Say Hello To Better Organisation With These Kitchen Crockery Cabinet Designs

by Pooja Dara | January 24, 2024 | 7 mins read

kitchen crockery cabinet designs for your home

Infuse new life and personality into your home by adding one of these amazing crockery cabinet designs for kitchen. They’re customisable according to the total available space and kitchen needs, plus they can be used as display cabinets

A crockery cabinet for the kitchen is typically used to store tableware, dinnerware, crockery, glassware and cutlery. Nowadays, elegant and stylish crockery units are also finding their way into dining rooms and living rooms of homeowners as they make them look better-managed and amazing.

The prices of crockery cabinet designs for kitchens usually lie between Rs 17,000 and Rs 90,000 or even more. The price often depends upon the number of drawers, racks and shelves needed, the number of glasses and chinaware to be stored, cabinet material used, accessories and more.

Moving on, let’s address a few FAQs so that this blog post serves as an all-in-one quick guide for you in your kitchen crockery cabinet purchase process. Excited, eh?

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Kitchen Crockery Cabinet?

  • It is a multifunctional unit that provides you with ample storage space with different sections to arrange your delicate crockery of different sizes safely. It could be shelves, drawers, racks, open and closed storage spaces, etc. 
  • It is versatile in nature as it can be combined with an additional countertop where you can perform most of your kitchen chores like cutting, chopping, etc. It can also be used as a room divider or a display unit as well. 
  • It gives a unified, charming and decorative look to your kitchen space when it is paired well with the other kitchen elements and decor. Wooden kitchen crockery cabinets are the most popular since they bring a rustic charm and special warmth to the kitchen space. 
  • It can be easily customised according to the total kitchen space available. You can go in for a traditional kitchen crockery cabinet if you have a big kitchen, and wall-mounted kitchen crockery cabinets if you have a small kitchen.

What Are The Various Types Of Kitchen Crockery Cabinets Available?

  • Based on material and finishes: Solid Wood Kitchen Crockery Cabinet, Wooden Kitchen Crockery Cabinet With Glass Door (oak, Sheesham,  walnut, mahogany, teak, hardwood), Laminate Kitchen Crockery Cabinet With Translucent Door (matte, semi-gloss, high gloss), MDF Kitchen Crockery Cabinet, Glass Kitchen Crockery Cabinet. 
  • Based on style: Modular Kitchen Crockery Unit, Sideboard-Style Crockery Cabinet, Crockery Chest of Drawers, Traditional Kitchen Crockery Cabinet, Open and Closed Kitchen Crockery Cabinet, Customised Kitchen Crockery Unit (open and closed cabinets), Floating Crockery Unit, Corner Crockery Unit, Hutch Kitchen Crockery Cabinet.

What To Keep In Mind While Buying Or Designing A Top-Notch Kitchen Crockery Cabinet?

  • Set a fixed budget as it will help you select and shortlist designs within a particular price bracket, and save you from spending a fortune. Keeping a track of the expenditure will help you make informed decisions. 
  • Measure the available kitchen space and dimensions of kitchen elements. It will help you pick the right size and shape of a kitchen crockery cabinet that perfectly fits in the space and target location.
  • Assess your kitchen requirements thoroughly to choose the exact capacity of the crockery cabinet/unit. This includes the number of glasses, plates, bowls, cutlery and everything else you want to decoratively showcase in your cabinet. 
  • Decide on the type, style and colour of the kitchen crockery cabinet. Whatever your choice may be, ensure that it is blending well with the existing decor/colour scheme of the kitchen and not visually distracting you in any manner.
  • Select material of the right quality for your kitchen crockery cabinet based on your storage needs. If your purpose is to only showcase delicate chinaware and glassware, you can go in for a lighter material. On the other hand, choose a solid, sturdier and more durable material for serious storage purposes.
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What Are Some Tips For Organising Your Kitchen Crockery Cabinets?

  • Follow the DCS approach: 
  1. Declutter your crockery. Identify and keep the most frequently used and favoured items and let go of the rest.
  2. Create and optimise the remaining space. Add expandable shelves, organisers, plate stackers, etc.
  3. Stack up the bowls and glasses on the expandable shelves, the plates and crockery in the vertical plate/crockery stacker and the cutlery in a kitchen caddy. Store away the not so frequently used items in a large container and keep them aside. 
  • Follow Vastu recommendations: 
  1. Keep the crockery and the cabinet where it is kept well-maintained, free of any dust and clutter.
  2. Keep glass crockery in the kitchen as it pleases the Moon and brings clarity to your thought process.
  3. Keep the utensils and glass crockery in an upside-down position within the cabinets.
  4. Throw away any broken crockery immediately and replace it as broken glass is considered a bad omen.

Finally, let’s look at some breathtaking kitchen crockery cabinet designs that are grabbing the attention of many modern homeowners.

Compact Kitchen Crockery Cabinet Design

This compact kitchen crockery cabinet design is perfect for those who are looking for minimalism in their kitchen. Crockery such as plates and bowls can be neatly organised in this cabinet with shelves and can be easily accessed. It also blends well with the kitchen interiors.

L-shaped kitchen crockery cabinet covered in glass with plates and bowls placed inside it.
The kitchen crockery cabinet covered in glass shutters makes it easy to see what’s inside

Freestanding Kitchen Crockery Cabinet Design

This freestanding kitchen crockery unit design in wood and glass looks like an absolute beauty. It allows you to display your best glassware and delicate chinaware collection in a cool and decorative way. The accent lights enhance the look of the crockery cabinet.

One-wall kitchen with freestanding kitchen crockery cabinet in wood and glass is the crockery cabinet design for kitchen.
A freestanding kitchen crockery cabinet needs to be sturdy enough to avoid any toppling of the stuff inside
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Kitchen Crockery Cabinet Design With Display

This kitchen crockery cabinet design comes with display shelves, closed cabinets and a countertop that you can use for different purposes. It turns an ordinary-looking kitchen essential into something extraordinary and eye-catching. Show off accessories such as small green-potted plants, books on these shelves and make your kitchen look charming.

One-wall kitchen cum dining area with white open crockery shelves is the best kitchen crockery cabinet design.
This spacious dark-walled kitchen with wooden floors and white furniture looks breathtaking and the green plants and light bring the beautiful crockery collection to life

Modular Kitchen Crockery Cabinet Design

This modular kitchen crockery cabinet design looks luxurious and grand. It takes up a lot of space but is a treat for the eyes as it makes the room look more appealing. The closed wooden cabinets are elegantly enveloped between the wall-mounted shelves, one of which you can use for displaying crockery and the other for displaying statement decor.

Kitchen crockery cabinet, Island kitchen in navy blue and off-white themed with open crockery shelves look luxurious.
This navy blue and off-white themed kitchen interiors look pretty and the natural light from the big side window makes the space look airier and bright

Wall-Mounted Kitchen Crockery Cabinet Design

This wall-mounted kitchen crockery cabinet design is ideal for homes and apartments with small kitchens. This saves on the floor space and helps you store all your crockery and cutlery smartly in one designated place. It is a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics that any homeowner would yearn for.

U-shaped kitchen wall-mounted crockery units with glass doors are the sleek kitchen crockery cabinet design for kitchen.
These wall-mounted crockery cabinets with glass doors have been compartmentalised to give your kitchenware a sleek and structured look
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Kitchen Crockery Cabinet Design That Is An Organisation Heaven

If you have a large kitchen area and a considerably large budget, then this open kitchen crockery cabinet design will be organisation heaven for you. There are multiple rows each with a bottle holder at the end which will allow you to store your crockery and drinks in a well-maintained manner.

One-wall white kitchen with open crockery unit and wine rack are the minimal kitchen crockery cabinet for kitchen.
This kitchen crockery cabinet design looks magnificent and pure in this white-themed kitchen

All in all, a kitchen crockery cabinet can be a multifunctional and gorgeous addition to your cooking space. Hope this blog post has provided you with enough inspiration to incorporate a kitchen crockery cabinet in your home. Do reach out to the Design Cafe team for more guidance and ideas. We’re waiting to hear from you!

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