Money Plant Vastu Tips For Your Home For Abundant Prosperity

by Noopur Lidbide | January 24, 2024 | 5 mins read

Money plant vastu for your home

Bring home wealth and prosperity by taking care of your money plant as per Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian system of architecture. It literally translates to ‘science of architecture’. Like feng shui (an ancient Chinese philosophy), Vastu Shastra is also used for guidance while designing homes to create living spaces where all energies are in sync with each other. Vastu Shastra tips are mainly aimed at attracting peace, wealth and prosperity to Indian homes. Though this is an ancient system, it has been revised in a way that it is easily applicable to modern homes. While building houses, Vastu Shastra serves as a guiding point in every area in the house. However, if your house is already constructed, Vastu Shastra has tips for you that do not require any major changes in your home — like money plant Vastu tips!

A money plant is a commonly found plant in most homes that easily grows even in the smallest of planters. It can be potted in regular planters in the soil as well as in clear bottles with nothing but water to nurture the climber. A money plant does not require much tending to, so anybody can easily grow it by themselves — even someone who is new at plant parenting. Complying with Vastu Shastra norms while tending to your money plant is believed to bring good fortune into your household and help avoid financial losses.

Which Is The Ideal Money Plant Vastu Direction?

The southeast direction is ideal for placing your potted money plant at home.

Here are a few essential money plant Vastu tips that you can follow for positivity and abundance.

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Place The Money Plant In A Corner To Reduce Stress And Anxiety

The money plant filters the air and makes it purer to breathe. According to Vastu Shastra, it should be planted in a sharp corner of your room — most preferably, the southeast corner. It can help reduce anxiety, stress and sleeping disorders.

Money plant Vastu direction, two money plants placed in the southeast corner in the dining room lends fresh air.
Utilise a spare corner in your house to keep a money plant

Don’t Let The Leaves Touch The Ground

The money plant should be kept elevated from the ground. It can be planted on stands, shelves or hung from the ceiling — anything that gives it height and distances it from the floor. You can arrange for the climbers to grow on walls, as long as they don’t touch the ground.

Money plant in bedroom Vastu, the bedroom has money plants placed on top of the white open bookshelf.
Ensure that the leaves of the money plant do not touch the ground

Don’t Place The Money Plant Outdoors

The money plant is a house plant. It thrives better in shade. The inside of the house has shade, cool temperatures and a cleaner environment than the outdoors. If kept outside in harsh sunlight, it may dry out.  As per Vastu principles, a dried money plant has negative effects on the financial health of the house. So, always place your money plant indoors.

Money plant placement as per Vastu, Money plants placed in the backyard brings negative effects on financial health.
Contrary to popular belief, you should never place a money plant anywhere outdoors

Always Keep Your Money Plant Fresh And Healthy

The plant should be well-kept for maximum benefits. It should be watered at regular intervals so that it remains healthy and green. The water should be changed regularly to maintain the plant’s health. The leaves of the plant should be cleaned too. The leaf of a money plant is a heart-shaped one. The heart is symbolic of the relationship between two people. The health of your money plant directly affects the relationships among family members of the house. A sick, dried plant may lead to arguments between the spouses.

Money plant Vastu tips, the living room has a money plant placed on the centre table keeps healthy and fresh.
Regularly maintaining your money plant for it to stay green is essential as per Vastu Shastra

Keep Your Money Plant Along The Boundary Of Your House

The money plant is not to be kept outside as per Vastu Shastra principles, but you can place it instead along the boundary of the house — like a window sill, for example. The radiation that this plant emits results in positivity and attracts all the good luck from outside into the house.

Location of money plant in the house as per Vastu, A potted money plant placed near the window brings positive.
A potted money plant placed along the boundary of your home fosters good fortune
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Additional Money Plant Vastu Tips

The conditions around the money plant Vastu, if not satisfied, lead to bad financial luck.

  • Do not let anybody else cut the money plant. It does not matter if it is your trusted relative, a friend or a favourite neighbour. It is not a good idea to let anybody cut the leaves or any part of your money plant. Money plant directly translates to wealth in your home. Letting anyone cut your money plant is symbolic of giving your money to the other person
  • Your money plant should not be planted in the east or north direction ever; it should always be planted in the southeast corner of your house 
  • The health and condition of the plant are very important. The plant should look green, lively and healthy. If you want to reap the benefits, make sure that the plant is well looked after
A money plant placed in the open kitchen cabinet brings fresh air is the money plant in kitchen Vastu.
Do not let anyone else trim your money plant

A healthy and Vastu-compliant money plant has wonderful effects on the lives of home dwellers according to Vastu experts. Now that you have learnt the effects of the money plant and understood the rules of growing it, we hope that a money plant fills your home with wealth and your heart with happiness.

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