Striking Kitchen Wallpaper Designs To Make Your Cooking Space Pinterest-ing

by Mohita Adhvaryu | January 31, 2024 | 5 mins read

Kitchen wallpaper with a flower printed on it with small flower baskets above the sink on kitchen backsplash wallpaper

Make way for kitchen wallpapers because tiles are just so cliched!

When it comes to design, wallpapers play a vital role. They not only pep up your home but also turn out to be a pragmatic option. Wallpapers often get used for living rooms and bedrooms. However, people sit on the trenches when it comes to kitchen wallpapers. But, trust us, with the quick leap of technology things have moved beyond just that typical kitchen backsplash wallpaper. 

For people who like to change with the times, kitchen wallpaper sounds great! A dense, humid kitchen won’t really affect the wallpaper because technology has helped overcome these minor glitches. The right pattern and palette of wallpapers will change the way your kitchen looks. Wallpapers lend a stunning texture, feel and vibe to your cooking space that can otherwise look pale.

So, let your creative juices flow and reinvent your cooking area with these kitchen wallpaper designs.

Doodle Wallpaper For Kitchen Backsplash

Doodling gives away your personality. If you would like your kitchen area to be a tad quirky and fun, opt for a continuous, chalky wallpaper with doodles on it. Doodles can be of kitchen equipment, quotes or even something outlandish and fun. Choose this wallpaper if you want your kitchen to feel light, breezy and cheerful.

Kitchen chalky wallpaper with doodles on the backsplash
Black and white are the ideal colours for a doodle wallpaper!

Patterned Wallpaper For Kitchen Walls

Good old patterns can never go wrong for your kitchen walls. Desire an uber symmetric and clutter-free look for your kitchen? Pick this patterned wallpaper design then! You can also use a muted colour palette to give it a slight edge. Pastel and geometry go really well with each other. Select that for your kitchen wallpaper and you will not be disappointed!

Patterned wallpaper for kitchen walls with a design of pastel colour of blue
Pastel colours and subtle patterns go hand in hand for this wallpaper design.
Liven up your cooking experience with modern kitchen designs

Vintage Country Kitchen Wallpaper

Vintage is quintessentially classy as wallpaper design for your kitchen walls. Give your space an old country feel with the subtle presence of peppy flowers and pastel colours. These days you can also get 3D wallpaper for kitchen with a floral line up. Do consider this if you are a die-hard vintage decor lover.

Classic printed kitchen wallpaper design in green color
A splendid mix of old-world charm and bright colours creates an impressive cooking area

Black And White Wallpaper For Kitchen

Monochromatic wallpaper is here to stay for good. Its streamlined texture and feel play out well in your otherwise buzzing kitchen. Also, it lends a classic sense of calmness and warmth to your kitchen. If you like to keep things simple, subtle and a tad understated then opt for this wallpaper design.

Black and white wallpaper for kitchen with streamlined texture
For a no-frills and elegant kitchen rely on this black and white wallpaper design

Marble Effects On Kitchen Wallpaper

If you love everything contemporary kitchen wallpaper with marble effects are a great option. The design effects closely resemble the feel of marble and gives your kitchen a striking look. Opt for pastel colours like green or yellow for a subtle class. If you do not have budgets to use marble across your kitchen this wallpaper design will solve your problems without compromising on style.

Background kitchen wallpaper effects closely resemble the feel of marble
For a harmonious play of colour and texture, opt for this wallpaper

Fruity 3d Wallpaper For Kitchen Are Delightful

Fresh produce is the heart of a bustling kitchen. To keep this mantra alive we suggest keeping the freshness around all year long. A wallpaper with prints of your favourite fruit is absolutely perfect for a cheerful kitchen. It has the right pop of colour, it’s considerably minimalistic and a great sight for sore eyes! Go for this kitchen wallpaper design if you love to be reminded of Joi de Vivre and the goodness of everything!

Strawberry-themed 3d wallpaper for kitchen
Your vibrant cooking space is just this wallpaper away

Freshness Of Kitchen Modern Floral Wallpaper

Now if you are one of those who like all things pretty and cute, floral printed wallpaper designs are for you. Select a simple print, nothing over the top or loud for just the perfect balance of aesthetics. Flower power all the way!

Floral kitchen wallpaper pattern is the perfect balance of aesthetics
Floral patterns on kitchen walls make for a pretty and pleasant ambience
Have you ever seen a smartly designed kitchen

Kitchen Tiled Wallpaper

Love tiles and wallpaper equally? Do you want to have them both in your kitchen? We have got you sorted. Opt for this versatile tiled wallpaper design for your kitchen walls. The best part about this wallpaper design is that you get the effects of tiles at a much friendlier cost. Choose this design to get the best of both worlds!

Kitchen tile wallpaper with thousands of curved hexagon patterns connected to each other
With a striking blend of feel and texture, this wallpaper rarely goes wrong

These wallpaper designs for your kitchen will give your space a sunny, streamlined, subtle, buzzing, and dreamy look in line with the latest trends. Pick any of these kitchen wallpaper designs and watch your cooking space come alive!

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