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Get A Good Night’s Sleep: The Best Low-Floor Bed Designs For Your Home

Low floor bed design for your home

Transform your bedroom into a daily retreating oasis by choosing a low-floor bed that defines your bedroom’s overall mood and look.

A bed is probably one of the first pieces of furniture that you buy when you are setting up your home, validated by the fact that we spend about 1/3rd of our lives sleeping on it. Within this context, low-floor beds have become quite a popular option among buyers since they are closer to the floor (around 18” from the ground with a mattress included). They also don’t require any box springs for additional support. 

Low-floor beds offer many health-related, aesthetic and functional benefits to homeowners. On the health front, low-floor beds keep you fit because of mild/deep stretching involved to get out of it (Note: old people or people with weak knees can overlook this one), help you fight off dizziness quickly and cool down your body temperature if you are a hot sleeper. 

On the functional front, low-floor beds give you high-quality comfort and sleep on a pocket-friendly budget with just a soft mattress and a few throw cushions. However, it does not provide you with any storage options. It is also safe for small children who tend to fall over from the bed. 

On the aesthetic front, low-floor beds give you a sense of spaciousness in the room by being minimalistic and sleek in its design, and add a modern touch to your room.

Also, here’s a quick guide that will help you make an informed decision to choose the right low-floor bed for yourself.

  • Height of the bed – It should typically correlate with your height so that it is easy for you to sit in and step out of it. It should be at least 15 inches above the floor along with the mattress
  • Size of the bed – Single-Person Bed | Double Bed | King-Size Bed | Queen-Size Bed
  • Level of comfort – Since your bed is a lifetime investment so don’t compromise on the comfort that it should provide you, even if you have to pay a little over your fixed budget. Research and actively test-rest on it before buying it
  • The structure and dimensions of your room – Keep a note on the dimensions and layout of your room before you start looking out for the perfect low-floor bed. You should be able to visualize the entire bedroom theme in your mind.
  • Material of the bed – Natural Wood | HDF Ply | MDF Ply | Compressed Wood | Pinewood | Polished Wood. 
  • The budget – Work through your finances before you start the quest, as there is always a bed for every budget

Now, let’s dive into some of the most popular low-floor bed designs, so that you can relax and recharge yourself in minutes.

A Blast Of Colours On This Low Floor Bed Design

This light-toned wooden low-floor bed is an ideal choice for a child’s bedroom. It makes the room look more spacious and airy. For a playful and lively vibe, team up the low floor bed with a brightly coloured bedspread and throw pillows. You can also throw an interesting rug on the hardwood floor to tie everything together. 

A blast of colours and light-toned wooden low floor bed design

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A Traveller’s Haven With This Low Floor Bed Design

What can ever go wrong with the grey-blue classic look? This black low floor bed pairs harmoniously with the grey-themed interiors and the pair of hanging lights installed on each side. Satisfy your inner traveller by adding a handcrafted steel world map on the wall and a bright blue bean bag for a laid-back feel.

Black low floor bed designs with the grey-themed interior and handcrafted steel world map on the wall give satisfaction

All That Bling

This light grey low-floor bed lends a bold and sophisticated statement to the room’s landscape. The disco-themed hanging lights and table accessories add the required bling into the space while not being too overwhelming. The wide windows balance out the entire look.

Light grey low floor double bed with disco-themed hanging lights and table accessories is bold and sophisticated

Artistic Beauty

This frameless, double-layered low-floor bed is all what you would need for a peaceful sleep. It is so comfortable that you will doze off in seconds. The spaced-out effect wooden panelling on the back wall creates visual drama and the bottled light ceiling lights makes the room stand out distinctively.

Frameless, double-layered low floor king-size bed with spaced-out effect wooden panelling on the back wall stands out.

Elegance Personified

Experience true luxury with this low-floor bed that lies within a frame extending across the wall right upto the ceiling. It oozes elegance and class into the room and the cozy papasan chair acts as an extension for reading your favourite books.