Now Save Space And Make Room For Joy With Our Space-Saving Dining Table Designs

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 24, 2024 | 8 mins read

Space saving dining table designs for your home

Let’s make room for joy with these ingenious space-saving dining table designs

Dining rooms are essential areas at home, and they need to feel warm and inviting. However, in recent years, we have seen that Indian urban homes have smaller dining areas. Many dining rooms come as a part of the living rooms. Therefore, it is imperative to design dining rooms smartly.

While you can’t do much about your dining room’s spatial area, you can work on the other aspects of the room to make it spacious and organised. We at Design Cafe give utmost importance to furniture because it can significantly influence space-saving issues at home. For dining rooms, the majority of the room’s space is taken up by the dining table. Therefore, to help you, we have brought our unique space-saving dining table design ideas that will redefine your food place at home.

These are smartly designed space-saving dining tables that look good and are also quite pocket-friendly. So, pin the ideas and make a contemporary, spacious dining room for your home.

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Create A Design Statement With This Low-Height Space-Saving Dining Table

If you have a narrow dining space, this can be the perfect solution. As you can see, the dining table is a low-height wooden rectangular table for six people. This table is a Japanese-style dining set-up, interpreted with a touch of Arabic sensibility. The dining table comes with six cushion seats that save a lot of space than regular dining chairs. This type of space-saving dining table idea is also suitable for rooms with low ceiling height. The low-height table allows the room to look tall and spacious. This dining table set will also look unique and exciting. Tip: Keep the rest of the dining area minimal. 

A low-height space saving dining table in India with a touch of Arabic design sensibility looks fantastic.
A Japanese-style dining set-up with a touch of Arabic design sensibility

You Don’t Have To Make Room For This Convertible Space-Saving Dining Table

We all love a big dining table so that whenever there are guests, there are no space issues at the table. However, a big dining table eats all the space in the room. And if you have a shared living-cum-dining room, then having a six- or eight-seater dining table would be too overwhelming. But that doesn’t mean you have to have dinner on your couch to make room for your guests at the dining table. This convertible table is the savviest way of implementing a space-saving dining table for 6. The wooden dining table comes with a folding part that can be kept folded in when not used. Generally, the table has a four-seater space with an extendable part of two extra seating spaces. Therefore, you can keep away two dining chairs when not used to save space in the room.

Living cum dining area has convertible space saving dining table and chairs made from wood.
A dining area with a wooden convertible dining table

Play Pool, Eat, Repeat With This Amazing Space-Saving Dining Table-Cum-Pool Table

Okay, we all know space-saving can be some serious business; however, it doesn’t have to be boring! This pool dining table is the most exciting space-saving dining table design idea ever! If you love playing pool but can’t think of having a pool table at home because of space issues, this can be it! This pool table comes with a sliding dining table design. When you are not using the pool table, you can slide on the wooden dining table and enjoy your meals with your family. And the other times, you can enjoy the pool games at home. This dining table can also be an exciting addition to your home. During the work-from-home days, having a game corner at home can be refreshing.

A modern space saving dining table with a sliding pool table is excellent space-saving furniture.
An excellent dining table design with a sliding pool table

Bring This Easy-To-Fold Space Saving Dining Table For Two

If you don’t require a full-fledged dining table, you can always opt for foldable options like this one! This wooden top table comes with folding legs that are easy to use. You can add plastic bucket chairs to save some more space. The best part of this space-saving dining table is that you can take it to place it anywhere in the house. You can set it up in your kitchen area or even the garden. This folding dining table is suitable for single people or couples; if you have more family members, you might want to take a more oversized table.

Wooden top space-saving dining table for 2 with folding option and plastic chairs save some more space.
A wooden top folding dining table for two
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Another Fun Folding Dining Table For Your Dining Area

Folding dining tables are the most effective space-saving ideas for dining rooms. However, you can utilise the table option a bit more when you have a multipurpose dining table like this one. This yellow, wooden top dining table comes with the advantage of folding and an attached crockery unit. The crockery unit is a wall-mounted open shelf unit where you can display your crockeries and other dining utilities. The crockery unit is attached to the dining table that can be perfect for two people. The table’s material and the crockery unit are durable enough, so you don’t have to worry about things going wrong. To save some more space, you can use cushion bucket chairs as shown.

A space-saving wall mounted dining table with folding in the living cum dining area is an effective space-saving idea.
A yellow dining table set up with an attached crockery unit

Why Not Go With This Round Space-Saving Dining Table For Four?

Round dining tables are really great to add to the aesthetics of your dining area. They look unique and welcoming and can come in different looks. Also, round tables have the practicality of legs. Thus, these tables eliminate the four typical legs of the square and rectangular tables and hence are less annoying even if you are arranging a dinner for four. Round dining tables are perfect for smaller rooms because they don’t have corners, so this minimises the chances of hitting your legs on the corners (which is very common). The round space-saving dining table design coupled with raised fancy chairs exhibits an elegant dinner set-up. The other benefit of this type of dining table is that it is easy to move to play around with the table position.

Round space-saving dining table set perfect for smaller rooms and adds aesthetic to space.
An elegant round dining table for four

Save All The Space You Want With This Drop-Down Dining Table-Cum-Shelf Unit

This pull-down white laminate top dining table brings many benefits. It is a shelf unit with a folding table section that you can pull down and set up as your dinner table. The unit also has a pull-down dining bench that creates the perfect dining table set-up. When not in use, you can pull up the bench and table and create an uncluttered dinner space arrangement. The shelf unit also comes with multiple sections that can be used as crockery shelves, wine rack, cookbook cabinet, etc. So you see, one table and so many benefits. You can use this type of dining table, which is excellent for kitchen areas.

Drop-down space saving dining table for 4 with a pull-down dining bench creates an uncluttered dinner space.
A space-saving dining table design with a shelf unit

A Great Space-Saving Dining Table Set-Up With A Wall-Mounted Dining Bench

You can also save space in your dining area by having a wall-mounted dining bench for your dining table. The set-up we have here exhibits a typical wooden dining table positioned by the wall of the room. The dining set-up has a wall-mounted bench that saves space for two extra dining chairs. This type of space-saving dining table design works excellently if you want to keep the central part of your dining room open with a dining set-up arranged by the wall side. This type of dining table also looks suitable for homes with a contemporary design theme.

Space-saving furniture dining table with wall-mounted bench design suitable for tiny homes and looks sleek.
A light wooden dining table with a wall-mounted dining bench

Get On With A Rare Geometrical Space-Saving Dining Table Design

In our list of space-saving dining table designs, this triangular dining table will help you get extra space than your regular square dining table with a great design aesthetic. This type of dining table set-up works ideally for six people with enough space between each other. The triangular shape of the table adds a stylish touch by replacing the regular-shaped tables. This also brings a modern-minimalist character to the dining room. You can try this type of unique table design to add some quirkiness to your home interiors.

Space-saving dining table for 6 in geometrical shape adds a stylish touch by replacing the regular-shaped tables.
A unique, triangular dining table to save space

Space-saving furniture pieces are modern-day saviours for city dwellers. And for dining rooms, a space-saving dining table is the essential part. So, choose wisely and bring home a dining table that is smart and suitable for your place.

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