The Heart Wants What It Wants! Newest Kitchen Trends in 2024

by Devna Tiwari | January 20, 2024 | 4 mins read

New style kitchen trends in 2020

Newest trends for your modular kitchen. The heart of your home! A place where memories are homemade, seasoned with love.

Every year, homeowners look forward to the latest trends to revive the style quotient of their homes. Kitchens always top this plan. In the year 2023, kitchens were all about space-saving, storage, and kitchen islands. So what is dominating the modular kitchen designs in 2024 thus far? 

We checked in with the designers at Design Cafe to find out the newest kitchen trends that have dominated the market and the wishlists of our homeowners this year. Whether you are planning a complete kitchen renovation or few changes here and there our kitchen trends for 2024 will keep excited. Now that you know how the kitchen design trends 2024 are different from the kitchen design trends 2023.

Marble Kitchen Countertops

Marble is no news! Classic and elegant marble countertops come in a wide variety all the way from Rajasthan to Italy. It has a lovely natural pattern that makes it unique. Another great thing about marble kitchen countertops is that they blend in with every kitchen style. Besides, marble is a classic that stands the test of time. It makes it the top kitchen trend for 2024.

New kitchen design trends with marble countertops which are classic and elegant

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Make Way For Kitchen Larders! 

For those of you wondering what a kitchen larder is, it’s a smart unit to help the quintessential chef in you. A larder is a prep-station where your ingredients are cut, peeled, chopped, sliced and measured before they hit the grill! A larder further houses mixing bowls, appliances, and equipment to keep your countertop free.

High end new kitchen trends with kitchen larder where your ingredients are cut
Functional modular kitchen interiors for a classic culinary experience

Let Your Wall-Papers Do The Talking!

The trendiest addition to 2024’s kitchen designs! Wallpapers add character and flair to otherwise dull and boring kitchen walls. They are extremely durable as they are resistant to heat, water and grease, making it perfect to spruce up your kitchen. They come in a plethora of patterns and colours to suit every taste and style.

New kitchen design trends with wallpaper which are resistant to heat, water and grease

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A Space To Hide Kitchen Appliances

Appliances tucked behind the panels in a modular kitchen out of sight lend a clean, minimal and uncluttered aesthetic. This design is a popular pick this year as modern families have little to no time to clean and tidy up their kitchens. Hiding kitchen appliances is a smart way to keep the dirt away from the seldom-used ones.

Kitchen trends 2022 with a space to hide kitchen appliances is a smart way to keep the dirt away

Lots Of Texture And Some More!

For those who shy away from bold colours, focus on adding textures. Used unlacquered brass strap hooks and knobs on drawers and cabinets, marble countertops, laminates on shutters and tons of  wooden flooring will bring in the right feel to your kitchen. 

Current kitchen trends with lots of texture

A Colourful Touch

A pop of colour never goes out of style. Dip your toe in a pool of colours, this year bring in colourful cabinets, bright walls and vibrant pottery.  Or you can also paint a large portion of your kitchen to add a hint of colour to this space. This is one of the current kitchen trends too for 2024!

High end kitchen design trends with a colourful touch with cabinet , bright walls and vibrant pottery

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Two Is Better Than One!

If you feel a monochromatic palette can be overpowering or get outdated/boring after a while, pick a colour combination for your modular kitchen. Dual-toned kitchens have become a popular choice in the last few years and are expected to be one of top trends for 2024. So get over the idea of having the complete white kitchen and pick a combination that screams your style and gives it a million-dollar look.

Best kitchen trends 2022 with two colour combination
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Deck Up Your Kitchen With Copper Accents

Copper accents have become the symbol of luxury lately. They have slowly made their way into almost every corner of the modern houses – lights, furniture, decor items – copper is literally everywhere! This year, it’s making its way into the modular kitchens. So follow the trend and introduce copper accents to your kitchen. If you are not a big fan of it, try gifting your cabinets a copper knob or add a few copper lights to see the magic.

Latest kitchen design trends with copper accents with lights, furniture and decor items

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Concealed Range Hoods

If you are guilty of paying more attention to your appliances, kitchen accessories or the backsplash, then you’re surely on your way to embrace this hottest, newest kitchen trend for 2024. Put the other kitchen elements under the spotlight with a sleek and modern concealed range hood that blends in beautifully with your former cabinets.

Kitchen trends 2022 with concealed range hoods

And that’s all for now. Let us know which idea did you like the most in the comments below.

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