Purple Kitchen Design Ideas For Your Home

by Sneha Virmani | February 25, 2024 | 4 mins read

purple modular kitchen design for your home

Give your home a vibrant purple kitchen design and watch how it transforms the space from drab to fab.

Want to experiment with colours for your home? Do it now! Glistening grape could be your ticket to perfection. Give your kitchen a fresh coat of royalty by going for the colour purple. A round-up of intriguing purple kitchens will energise and inspire you to whip up family favourites. Staples like silver, white and black scream “old and outdated”. When we live in a world that has so many fun colours, why go drab when we can go fab! Bring a little creativity to your home with our bold purple modular kitchen designs. From popping purple backsplashes to elegant cabinetry, read on to learn how to incorporate adventurous hues of purple into your kitchen design.

Luscious Lavender: Heavenly Colour For A Purple Kitchen On Earth

A surprisingly striking combination of white and lavender, this combination here is proof that the pop of colour can make all the difference. Drawing the eyes to soft, warm lavender touches, this purple and white kitchen design will add warmth to the space. Spicing up cabinets with a mix of high gloss lavender and white will elevate your contemporary Indian kitchen while allowing natural elements to light up the area.

Combination of white and lavender purple kitchen cabinets in high glossy design will add warmth to space.
Outfitted with white cabinets, lavender touches infuse a refreshed vibe to the kitchen design
Design your modular kitchen that are smart like you

Blooming Violet Shade For Your Purple Kitchen: A Touch Of Royalty For Your Home

When designing an open kitchen, elements with bursts of purple can really bring the space together. Sometimes going bold does not mean going all out; this concept of including little touches helps balance out a neutral kitchen design. Set against a monochrome colour palette of beige and grey, purple adds a personality to the kitchen. 

Think of the many advantages of this design. Guests and relatives are sure to go “wow” on seeing your taste on display. The combination of colours is also easy on the eye. Surely, visitors to your home will fawn upon the design of your kitchen. Go for blooming violet and never look back as accolades come your way for your taste in choosing colours for your home.

Contrasting shades of a purple colour kitchen with beige and grey add a personality to the kitchen.
Contrasting shades of purple with neutral hues in the kitchen area add vibrancy to the space

Grape Accents For A Dashing Purple Kitchen: A Fruity Punch To Your Kitchen Decor

Add a dash of flamboyance to your purple kitchen with standout accents. Combining the concept of an open dining space with a kitchen, this design with a grape coloured backsplash and swivel bar stools is what modern dreams are made of. Including hints of vibrant purple with light fixtures add visual stylistic elements to the space.  

Backsplash coloured in purple and white kitchen with dining table and chairs in purple add vibrancy to space.
The combination of passionate purple accents against white cabinets infuses layers of life into the design
Have you ever seen a smartly designed kitchen

Rustic Vogue: For The Free Spirit In You

Oozing vintage countryside kitchen vibes, this rustic purple kitchen is as chic as inspirational. A very subtle shade of purple sets the perfect tone to cook up a delicious meal for loved ones. The rose gold faucet and elegant accents complement this rustic purple island by transporting you to space back in time. 

Rustic purple kitchen cabinets with grey wall design are minimal and bring vintage countryside kitchen vibes.
This rustic purple kitchen design is the perfect balance of minimalistic elegance and modern sensibilities

Purple Kitchen Wall: For Inspiration While You Cook

When you cannot infuse this vibrant colour into your kitchen cabinets but are still looking for ways to liven up the space, what do you do? You take a wall and paint it purple! Introducing a purple wall adds a cosy charm to your kitchen area while bright lights and white cabinets combine beautifully together as one. Having a single purple wall in your kitchen also allows you the freedom to play around with complementing accents to amp up or tone down the space.

A mix of retro and modern kitchen with purple wall and white cabinets add a cosy charm are the purple kitchen design ideas.
A mix of retro and modern, the concept of a striking purple wall in the kitchen is an easy way to add life to the area

The key to successfully incorporating a purple kitchen in your home is to use the colour to your advantage. Embrace its vibrancy and play around with elements that complement your vibe. You will be pleasantly surprised at the warmth purple brings into your kitchen area. Once you’ve made up your mind, reach out to us, and we’ll help you innovate while colouring your dream cooking area.

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