What Colour Curtains Goes With White Walls?

by Mohita Adhvaryu | August 25, 2023 | 6 mins read

Curtains for white walls for your home

Break the monotony of white walls with these chic curtains.

The charm of a house that is painted all white never dies down. White is a soothing backdrop for a home of any size and it always pacifies the homeowners and guests alike right from the first sight. Quintessentially, white walls can work as a great canvas. However, oftentimes, its simplicity can get too boring. That’s why you need to complement it with umpteen pops of colours be it light or dark and strike a balance. Trust us, finding curtains for white halls is not rocket science. We have got you covered for it with all our recommendations.

What Colour Curtains Go Well With White Walls?

If you want to strike a brilliant balance and bring up a beautiful contrast in your home, you can use vivid or warm-toned curtains. They go really well with the white coloured walls. Coloured curtains evoke a cinematic mood in your home as they majestically disperse light. You can choose from a range of vibrant curtains for your white living room and create a setting of your dreams. Also, to throw in some variety, you can choose varied coloured curtains for summer, winter and monsoon and never have a dull season that way!

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Here are a few of our favourite curtain colours that we think will go really well with white walls. Do check them out.

White And Yellow Curtains With White Walls

The combination of yellow curtains over white walls is simply surreal. The summery vibe of yellow curtains is uplifting and it transforms a seamless white room into your personal cocoon in no time.

White And Black Curtains Go Well With White Walls

Effortlessly easy on eyes and great for providing comfort, black curtains give you the best of both the worlds. You must pick them if you crave a sophisticated look and feel. Also, the fact that they nicely block light is quite a reason enough to bring them home.

White And Blue

Want to create an absolutely soothing living room? Give all your money for blue curtains for white walls then! Blue curtains not only calm you down but they also add a sense of zen to the all-encompassing whites in your home.

White And Green Curtains Are Classy

Green is a verdant colour and it would seep in fresh energy in your home. You could choose varied shades of green curtains for your home. They could be light or dark shades and you can easily pair them up to create a rejuvenating space surrounded by white walls.

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White And White

White curtains and white walls, unlike popular opinion can go absolutely well with each other. Choose sheer or solid curtains for those majestic windows and see for yourself how elegant it makes your home look.

White And Pink

Pastel curtains and white walls are like a match made in heaven. Pep your all-white room up with the help of pink curtains and see how it unfolds into an artsy paradise that you can call your own. To add more detail to it, bring in textures with various textiles.

White And Multi-Coloured

Always liked a pop of colour around you? Go for multi-coloured curtains then! They are definitely great for the children’s room but you could also make do with vivid floral curtains for your living room. The plain white walls will liven up with vibrant coloured curtains, any day.

White walls provide a neutral, subtle canvas to your home, any this means that any coloured curtains will go well with them. Feel free to go bold, pastel and create an iconic home with our curated ideas for curtains for white walls then! Also, it does not matter if the material of your curtain is sheer, solid or translucent – all of these types will make a beautiful backdrop on white walls.

And that’s wrap! Pick your best combination of curtains and white walls for your home so you can make your home a beautiful space to live in.

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FAQs On Curtains To Go With White Walls

1. Can I choose curtains in a color that matches the furniture or accents in the room instead of white?
Absolutely, you can opt for curtains that match the furniture or accents in the room instead of choosing white. Coordinating curtain colours will create a cohesive and harmonious look.

2. Are there any guidelines for choosing curtain colors that create contrast with white walls?
When choosing curtain colours to contrast with white walls, consider deeper shades like navy, charcoal, or burgundy. These colours can add visual interest and create a striking effect.

3. What curtain colors can help create a serene and calming atmosphere in a white-walled room?
To create a serene and calming atmosphere in a white-walled room, choose soft curtain colours such as light blue, pastel green, or lavender. These shades can evoke a zen-like vibe and promote relaxation.

4. How do I decide between light-colored curtains and darker shades for white-walled rooms?
Deciding between light or darker curtain shades for white-walled rooms depends on the desired effect. Light-coloured curtains maintain an open and airy feel, while darker shades can add depth and contrast.

5. Can I use sheer curtains with white walls to maintain a light and airy feel?
Yes, sheer curtains can beautifully complement white walls to maintain a light and airy ambiance. They allow ample natural light while adding a touch of elegance to the space.

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