6 Affordable Art and Craft Wall Decoration Ideas Your Home Will Love

by Pallabi Bose | February 14, 2024 | 6 mins read

Art and craft wall hanging to make your home walls a piece of art

Transform your home cost-effectively with these art and craft wall hanging ideas

Have you been to a cafe or restaurant or perhaps someone’s house and wished you also could decorate your home so beautifully? Wall decor is a great way to refresh the look of your home in a cost-effective way. As they say, blank walls are full of possibilities. So, let your imagination fly and turn your stark, blank walls into stunning masterpieces with unique wall hanging craft. Whether you are a DIY-lover, nature enthusiast or art collector, your home can be customised as you wish. Discover six ways to add style to your home with wall decoration craft designs.

Turn Your Passion into Handmade Wall Hanging Crafts

Love travelling and bike riding? Bring your passion indoors and turn it into kickass wall art. For instance, the owner of this house is a proud owner of this classic bullet. But when it got damaged beyond repair, he decided not to let it waste in a junkyard, and instead, he turned it into magnificent wall art for his living room. No wonder it is the first thing his guests notice.

Pro Tip: If you love anything, recycle it as hanging wall art instead of throwing it away. It can be anything. Spray paint your old badminton racket or frame your collectable postcard stamps. Anything can be turned into wall art.
Handmade wall hanging crafts- bike showcased on the wall, turn it into kickass wall art
Your passion can make a unique wall hanging craft

Handmade Easy Wall Hanging With Paper To Decorate Your Kid’s Room

Turn weekends into funday Sundays with your kids. Let them help you make cool handmade paper wall hanging. Challenge them with creative tasks and reward them for a job well done. For instance, in the image below you can see the handmade decorative wall hangings over the beds and some cool boy and girl paper wall crafts. They will cherish these pieces and proudly show them off among their friends.

Pro Tip: Craft activities like these not only work as a bonding activity, but they also promote your child’s creative growth. You can challenge your kids to try making wall hanging craft with items like ice cream sticks, paper straws, etc.
Handmade easy wall hanging with paper decorate over the beds with creative
Fun wall decoration paper craft for your kid’s room
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Give Your Bedroom A Bohemian Makeover with Wall Hanging Jute Craft

If you are looking to give your bedroom a whimsical vibe, bohemian decor is your answer. It is truly evergreen when it comes to interior decoration. This style is vibrant and gives a welcoming feel to home interiors. The easiest way to give your room a boho makeover is by painting the walls in bright hues, adding lots of greenery and thread tapestry like the jute wall hanging shown in the image below. That’s not all, the hanging planters with low-maintenance succulents are ideal for wall hanging.

People often ask:
Q. How to attach heavy fabric tapestry on the wall without using nails?
If you don’t want to make holes in your walls or tapestry fabric, a wall adhesive is an excellent choice. You can use velcro strips, sticky strips or adhesive hooks such as 3M hooks.
Bedroom elevated with wall-hanging jute craft
A cosy bedroom elevated with a jute wall hanging

Bring The Outdoors Indoor With This Unique Wall Hanging Craft

If you are a proud plant parent, this decor idea is for you. Create an indoor garden by placing them on the floor or hanging them on the wall as beautiful wall hanging crafts, the possibilities are endless. Take a cue from the living room shown in the image below. The home owner transformed this grey industrial-style living room into a plant oasis with framed leaves, hanging planters, floor-standing tall planters and a massive green wall made of creeper plants.

Pro Tip: Succulents are ideal indoor plants that can be used as a wall hanging over the bed or sofa since they do not need frequent watering. Hence, you can play around with DIY planter holders. Macrame and jute go well with boho style.
Beautiful wall-hanging crafts bring the outdoors indoor with hanging planters
Create a plant oasis with hanging planters

Showcase Your Prized Possessions On The Wall In Your Living Room

If you love collecting items from your vacations, put them on display proudly as a decorative wall hanging instead of stowing them away in a cupboard. In the image shown below, the home owner created a stunning gallery wall with their fine china set. The colour goes so well with the living room upholstery.

People often ask:
Q1. How can you hang delicate china plates on the wall?
Decorative plates are making quite the buzz among home decor enthusiasts. It’s the cheapest way to reuse your old plates or showcase your newly acquired china. But hanging it can be a bit tricky. You can use adhesive disks for this purpose.
Step 1: Wet the glue side of the adhesive disk with 2-3 drops of water to activate the glue.
Step 2: Let it air for 5-7 minutes and repeat the process at least twice.
Step 3: Attach the adhesive disk carefully. Smoothen out any excess air bubbles.
Step 4: Let it sit overnight.
Step 5: Hang it on the wall with nails in your desired position.

Q2: Which plates can be used as wall hanging?If hung correctly, any kind of plate can be used. But porcelain, bone china, clay, metal, glass or ceramic are popular among DIY enthusiasts.
Easy wall-hanging craft hang plates to create a stunning gallery wall
Hang plates as an easy wall hanging craft

Try Removable Wall Decoration Paper Craft

If you love to experiment with home decor, it’s time to switch to removable craft. It can be made of as simple as paper or thermocol. Take a cue from the origami butterfly wall hanging craft shown in the image below. It’s made of plain white paper and attached with adhesive strips. So simple, yet so unique that the beholder’s eyes go straight to them as soon as they enter the room. It’s a great way to flaunt your hobbies.

Pro Tip: To make a large wall display, use paper that’s 11.8” x 11.8” (30 x 30 centimetres) in size.
White butterfly wall hanging craft is made of origami and attached with adhesive strips in the living room
Flaunt your origami skills with wall decoration craft

Hope you enjoyed reading about these innovative art and craft wall hangings. The world of interior decoration has no hard and fast rules. It’s all about creating something unique with your imagination. So, let it fly. You can create stunning art pieces with anything. We hope you’d give these art and craft wall decoration ideas a try. Should you need any help, our expert designers are just a click away. For more such home decor ideas, tips and tricks, and home renovation guides, don’t forget to check out our blog section.

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