about the door handle. Large, small, angular, straight, simple, ornate — the world of cupboard door handles is an exciting maze to stumble through till you find the one that fits perfectly with your bedroom aesthetics. You can even add some buzz with a colourful door handle.

Wooden cupboard design for bedroom with gold colour handles fits perfectly
Minimalist long door handles on wooden cupboards

Wooden Cupboards For Bedrooms That Pop

You read that right. A modern homemaker is experimental and brave. So, why not translate that to the bedroom vibe? A simple bedroom can become boho chic or give a mid-century vibe just by changing the colour palette of your wardrobe. Muted mustards, blushing pinks, soothing blues, or vibrant greens are some of the popular choices for wooden cupboard finishes. Before committing to a colour, think it over in depth. You could try painting a small furniture piece or just even a slice of plywood to understand how well it will appeal to your aesthetics.

Green and grey combo cupboard design for room gives a mid-century vibe
A chic wooden cupboard that is playfully colourful

Wooden Cupboards Don’t Have To Look Like Wooden Cupboards

The typical earthy shade of brown is synonymous with wood. But if it isn’t your thing, there are many interesting ways to liven up your wooden cupboard. Using wallpapers is one way. You can also explore different finishes and laminates. Like the feel of cane furniture but don’t want the headache of cleaning it? Fit wicker or cane panels on your wooden cupboards. You could also use any of these ways to liven up your existing cabinetry.

Wooden cupboard for bedroom with dual finishes and laminates
Wait, what! That is a wooden cupboard? Unbelievable.
Looking to upgrade your bedrooms interiors

Wooden cupboards are integral to any bedroom aesthetic. Many homes shy away from this option as it comes with its own pitfalls. Wood is susceptible to termites and moisture, but engineered wood is resistant to both. It doesn’t swell up in the monsoon months or falls prey to bugs. Wooden cupboards in bedrooms are classic because they are robust, durable, and can last generations. They are your quiet roommates, as integral to storing your belongings as to the design element of your home. They are the last stroke of style you add to your space.

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