Purple Wall Colour Combinations To Redefine Your Home Interiors

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 24, 2024 | 9 mins read

Purple wall colour combinations adds elegant to the area

Redefine the purple perception by using our unique and exciting purple wall colour combinations for home interiors

To bloom among the farmer fields, all you needed were purple, violet, and some lavender!

Often associated with fairytales, purple is more than just a pretty colour. It’s unique and often interpreted as a calming colour. Therefore, its importance in interior design is imperative. But purple is often lost among the other colours, especially its two parent colours — red and blue — that are pretty popular in home interiors.

However, this nowhere means we can’t explore the purple horizons. So, if you are a passionate purple admirer, here’s your ultimate chance to use the colour in your house with some incredible interior design hacks. Therefore, hop on to this ride cause you will discover some persuasively perfect purple wall colour combinations for your home.

Purple wall colour combinations for your home (infographics)

Mix Purple With White For A Great Looking Living Room

This living room exhibits an intelligent use of white and purple wall colour combinations for your home. While the purple sits as a gorgeous accent wall, the white precedes its royalness by creating a perfect calming ambience for the living room. As you can see, the purple used here has a glossy effect. Besides the accent wall, purple is also used in the floating TV unit shelf to create harmony between the room’s two colours. The white colour scheme accentuates the room’s natural brightness, so to balance things, the rest of the room has fine grey furniture and greyish marble flooring.

Modern living room with white and purple wall color combinations lends calming ambience
A modern living room design in a white colour scheme with a purple accent wall
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Blend Some Purple With White And Red

This living room displays great white, red and purple wall colour combinations for your home. The room comes with a fascinating mixture of three purple shades, amazingly used to create accent walls, as shown. The mainframe displays a light purple wall with an austere white loveseat sofa. This area has a deep purple wall colour background, underscored with a beautiful red floor lamp that adds a rustic appeal to the place. The other section of the living room has a comparatively deeper purple colour, again accentuated by a plain white dining coffee table set up with a red pendant light. You can try out these kinds of purple wall colour combinations for your home if you have a spacious living area. The light wooden flooring complements the whole purple set-up.

Purple wall colour combination with red and white accent furniture and lamps in the minimalist living room looks chic.
A spacious, minimalist living room design with a purple and white colour scheme

Magenta and White Color Scheme In Open Living Room

You can go with the purplish shades like magenta — a reddish-purple — if you are not entirely a purple fan. This open living room with a dining nook displays an elegant combination of magenta and white colour schemes. Besides the accent wall, magenta or reddish-purple is also used in different design elements like the sofa, lamp, dining nook’s carpet, pendant light, etc. The magenta colour imbues a universal love vibe that is always positive to have at home.

White and purple wall color combination with matching furniture and lights in living cum dining area look eye-catchy.
A magenta colour scheme living room with an open dining area

Mingle Purple With Orange To Create A Unique Combination

This room has purple as the main colour scheme with a white ceiling. The purple wall colour combination is tweaked with lively orange colour dashes to create a textbook fairytale appearance. The orange curtains in the purple wall window complete the look. Then there’s a mid-century style chaise lounge sofa with an orange floral print that adds a periodic, country-side appeal to the room. An old-school orange floor shade lamp accentuates it. This room creates interesting orange and purple wall combinations that are rare but gorgeous.

Traditional living room has a purple wall color combination with an orange accent curtain and floor lamp.
A traditional living room design with a periodic style couch and orange and purple colour combinations

And Maybe You Can Paint It All Purple?

This is the ultimate purple love! The room exhibits an all-purple design that could have easily fallen flat but instead manages to be stunning! Usually, using one colour scheme and that too purple for an entire room can be risky. However, if you see this set-up, you would notice how the designers have used different purple layers and combined them to give a purple room that is not too loud. It uses deeper purple shades in the ceiling and furniture sets, while a lighter purple colour creates an accent effect at the seating area’s background. Purple is also used in the flooring as a carpeting design element. The room exhibits hints of white colour that blend perfectly with the all-purple look.

Living room in purple wall colour combination with purple l-shaped lounger couch and shelves creates a bold statement.
An all-purple living room design with an L-shaped lounger couch

How About Using Off-White With Purple Wall Colour Combination?

This purple bedroom brings a fresh interior look that highlights the colour with off-white furniture pieces. The furniture used in the room has a traditional design sensibility that creates a storybook bedroom design. The purple colour is maintained throughout the space in the bedcover, carpet, etc. The whole purple and off-white combination creates a dreamy ambience in the room that will take you to the fictional land of Disney tales. This room can be great for a teenage girl’s bedroom.

Old-style furniture in purple wall color combinations in the bedroom creates a dreamy ambience.
A cute fairytale bedroom with old-style furniture sets and a purple-off-white colour scheme
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A Multicolour Twist With Purple Wall Colour Combination

This is a vibrant living area nook that is filled with peppy and upbeat elements. The room’s deep purple colour scheme sets up a high-spirited ambience, accentuated by pops of several other colours. The light cerulean blue sofa adds an instant calmness to the room, with orange, pink and green cushions acting as pops of colour. The purple room also has a hint of biophilia that creates a green accent element in the room. This type of purple interior set-up would be great for a small living area. 

Living room has cushions in multicolor combination with a purple wall color combinations that creates a vibrant feel.
A subtle purple living room-seating area with a mixture of different colours

Create A Turquoise Blue, White And Purple Wall Combination For Your Home

This ‘let’s just chill’ purple corner can be your #instagramnook at your home. Here purple is used as a 3D wall design element, creating a perky interior set-up in the house. Purple is continued in the flooring to create a thread from the wall design. Turquoise blue acts as a pop of colour in this purple set-up — giving us a pretty uncommon colour combination. The green plant brings character to the place.

Half white and half 3D purple wall color combinations in living room brings character to the place.
A peppy wall design for a living room with a twist of an accent armchair

Did You Know Purple Looks Pretty Cool With Grey?

This seating area explores grey furniture and purple wall combination — creating the perfect harmony between the vibrant purple and the calming grey. This interior set-up type works great for small living areas where you can keep things minimal but creative. The grey furniture is highlighted with a grey shade lamp that adds an elegant angle to the room. The room also uses white as an associating colour scheme.

Small living area in purple wall colour combinations with grey sofa and white decor element adds an elegant look.
An elegant living area with a unique combination of grey and purple

Go Extravagant With Purple In Your Home Interiors

If you are okay with a little purple drama, then this one’s for you. This living room displays a rather creative use of the colour purple. Instead of an accent wall colour, the room has a grey and purple wallpaper design with a twist of velvety purple wall cushioning. Both the wall designs interplay with the colour purple, creating an unusual but exciting living room design. The room also uses theatrical purple velvet curtains that bring a vintage-style drama to the room. The room has a Chesterfield-style sofa and laminated wooden flooring that adds to the interiors’ antiquity.

Cushioning in purple wall colour combinations with grey wallpaper in the living room looks vintage-style drama.
A spacious living area with periodic style furniture and twists of purple interiors

So, this was our list of purple wall colour combinations for your home. Try them out and let us know which one you liked the most. In case you have a different purple combination suggestion for us, write to us. We’d love to hear from you.

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FAQs On Purple Wall Color Combinations

1. What are the best wall decor colors to pair with purple walls?
Some of the best wall decor colors to pair with purple walls are off-white, light grey, pastel pink, and orange. For a bold look, try dark grey or tomoato red with purple color walls.

2. How can I make a room with purple walls feel modern and fresh?
One of the best ways to make a room with purple walls feel modern and fresh is by using statement lights. Another idea is to enliven a purple room by adding plants. Use a neutral color palette for furniture and accessories to balance out the boldness of the purple walls and create a modern and clean look.

3. What types of wall art and decor look best with purple walls?
Wall decor items with metallic accents like gold or silver can add a touch of glamour and sophistication to a room with purple walls. You can opt for add wall art with a pop of contrasting colors such as bright yellow, green, or orange. Geometric wall art in monochromatic colors will also stand out beautifully on purple walls.

4. How can I make a small room with purple walls look spacious?
The best way to make a small room with purple walls appear spacious is by using abundant natural and artificial light to create a bright and inviting atmosphere. Add simple clean furniture in light colors such as white, beige, or light grey for an airy vibe. Use mirrors on the walls to reflect light and create the illusion of more space.

5. What are some ways to incorporate purple walls into a traditional decor style?
Incorporate purple walls into a traditional decor style by mixing and matching patterns in complementary colors. Use traditional Indian prints for upholstery, cushion covers or tablecloths. Opt for natural materials for furniture and decor such as bamboo, jute, etc to balance out the boldness of purple and bring warmth into the space.

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