Dining Room Designs For Small Spaces

by Shreya Bilagi | January 24, 2024 | 4 mins read

Dining room designs for small spaces for your home

Are you a sucker for petite dining rooms? Well, there’s good news just around the blog. Check out these dining room designs for small spaces and be prepared to be amazed.

Did you know that back in the medieval times, dining rooms were an entirely different floor level? Well now you do. Can you imagine the whole floor as a dining space! Not anymore, unless of course you are blue by blood or fancy the royal kind of look. In today’s world, small dining rooms are becoming a super hit, and sometimes you will find them directly adjacent to the kitchen or even merged into one.

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A Sugar Coated Snow Frosted Dining Room

This is the most elegant dining room design for small spaces we have come across. Doesn’t this remind you of snow? Makes me want to snuggle up in my warmies into this lovely dining armchair with my favourite book and a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows. Ah isn’t it just so dreamy? This design is simple in white and is perfect for a small family who loves to bond and spend all of the holiday seasons together. You can put up your mistletoe and bake yummy Christmas cookies all through the holidays!

This dining room design is all white and looks like it's out of a Christmas movie
This white dining room looks like it’s out of a Christmas movie, making it a perfect place to bond in with super comfy seating.

Time To Dine The Industrial Way

A recipe has no soul. The cook must bring the soul to the recipe, the recipe to the bowl and then finally to the dining table! If you’re the kind who loves dark colours with a dash of rustic thrown in this small room design will make you smile. A wall splashed with a fine shade of grey to bring an industrial look. This kitchen is made for a vibrant young family of four. Cone-shaped pendant lights won’t let you compromise on style. They add just the right amount of glam to this dining room. Whether it be hot croissants with a spoon of honey or just a bowl of fruits, this dining nook is sure to be at your service.

A Dining room design that has grey walls and has pendant lights to add a bit of warmth
A dining room with grey painted walls lives up to be an industrial one and pendant lights bring that extra bit of warmth.

A Dine Amidst A Nature Gift

This gobsmacking green walled room filled with pots, plants and flowers is a perfect example of a small dining room decorating idea. These indoor plants bring a stylish, fresh nature’s vibe into this room. A beautiful bottle green table cloth seamlessly and effortlessly drapes itself around a round wooden table pepping it up for a unique dining experience. The shelves provide space to place your beautiful metallic crockery. And giving them some company you have a variety of pots! To top of your decoration, a vase filled with fragrant white flowers is sure to add some aromatherapy—time to sip away some soup and break off some garlic bread.

A dining room design that has pots,plants and a crockery desk to add nature's vibe into the room
Pots, plants and precious crockery deck this gorgeous green walled dining space to have O2 filled experience
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A Kick Of Country Style

This small dining room idea is for those couples who love a bit of a country kick. A simple yet very country style dining table made of timber will take you back to your grandfather’s farmhouse. Ready to eat some fruit and make some juice on a bright sunny day?

Dining room design that has a country style small wooden dining table made of timber
A small wooden table with two wooden chairs and a bowl full of fruits with bright oranges make this dining room a true country style one

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Small Dining Room, A Pequeña Dining Room

You have heard of the word petite but have you heard of the word pequeña? Well, this also means small but in Spanish. Take a look at this cosy small dining room. Isn’t it perfect for a winter’s day and a small close family getting together? We would definitely think so! A classic white round table with matching chairs with wooden legs never goes out of style. A beautiful warm cream coloured rug will keep the soles of your feet warm while you keep your heart warm with some yummy pumpkin risotto.

Dining room design that has classic white round table and matching chairs are perfect for family of four.
A cosy, comfy dining room with space for a family of four is much needed on a winter’s day.

This is what we at DesignCafe think about dining room designs for small spaces. What do you think? Let us know! Leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

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