6 Innovative DIY Wall Hanging Ideas to Personalise Your Home

by Pallabi Bose | January 31, 2024 | 4 mins read

6 diy wall hanging ideas and designs for 2023

Don your artistic hat on for these 6 unique DIY wall hanging ideas & give your home a personal touch

No one likes to live in a white cardboard-like box. But spending a fortune on decorating walls is impossible for most people. So, the alternative? Repurpose what you already have in your home and make beautiful art pieces to decorate your abode. Here are 6 easy DIY wall-hanging ideas our DesignCafe designers loved the most.

DIY Wall Hanging Decor: Decorative Cardboard Shelf & Wall Clocks

Make your mundane Saturday and Sunday a fun weekend with your kids by making DIY shelves and wall clocks for their bedroom. Turn old shoe boxes into wall shelves and make decorative wall clocks from leftover plywood. Make sure the edges are nice and smooth before giving them to paint. It’s a great way to have a family bonding time and get your creative juices flowing.

DIY wall hanging decorated with cardboard shelves & wall clock in a kids' room
Handmade DIY wall hangings for kids’ room
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Wicker Baskets for Decorative Wall Hanging Craft Ideas

Have some old, frayed wicker baskets that have never seen the light of day in a long time? Before throwing them, try this effortless DIY wall-hanging decoration. All you have to do is paint them in interesting colours and stick them on your wall with some command strips. We love the combination of natural wicker baskets against the deep green wall. This is a great way to decorate your rental home as well.

Diy wall hanging craft ideas using a wicker basket as a unique and stylish option
Make a stunning gallery wall with wicker baskets

Handmade DIY Wall Hanging: Boho Macrame Skills to the Rescue

Lately, macrame wall hangings have been on the top of everyone’s home decor wishlist. Rightfully so. These DIY wall-hanging crafts are as creative as they are visually appealing. But the coloured ones come with a hefty price tag. Worry not; get your creative juices flowing and take up this easy DIY. 

Take any white macrame wall hangings of your choice and paint them with fabric colours. Take your inspiration from the below image. We have painted the basic boho macrame DIY wall hanging to match the traditional Indian vibe of the home. This is a great craft project to create a statement piece for your home.

Handmade macrame diy wall hanging
Add a fusion vibe with DIY wall-hanging craft ideas

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Easy Paper DIY Hanging Decor for Kids’ Room

Do your kids have an arts and crafts project to submit at school? Try this easy DIY paper wall hanging. All you need is a string, glue, and some craft papers. All you have to do is cut the craft papers in the shape of letters and glue them on the string to create an awesome message. It’s a great way to decorate your kids’ room. Rest assured, your kids would proudly hang their handiwork for everyone to see and behold.

Diy paper wall hanging that says dream on
Fun paper wall hanging DIY idea for kids

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Bored of Typical DIY Wall Hanging Craft Ideas? Try Paint

What comes to your mind instantly whenever you hear the word DIY wall hanging? Something that hangs from a nail on the wall, right? But what if you live in a rented home, where you are prohibited from installing a nail and making any structural changes? As a result, your decor game goes for a toss. 

So, instead of hanging anything, you can paint the walls, and while vacating, you can repaint it just the way it was before. Yes, think about creating statement art pieces with wallpaint. Here’s an easy yet stunning wall decor you can definitely try.

Paint as diy wall hanging idea creates a stunning mural
Create a stunning mural with paint as a DIY wall craft idea

The world of interior decor is endless. Any small or big thing can become an art piece – a sea shell or yarn. All you need is some creativity boost. If you liked the aforementioned DIY wall hanging decor ideas, create your own and share the images of your handiwork with us. Tag us on Instagram @designcafe.dc. For more such home decor ideas, don’t forget to check out our blog section.

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1. How do you make a homemade wall hanging?

There are numerous ways to make homemade wall hangings. Above are our designers’ chosen wall-hanging ideas. But, when it comes to wall decor and wall hanging, the sky is your limit.

2. How to hang artwork or wall hanging on a wall without nails?

Nowadays, many adhesive and suction clips/hooks are available on the market. They come in various shapes, sizes and weights they can carry. The best part of these clips and hooks is they leave no mark on the wall or chip away paint.

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