7 Pristine White Bedroom Cupboard Designs

by Noopur Lidbide | January 15, 2024 | 5 mins read

White bedroom cupboard designs for your home

Seven minimal white bedroom cupboard designs for maximum sophistication.

Cupboards are a part of a home that occupies a bit of room but also saves a whole lot of space. Plus, they no longer serve just to store your belongings; as they form a significant part of your space, they should work as a part of the bedroom design and not feel overwhelming at the same time.

White bedroom cupboards are the most elegant of them all as they fit in well with different styles of design. The colour white, symbolising peace and virility, also allows light to play around the room. These white bedroom cupboard designs might be very easy to choose from but are, at the same time, quite challenging to manage in the longer term. After all, good things always come with responsibilities, but white cupboards are totally worth it!

Here are seven pristine white bedroom cupboard designs for inspiration.

1. Wall-Length Cupboards With Wooden Laminates

With light natural and pastel hues in the room, a dark solid wood laminate on the cupboard will give the room a different dimension. As the cupboard extends till the ceiling, the room acquires a fuller look. The white laminate of the cupboard has a plain matte finish, which just tends to blend with the walls. The doors open outwards, following the long-lasting tradition of storage cupboards.

Wooden white bedroom cupboard
Simple is always a good way to go with white cupboards
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2. Simple White Bedroom Cupboards That Spell Royalty

This bedroom cupboard is a variation of the white and wooden combination that you saw with the first design. Here, there are vertical wooden laminates on either end of the cupboards. The white cupboard with a slightly reflective surface doesn’t demand any other extravagant decor to complete the picture. The facility of sliding doors is just another perk that comes with this particular bedroom cupboard design.

Simple white bedroom cupboard design in glossy finish gives a royal touch
A glossy finish on these white cupboards adds a royal touch

3. Two Coloured End-To-End Cupboards

With the elegant bed placed across the range of this white cupboard design, there is more space for the cupboards, and they almost act as a wall for the bedroom. The laminates used are similar to the glossy finish you saw in the previous design. You may choose a different wooden veneer that goes equally well with the rest of the design.

Wall of white bedroom wardrobe designs for your home
A wall of white wardrobes can be functional and beautiful

4. Blending In Seamlessly

To connect either end of a colour scale that you used in your room, white is the neutral shade you are looking for. This white wardrobe design is a seamless part of the room. The space looks brighter with the addition of the white wardrobe. The cupboard, along with the white shelves attached to the design, serves as a partition for the bed, adding a layer of privacy to the bedroom.

White bedroom cupboard with sliding doors and side shelves
White cupboards with sliding doors are great space savers

5. White Bedroom Cupboards That Are A Visual Treat

The stand-alone cupboard and the pretty whites — this design completely differs from the ones before, owing to the structure and its beautiful look. Even the other white elements in this room are quite bright and complementary to the dainty floral furnishing. The cupboard is made purely out of wood — you can also choose another material giving a solid wooden look.

White bedroom cupboard in classic design
An ornate white bedroom cupboard is as beautiful as it gets!
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6. The Classic Cabinet

The white bedroom, designed using classics such as the bench, a curvy chandelier and hat-like lampshades, demands a cupboard that is equally classic. The white cupboard and its doors are outlined with gold. The modern aspect that is introduced is the sliding doors. The detailing in the design of this white bedroom cupboard also extends to the wall at the back with mouldings.

White bedroom cupboards with a classic cabinet
This white cupboard is a class apart!

7. Modern And Minimal White Bedroom Cupboards

With this simple white bedroom cupboard design, you would have more free space as it occupies just a fraction of the floor and wall space of the bedroom. The ease of sliding doors and grey accents are even better reasons to go with this design. The minimal use of colours for this bedroom ends up highlighting the whites even more.

Floor-to-ceiling bedroom cupboard in minimal grey and white design
A basic white bedroom cupboard is the easiest to get things right

There is no doubt that white accommodates every other colour within it. Along with wood, you could think of coloured glass doors and mirrors for the surface as design options for white bedroom cupboards. Metallic accents too will give a nice shiny appearance, standing out from all the white objects in your room. White cupboards might need a tad more frequent cleaning for obvious reasons, but popular finishes that go into white cupboard design are super easy to clean and maintain and are also equally durable. Thinking of going for a white cupboard for your bedroom? Get in touch with us for complete bedroom design solutions for your home!

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