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6 Gallery Wall Ideas That Breathe Life Into A Simple Wall

Awesome gallery wall ideas for your home

Gallery wall ideas to spark inspiration for the empty wall you’ve been planning to turn around

There’s nothing like a plain wall in a room to make a decor geek itch. It’s like a blank canvas waiting to be painted on. But there’s more you can do with a plain wall in your home than simply splashing it with a bold colour or plastering on a designer wallpaper. There’s a reason gallery wall ideas never go out of style. Besides, you don’t need any experts to get started. It’s the best DIY project for a free afternoon, and all you need are some fantastic photo gallery wall ideas for inspiration.

Turning an empty wall in your home into a gallery is a quintessential decor hack that opens up endless potential for creativity, experiments and personalisation. The plain-jane wall in your room will no longer feel like an eyesore once you’ve seen all these cool gallery wall ideas. Begin by identifying the wall in your home that you’d like to upgrade into a gallery. Next, check out these pictures of gallery wall layout ideas to decide what you want your gallery wall to look like.

And if you don’t have a ceiling-to-floor blank wall, that’s okay too. They’re not a mandatory requirement for gallery wall ideas. Windows, furnishings, appliances and fittings may already be taking up most of the wall space around your home. You can easily optimise the empty space around them to recreate these gallery wall ideas above couch, around the television, near a window or above your bed.

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Mix Frameless Prints With Mirrors And Decor Collectables For Gallery Wall Ideas That Speak To You

These ideas for photo gallery wall are going to make you feel lucky for having a plain white wall in your living room. The empty space above a wall-mounted sideboard is a good spot for a gallery wall. You can use the sideboard’s surface to place an assortment of decor items that blend into the theme of your gallery wall. This is one of the modern gallery wall ideas that mix frameless canvas prints with mirrors in identical shapes and sizes. These living room gallery wall ideas lend the area an eclectically minimal look.

Cool gallery wall ideas, hallway wall decorated with frameless canvas prints with mirrors with an eclectic minimal look.
Frameless canvas prints keep the look of this gallery wall clean and minimal

OTT Wall Clocks Make For Great Gallery Wall Ideas

If you like doing things differently, this is one of the creative gallery wall ideas you’re looking for. Turn your favourite collection of family, special occasion or holiday photos into a larger-than-life wall clock. It’s the best way to add an element of fun into the usual family wall gallery ideas and layouts. To get the best out of these living room gallery wall ideas, make sure you keep the frames for all the pictures uniform and of the same colour. This way, the layout won’t end up looking too busy or cluttered. You can use these gallery wall layout ideas in the bedroom also.

Family photos hanging around the skeleton wall clock are the creative living room gallery wall idea.
This gallery wall layout is a creative way to show off your favourite personal moments

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Gallery Wall Ideas That Include Your Flat-Screen TV

Now that most of us own flat-screen television sets, this is one of the living room gallery wall ideas becoming increasingly popular. Arrange your prints and photo frames around the television. With such gallery wall layout ideas, the flat-screen TV blends in to look like it’s part of your gallery wall. A floating shelf above the TV and one wall-mounted below adds to the look and offers real estate for placing decor items.

Photo gallery wall ideas, Living room with arranged prints, and photo frames around the tv unit look minimal.
Flat-screen TVs are the perfect fit for living room gallery wall ideas
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Art Nerds Will Love Using All Walls For Gallery Wall Ideas

Love your art collection a little too much? Nothing’s stopping you from using up all the walls in your room for gallery wall ideas. Here’s a sample if you want an idea of how it’ll look. You can mix up the gallery wall layout ideas for variety in the room but make sure each gallery wall has a unifying theme. For instance, use one wall for an assortment of mirrors in different shapes and sizes. If you’re going for photo prints on another wall, ensure the frame is of the same style and colour. Opt for frameless canvas prints for the third wall of the same room.

Frameless canvas prints above the headboard and photo prints on another wall are the best bedroom gallery wall idea.
Bedroom gallery wall ideas like this work best in a room with walls in neutral or soft colours

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Give Your Bedroom An Artistic Upgrade With These Gallery Wall Ideas

Splitting up the same print into multiple frames of different shapes and sizes is one of the cool gallery wall ideas that’s a hot favourite right now. An unaligned arrangement lends an eccentric look to an otherwise bare room. Try this if you’re hunting for bedroom gallery wall ideas to add a touch of art right above your bed.

Gallery wall idea for bedroom with multiple artistic frames of different shapes and sizes above the headboard looks vibrant.
Add a pop of colour to a minimal room with a bright painting

Personalised Gallery Wall Ideas For Kids’ Bedrooms

Gallery wall ideas don’t necessarily have to feature photos, frames and prints. You can also build a gallery wall out of a collection of personal items. These cool gallery wall ideas are particularly great for a kid’s bedroom. Children are more likely to want to customise their space and display things they cherish to reflect their developing personalities. Whether your child is interested in sports or DIY craft, anything goes with these gallery wall ideas bedroom.

A kid's bedroom wall decorated with a collection of personal items is a DIY modern gallery wall idea.
Gallery walls offer ample opportunity for kids to personalise their space

Now that you know what to do with that blank wall in your home, thanks to these gallery wall ideas, start collecting items you’d like to see on your gallery wall. Once you have a good collection, try to group the items by a theme. Sticking to a single theme, be it a colour palette or mood, for your gallery wall ensures it doesn’t end up looking too cluttered or busy. Considering the primary feature of a gallery wall is a collection of many items, a common theme binds the parts to look aesthetically appealing when they come together as a whole.

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