DIY Wall Hanging Ideas For Your Home

by Shreya Bilagi | August 7, 2020 | 4 mins read

Diy wall hanging ideas for your home

Here’s a blog to tell you all about DIY wall-hanging ideas! From creating dream catchers to clouds and crochet crafts. This is something you would want to miss out on. Get ready to design and create. Time to DIY!

“One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” Heard this popular saying before? Now let’s tweak this a bit. “Your junk will be your own treasure”. Sounds cool? It is when you decide to implement some super fun DIY wall hanging ideas. Read this blog to find out more! 

A Colourful DIY Wall Hanging

Have a colourful hall, but a plain grey wall? That’s just gloomy? Do not worry. We have a solution for you. So make your plain grey wall a canvas or add a painted canvas to it. Take a look at this DIY wall hanging. Its a painting done on a canvas with splashes of different colours. Colours have the ability to change moods and creating paintings with lots of colours can pep up your dull wall and also have an impact on your mood. Time to experiment! Are you ready? 

Colourful Diy wall hanging ideas and a painted canvas can pep up your dull grey wall in the living room.
A hall with a grey wall and a colourful DIY wall hanging brings cheer to this place

DIY Wall Hanging Craft Ideas: Make Your Own Quotes

If you are the kind of person who loves to make best out of waste, then these DIY wall hanging craft ideas will get you excited for sure. Make your own set of quotes with cardboard paper and stick them on the wall with patterned sticky tape. You could also frame them if you like. If you have old cardboard boxes sitting at home time to get your scissors out and snip out some letters to make some wacky wall hangings. This hall has a wall hanging made from cardboard box cutouts that says home and dream. You can make the words you like and hang them up.

Make a set of quotes with cardboard paper and stick them on the grey wall are the DIY wall hanging craft ideas.
A wall in grey with DIY wall hangings that brings a crafty edge to this living room

DIY Wall Hanging Ideas For Sea Lovers

Ahoy There! If you lack a bit of vitamin Sea, you won’t anymore with these DIY wall hanging ideas. Be the captain of your house, take charge and get some decor going. This hall is for those who can’t get enough of the shore life and nothing about the sea can make them seasick. Weave your own fishing net using yarn. You can make an anchor using plaster, and a board with details of life-saving knots with a lifesaver floaty will never make you miss the shore for sure.

The theme of the sea with DIY hanging decorations fishing net using yarn, & anchor using plaster in grey wall living room.
DIY wall hanging ideas for a hall that has the theme of the sea

Pitter Patter DIY Paper Wall Hanging

Have a kids room that needs some fun elements added to it? Check out this simple. DIY paper wall hanging you can do with your kid. If you have old pillows that are just lying around time to turn them into fluffy clouds and with the help of some coloured foam paper, cut droplets and sow them together. Here is a DIY pitter-patter corner for your little one to enjoy dancing around in.

A rainy day DIY paper wall hanging in a kids room using pillow & coloured foam paper.
A rainy day DIY paper wall hanging makes a dull day fun

DIY Crochet Decor

All crochet fans listen up this DIY wall hanging out of wool will make your day. Sit back, relax with a ball of yarn and knitting needles. Stitch your way into beautiful decor for your home. These DIY wall hangings made of tassels and crochet are perfect for a wall that needs a simple, elegant makeover. 

DIY wall hanging craft knitted and neatly hung on the grey wall looks gorgeous in this living room.
DIY decor knitted and neatly hung adds to the beauty of this pretty living room
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Hippy DIY Hanging Decorations For Your Bedroom

Time to set your wild child free! If you love colours, patterns and feathers then this one’s for you! If being a hippy is your cup of tea then hey my love you are in for a treat! Dream catchers are lovely and easy DIY ideas for your bedroom. You can make them with the use of coloured feathers, wool, string and a circular wooden frame. Simple right? 

DIY wall hanging out of wool dream catcher is lovely & perfect for a bedroom full of colour.
A lovely DIY dreamcatcher is perfect for a room full of colour

This is what we at Design Cafethink are some amazing DIY wall hanging ideas. Let us know what you think! Send us an email. Can’t wait to hear from you! 

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Shreya Bilagi is a content writer at Design Cafe home interiors blog.

Shreya Bilagi

Shreya Bilagi is a content writer at Design Cafe who has a creative and adventurous personality. She has worked in the media for the past four years starting off as a Radio Jockey with Radio Mirchi and later an anchor on television. Her love for dogs is infinite. Art and culture, spirituality, theatre, travelling, Netflix and wine all fall under her circle of passion.

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