8 Dressing table With Storage Ideas Your Home Needs

by Juhi Advani | February 14, 2024 | 6 mins read

Dressing table with storage: the perfect addition to any room

Elevate your bedroom décor with chic dressing tables designed for style and storage

The idea of a dressing table has evolved significantly over the years. What was once a simple mirror and table has transformed into a modern essential for those who value skincare, organisation, and the art of getting ready. Today, a dressing table with storage not only features a full-sized mirror but also offers ample racks and shelves for all our products, makeup, and jewellery, ensuring everything stays neatly organised. Like any other furniture in our homes, it should seamlessly blend with our interior decor. As of late, elegant options in all-white, vintage teak, and modern black have gained popularity in many households. And let’s not forget, mirror selfies are now a part of the package!

In this blog, we have some stylish options for you to pick for your home! Read on. 

Cosy Bedroom Dressing Table With Storage and Hanger Rack 

Let’s start with a unique design that seamlessly blends storage solutions for both your accessories and bags. This ingenious dressing table unit, adorned in a glossy white laminate finish that complements your wardrobes, is a stylish addition to your space. It features a sleek wall-mounted mirror, a plethora of drawers to neatly organise your products and accessories, and a convenient hanger rack next to the mirror for your bags, scarves, and ties. The clean and timeless appeal of white makes it a perfect canvas for showcasing vibrant accessories, fragrant candles, and impeccably arranged beauty products.

Bedroom dressing table with storage in a glossy white laminate finish
Chic dresser with a hanger rack
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Full-length Dressing Table Mirror With Storage

This one’s for the OTD selfie enthusiasts! For those who crave pristine mirrors and an uncluttered setting, we understand the importance of capturing the perfect outfit-of-the-day pics. Our dressing table mirror with side storage offers a unique setup. It features a dedicated, full-length mirror space that remains unobstructed, allowing you to prepare from head to toe. On the sides, you will find multiple vanity drawers for all your accessories and two wall-mounted floating shelves for displaying candles, flowers, picture frames, or your cherished skincare products. 

Dressing table mirror with storage and two floating shelves
Full-length mirror with floating shelves

Hidden Treasures: Dressing Table With Mirror & Storage

Ideal for those in search of efficient space-saving furniture designs, this dressing table comes with a hidden mirror and storage. This versatile piece unveils a mirror and ample storage when opened while maintaining a clean, clutter-free, and organised appearance when closed. It’s the perfect blend of style and functionality for those who appreciate clever designs in their living spaces.

Dressing table with hidden mirror and storage for space-saving
Pop-up mirror and storage

Space-Saving: Dressing Table Stool With Storage

Ottomans and chairs are all about combining comfort with clever space solutions. Why did we say that? Creating extra storage is like a dream come true, especially in Indian homes. Our special dressing table design makes the most of your space. A stool or ottoman is a fantastic alternative to regular chairs because it doesn’t hog extra space, and you can slide it right under the vanity. You can even customise it with sneaky storage like lift-up seats or a drawer for your scarves, belts, or makeup, making your daily routine easy and cosy.

Dressing table stool with storage finish in wood and white laminate
A storage ottoman for compact spaces

Elegant Spaces: Dressing Table Designs With Storage

If you are fortunate to have a spacious bedroom and aim for a bold and opulent interior, this one’s for you! This exceptionally refined dressing table design in rich, dark colour tones provides an air of sophistication. It showcases a full-length mirror enhanced with LED strip lights and multiple storage options such as drawers, a floating unit, and a sleek ledge. Positioned adjacent to a sliding wardrobe, this unit offers added convenience while you get ready for the day.

Dark-toned dressing table design with storage and a full-length mirror
Feel posh with this dark-toned dresser
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Smart Designs: Dressing Table With Storage Behind Mirror

These dressing tables have additional hidden storage behind the mirror, providing a clutter-free, minimalist look. They often feature hinged doors or sliding mirrors that reveal shelves, compartments, or hooks for cosmetics and accessories. Look at this stunning design in pink laminate with storage behind mirror doors, a sliding drawer and an ottoman with hidden space. 

Pink laminated wardrobe attached dressing table with storage behind the mirror
Look behind the mirror!

Utilising Corners: Corner Dressing Table With Storage

Corner dressing tables maximise space efficiency. They fit seamlessly into underutilised or unused areas of the home, adding a subtle touch of elegance. These tables offer storage while occupying minimal space, making them ideal for smaller bedrooms. Check out this dressing table with a compact unit with a full-length mirror and a storage unit with drawers for complete functionality in minimum space. 

Corner dressing table with storage maximises space efficiency
No more ignored corners

Compact Dressing Table With Storage for Smaller Spaces

Compact dressing tables with storage cater to smaller bedrooms by offering maximum space while preserving style and functionality. With a shorter height, this dressing table can find a cosy corner in your room, as shown in the image below. We have effortlessly incorporated a compact makeup vanity in a white and light veneer finish that harmonises with the side table and wardrobe. A practical drawer is included for organised storage of makeup and miscellaneous items, ensuring a clutter-free look. 

However, the star feature of this vanity table is the exquisitely designed mirror, which appears seamlessly integrated into the rear wooden panel, extending from floor to ceiling.

White and light veneer finish compact dressing table with storage compartments
Simple, stylish & compact dressing table

In conclusion, dressing tables with storage offer a perfect fusion of style and practicality. Whether you have a spacious bedroom or a cosy corner, there is a design that suits your needs. Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your bedroom decor while ensuring your belongings are well-organised. Interested in transforming your home with our gorgeous designs? Book a free consultation with DesignCafe today to explore various modular interior services tailored to your preferences.

FAQ on Dressing Table With Storage

1. Are there options for built-in mirrors in dressing tables with storage?

Yes, many dressing tables with storage come with built-in mirrors in various types, like sliding or pop-up mirrors, which offer added versatility to enhance functionality and style.

2. What are the key features to look for in a dressing table with storage?

When choosing a dressing table with storage, consider crucial features such as storage capacity, mirror size, available shelving options, a design that harmonises with your room’s decor, and quality construction for lasting durability.

3. Are there specific lighting considerations for dressing tables with mirrors?

Adequate lighting is essential for dressing tables with mirrors; consider adjustable LED or natural light sources for a well-lit space that enhances your grooming routine.

4. What are some creative ways to use the storage space in a dressing table?

You can creatively utilise the storage space by adding a hanger rack for bags, customising drawers for jewellery, and exploring various other options to maximise your dressing table’s storage capacity. It offers a versatile canvas for organisation and personalisation.

5. Can I customise a dressing table with storage to fit my specific needs?

Yes, you can customise a dressing table to match your specific requirements, such as storing bangles, and ensure it fits your available space while complementing your style and needs.

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