Wake Up to Dreamy Morning With These Latest Bedroom Window Design Ideas

by Mohita Adhvaryu | January 11, 2024 | 5 mins read

Bedroom curtains - curtain designs for bedroom

Bedroom curtain designs are the heart of your chamber. Pick from some stunning choices here.

Be it for the sake of convenience or aesthetics, your bedroom is incomplete without window curtains. Yet, more often than not, we tend to ignore them while paying attention to every other home interior detail. And that’s precisely where we make a huge mistake.

From letting you sleep peacefully to giving you much-needed privacy, curtains can make or break your bedroom interiors. Apart from protecting you from harsh sunlight and even noise, curtains also make your bedroom look stunning.

And since most of us may not have the luxury for a major revamp of our bedroom interiors, these latest bedroom curtain ideas will help you design a cozy den without overshooting your budget. Do check them out.

White Bedroom Curtains

White curtains offer perfect aesthetics to enhance your bedroom interiors. The best thing about white curtains is that they complement almost every type of furniture and colour palette. For a dreamy and cozy bedroom, get solid or sheer white curtains.

White bedroom curtains offer perfect aesthetics to enhance bedroom interiors
White curtains, whether solid or sheer, go great with your bedroom

Green Bedroom Curtains

For a fresh and nature-inspired feel in your bedroom, we cannot recommend green curtains more. You may choose dark green curtains or lighter ones depending on your taste and size of bedroom. Its a great shade to block sunlight and creates a soothing vibe to your personal space

Nature-inspired green bedroom curtain design
Rise and shine with these rejuvenating green bedroom curtains
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Grey Bedroom Curtains

If You Thought Grey Curtains Are A Gloomy Choice, Think Again! The Fact Is That They Fit In Just Perfectly In Your Modern Bedroom Interiors. Because Of Their Neutral Colour, They Can Interplay With Most Other Knick-Knacks And Remain Functional As Well.

Grey bedroom curtains perfectly fit in modern bedroom interiors
Grey curtains are ideal for a modern and chic bedroom

Blue Curtains For Your Bedroom

For that dollop of calmness you so need in your bedroom space, blue curtains are an ideal pick. They bring in a sense of peace, serenity and subtle harmony. Blue curtains go well with minimalistic interiors and even in modern bedroom interiors.

Blue bedroom curtains go well with minimalistic interiors
Keep it simple and tasteful with blue sheer curtains

Pink Bedroom Curtains

Who said pink is just for women? The colour pink is appealing to everyone who likes to live a peppy life. So, do up those windows with pink curtains and make a joyous statement to everyone who walks into your bedroom. Most importantly, you will be waking up to their beauty.

Pink bedroom curtains create a pretty and joyous statement to every bedroom
Create a pretty, happy bedroom with pink curtains

Floral Curtains For Blooming Bedroom Interiors

Is there anyone who does not want to wake up to butterflies? While that might not be possible but how about curtains with floral prints and butterflies all over them?  Both for young and old adults floral curtains are a beautiful pick for a country-side feel.

Floral curtains for bedroom to freshen up the space
Curtains with floral prints floral curtains freshen up your bedroom space

Vintage Curtains Make An Bedroom

Lace and cotton pair up for an impressive combination and they take you back to old world charm. That’s why vintage curtains must top your list. Lovely textures apart they block harsh light and sound pretty well. What more does a decor buff need?

Vintage bedroom curtains take you back to old-world charm
Vintage curtains are apt for those looking for old world charm
Transform your bedroom into a cosy oasis with stylish home interiors

Printed Curtains Lift Bedroom Aesthetics

Printed curtains have an upper hand when it comes to bedroom interiors. Choose the right print and they level up the aesthetics of your bedroom space. Pick darker shades so they block light yet remain visually appealing.

Printed bedroom curtain styles lift the space's aesthetics
Printed curtains are great to add some texture to your bedroom

Chequered Curtains For Bedroom

Checks are a timeless pattern for your bedroom curtains. They are not only great to look at but make a bold impression too. Choose pastel shades while selecting these curtains and your room will look incredible.

Modern bedroom curtains in chequered patterns will look incredible
Chequered curtains look extremely elegant in a contemporary bedroom

Black Curtains For A Beautiful Bedroom

The beauty of black curtains is often understated. If you like something different for your bedroom then they are simply an unavoidable choice. They perfectly suit monochromatic bedrooms and also minimalist ones. Opt for them if you think black is always beautiful. 

Black bedroom curtains perfectly suit monochromatic bedrooms
Perfect for blocking light, black curtains make for great bedroom aesthetics as well

Velvet Curtains For A Stately Feel

Elegant bedrooms have velvet curtains pulled around all over their windows. Their smooth finish and rich texture add a touch of royalty to your space.  Choose a darker palette for velvet curtains to make them all the more stately.

Velvet curtain designs for bedroom to create a rich and luxurious bedroom space
Go for velvet curtains to create a rich and luxurious bedroom space

With these thoughtfully curated bedroom curtain ideas, you can get done with a major make-over in no time. Pick the ones that you unabashedly loved and get them right away for your bedroom. If it feels overwhelming, let us guide you with our consultation

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Mohita Adhvaryu

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