Stylish Kitchen Hob Designs For Your Home

by Sneha Virmani | February 25, 2024 | 4 mins read

best kitchen hobs in india for your home

Enjoy an effortless cooking experience with these state-of-the-art kitchen hob designs. Check out our guide for a range of aesthetically appealing designs suitable for Indian homes 

A trending design in modular Indian kitchens these days are kitchen hobs. No matter how stylishly you do up your kitchen space, what good is it if the stove is a vintage model? If the kitchen is the heart of a home, a good stove in the kitchen is the soul. It is after all where you cook up delicacies and do magic. An indomitable part of every home, we bring you the best kitchen hobs in India that ensure a happy cooking experience with elegant designs. 

If you are looking to replace a traditional gas stove with built-in hobs, use this design guide to make an informed choice. From a full steel body with glossy tempered glass to hobs with features like auto-ignition, flame failure detection and 360-degree rotating knobs, the following is a list of designs for the best kitchen hobs in India:

Complete Range Of The Perfect Kitchen Hob: Four Burner Hobs

Designed for passionate cooks, this complete cooking range with four burners and a chimney is designed to cater to the needs of medium to large families. Included in the four burners is a medium and three small lotus burners. Made using premium quality brass, the burners are elegant as well as durable. A smooth glossy black finish to the cooktop oozes luxury and provides a hassle-free cooking experience.

Each burner is nestled among cast iron pan supports that ensure uniform heating of your cooking utensils. The metallic knobs have a sleek finish and turn 360 degrees without friction.

White kitchen hob with four burners in smooth glossy black finish provides a hassle-free cooking experience.
A design that mirrors your style, this range ensures effortless cooking every day
Design your modular kitchen that are smart like you

Three Burners Built-In Kitchen Hob

Designed using premium quality material and developed for high performance, this three-burner kitchen hob design is suitable for small to medium family sizes. With an elegant black granite countertop and a black toughened glass, the three-burner kitchen stove blends beautifully to become a part of the décor. The burners are specially designed for heavy-duty Indian cooking. With triple ring burners and a guided flame technology, the design ensures an even distribution of heat throughout all cooking utensils.

Its space-saving shape, when embedded in the kitchen platform, makes it a great kitchen accessory for compact homes.

Three burner kitchen hob size with a black toughened glass at the corner blends beautifully to become a part of the decor.
With its re-engineered style, this compact hob design offers the best possible distribution of flame for cooking

Two-Burner Glass Kitchen Hob

This two-burner gas hob design is among the best products that offer powerful performance, solid quality and affordability. A small budget design, this kitchen hob is a good buy for small families with three-four members. Despite its compact size, the gas hob has ample space between the burners for easy cooking.

The stovetop has a majestic black finish with toughened glass that is scratch-proof and easy to clean while the metallic knobs give a crisp contrasting finish to the glossy top.

Two burner kitchen hob and chimney is scratch-proof and easy to clean in this white kitchen and cabinet in grey colour.
This is the secret ingredient to a delicious meal; unique hob designs that evenly cook food for a perfect taste
Kitchen cabinet design to glam up your interiors

Innovative Hobtop

Necessity is the mother of invention! This innovative combination of metal and sleek toughened glass with four burners is designed to meet the evolving needs of an Indian kitchen. The burners are placed strategically so that all three burners can be comfortably used as a regular gas stove or built-in gas hob. An elegant island hob top design, the stove’s glossy finish, and minimal design will instantly uplift your kitchen’s vibe.

Break the monotony of a white or beige coloured kitchen with a black toughened glass kitchen hob top.

Innovative kitchen hob in India in metal and sleek toughened glass with four burners design is elegant.
With an elegant yet unbreakable glass top, this hobtop is designed for longevity and convenience

Induction Cooktop

A modern technology, the induction cooktop is an easy to use, energy-efficient kitchen stove that ensures quick cooking while consuming little power. The induction burner is a hotplate that enhances the elegance of a modern kitchen by breaking a conventional cooking style. Above all, the design provides much-required relief from kitchen heat that makes the entire experience frustrating, especially during Indian summers.

White kitchen with a modern technology induction cooktop that enhances the elegance of the area is the best kitchen hob.
Twice as fast as gas, these cooktops save both money and time

Which kitchen hob design fits your requirement, price bracket and family size? While choosing a design, you need to remember that kitchen hobs last for a good decade when treated with care — so, invest wisely. For any other doubts regarding kitchen hobs in India, we are always just a hello away. 

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