Make Your Home A Relaxing Retreat With Some Zen Interior Design Ideas

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 11, 2024 | 5 mins read

zen interior design ideas for your home

“Zen is not some kind of excitement but concentration on our usual everyday routine.”

                                                                                                       – Shunryu Suzuki

True to its name, Zen interior design is all about creating a simple, tranquil and serene vibe to your home through minimal interior design elements. With a hectic schedule and the hustle of urban life, getting stressed and overwhelmed with life is a common problem. These interior design ideas will help you get through your difficult days with ease by relaxing your mind and lending a positive aura around your entire home. Though originally a Japanese style, zen interior designs are becoming extremely popular among Indian homes. And given that we are still dealing with an ongoing pandemic, taking a long holiday and unwinding in a resort or a natural retreat is a far-fetched dream. So we bring some zen interior ideas that will transform your own house into a lavish retreat home. Read along to know how you can incorporate the Zen style into your lifestyle through home interior design.

Invite Nature Into Your Home For A Mollifying Vibration

Zen interior design is all about incorporating a lot of natural elements into your home decor. Indoor plants help bring in a lot of positivity and are excellent for your mental health as well. They have a calming quality in them and give your home a refreshing, relaxed vibe. You can use bonsai, snake grass or bamboo for a classic Japanese style of interiors or opt for any low maintenance indoor plants of your choice. So if you do not want to revamp your home entirely and are looking for some zen interior design on a budget some potted indoor plants will help you bring in the zen vibe in your home.

A living room in a zen design style with indoor plants promotes positivity and mental well-being
Embrace the greenery in your home with some zen style potted plants

Play With Soft Lights, Neutral Colours And Floor Level Furniture

Low-lying furniture is one of the most essential elements of any zen inspired interior idea. You can place some low-level coffee table and pair it up with stylish floor mats, floor cushions and futons. Choose a muted colour palette like beige or off white to accentuate the beauty of your zen interiors. Opt for oak finish furniture and accents across your living room. Add some vase and natural showpieces like dried branches and twigs to elevate the aesthetics of your room and blend with the zen theme of your home. A perfect blend of natural light and soft accent lights or floor lamps can help create the perfect harmony. You can also add some candles to the beauty.

Zen style interior room has a low-level coffee table and pairs it up with stylish floor mats, floor cushions and futons.
Some basic and simple elements that will take your zen interiors to the next level
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A Zen Style Dining Room With A Bold Statement

Asian zen interior design has evolved over time without looking at its main focus on creating a peaceful, screen, relaxing vibe in your home. You have ample room for innovation and playing around with different elements and textures. You can also add your own flavour to the interiors of your space as long as it is in harmony with the rest of the home. Modern zen concept interior design is all about fluidity and balance. It literally has no hard and fast boundarie that makes it universally popular and versatile. You can add some bold colours to your walls but make sure to balance with large Japanese style windows, some pendant lights and floor lamps. This modern dining room is designed with a low table and four-floor chairs without legs. The sword lamp, a bonsai tree on the table and tatami mat on the floor make this Japanese style zen house design authentic yet fashionable and edgy.

The dining room in zen concept interior design has a low table and four-floor chairs without legs.
Contemporary zen themed interior design is all about striking the perfect balance.

A Zen Bedroom With A Low Bed

A peaceful and relaxing bedroom to snuggle in is all that you need after a long day of work. This bedroom has everything you need to rejuvenate yourself. The low lying platform bed with an LED-lit headboard, wooden flooring, white walls and a simple floor mat with minimal accents will turn your bedroom into an oasis of serenity where you would love to spend time and escape from the stress of the outside world. The use of earthy colours, clean lines and clutter-free decor is bound to make you stress-free by looking at it. Add in some indoor plants and candles to add to the holistic vibe.

A bedroom with a Zen-inspired interior design features a low bed and an LED-lit headboard
Turn your bedroom into an oasis of serenity with minimalist zen interior design

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Zen Concept Interior Design For Your Modern Bathroom

Zen interior design includes the use of traditional elements like wood, earth, fire, metal and water. You can easily include most of it in modern bathroom interiors. Try adding some wooden drawers and earth colour wall tiles to bind the look together. Some indoor plants, clean lines and a clutter-free look will do the trick. You can place a bathtub beside the window if the space permits. But even if you live in a small apartment with little space, these simple design ideas will help you ace the zen interior game with style.

Bathroom in zen interior style with wooden vanity drawer and earth colour wall tiles
Transform your bathroom into a cosy and zen corner in your home to create a spa like experience

We hope our designs inspire you to embrace this new lifestyle and help bring in calm and serenity into your home. If you want expert advice to bring in zenstyle of interior design to your home you can get in touch with our team of experienced designers. They have experience in curating different style homes tailor-made according to our customers’ choice, preference, and budget. So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment today and get ready to enjoy a simplistic yet luxurious zen style home.

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