Living Room Brick Wall Designs That Lend A Rustic Touch

by Naina Khare | January 31, 2024 | 5 mins read

Living room brick wall designs for your home

Did you ask for artistic living room designs? Here are some of the most exciting brick wall designs for your living room.

Nowadays, exposed aesthetic brick walls are on-trend and spreading like fire in the modern market. The brick wall design looks so spectacular and gorgeous that it could bring life to your living room. They furnish an aesthetic appeal and empower a durable, keen look to your home decor. Without a doubt, your life would become a thousand times better if you possessed a wow-worthy space. Today, we are here with six designer-approved terrific living room brick wall design ideas for your home. You might as well want to bookmark these and utilise them to formulate deluxe decors. Now, without any further ado, let’s begin with the first one.

Living Room Brick Wall Design With Authentic Industrial Charm

Our first design is a rectangular brick wall design for your living room. Designed with a somewhat brown-tone brick texture, this stunning living room brick wall design embraces a dramatic contrast, which provides an oh-so-classy look to your space. Furthermore, the colour of the brick goes hand-in-glove with other facets of the room. With an incredibly exposed wood-formulated brick wall, this brick design will furnish an industrialised look and transform your space into an immaculate architectural landscape. 

The cool undertone perfectly matches the flooring, couch, and table—retaining its industrial style. However, the star of the show is the use of different colours, breaking the sheer monotony of the decor. The addition of colours, such as the turquoise chair and pillow cushions, makes this living room interior more praiseworthy. You can also add other embellishments to formulate an all-encompassing gorgeous decor.

A living room brick wall design with authentic industrial charm creates a dramatic aura
Create a dramatic aura with this brick wall design

Living Room Brick Wall Design With A Duo-Chromatic Sight

The next design on our list is this impressive grey and white-washed brick wall design, possessing a posh and sophisticated style to its appearance. This brick wall living room interior design has a breathtaking charm as it dramatically contradicts other aspects of the space. The intelligent installation of the printed (absolutely classy) chair and the curtains go oh-so-well with the brick wallpaper design. The brown wood furnished table looks great, but you can also go with a black or glass round table. 

Considering there’s limited space, it’s better not to install large furniture. Don’t forget that the decor should be space-efficient as well. Coming back, you can also add exotic decor items, such as a beautiful rug (at the entrance), exuding a royal vice or other elegant showpieces. The pernickety approach of using minimal decor slabs would confer an all-in-all agile look. You can also add small plant holders, flower vases, curtains, and other quirky elements to make the living room interior outstanding!

A living room brick wall design in grey and white combination adds sophisticated style to its appearance
The never-failing grey and white brick wall design
Want a living room that oozes luxury

Brick Wall Design In The Living Room With Symphonies And Melodies

Glorious, fascinating, beautiful, and sturdy, this brick wall living room design’s ambience is at its peak! Our next brick wall design offers an insightful aura of sophistication and elegance with its duo-chromatic texture. The texture of this brick wallpaper is surreal! This design will render visually enticing looks to your living room. No matter how selective you are or how many adjectives you use, all will fall short in front of this decor. 

The best part about this living room interior design is the scattered use of furniture. You can use more furniture items to render a fuller and sleek look if you have a bigger space. Also, the smart addition of different colours is marvellous! You can also add a tad pop of colour to maintain the indubitably glorious charm. Either keep this decor minimalist or go all out with the accessorising.

A brick wall design in living room offers an insightful aura of sophistication and elegance with its duo-chromatic texture
A mesmerising brick wall living room design

White Brick Wall Living Room Design Done Right

There exists only one appropriate word for the next living room design with a white brick wall on our list—AMAZING. This white brick accent wall is so wonderful that it will bereave you and your guests with all suitable words to express! The gorgeous white wall design in your living space will add the utmost touch of elegance to the entire decor! Furnished with a monochromatic mosaic texture, this stunning design would set the mood just right. As aforesaid, everything’s done right with white. 

Introduce this classy white brick wall living room design and pile up all the applause in your direction! With this beautifully crafted brick wall interior, you will be left with no words. The most important aspect of this interior is that it has been kept minimalistic—without adding extra cheese. Simplicity is the key to this décor. So, what’s the wait for?

White brick wall design for your living room in minimalistic style
Brick wall design in a minimalistic living room

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A Large Living Room With An Orange Brick Wall Design

Modelled with a literal colour palette of bricks, this wall decor is ideal for people who are inclined to an understated yet impressive appearance. Don’t fall for its classy and luxuriant look, it might seem expensive to you. But, believe it, you can also get this exclusive exposed orange brick wall decor without much investment. This decor can be a boon for those who need to makeover their living space on a minimal budget. So, don this decor and add an ambience of enchantment and royalty with its elegant exaggeration of orangey texture. Good luck!

A large living room with an orange brick wall design adds an ambience of enchantment and royalty
Get high on life with this vibrant brick wall design

Utilising these ideas will enable you to come up with remarkable home decor. We hope this blog encompassing our top living room brick wall designs was helpful to you. Hopefully, you made the best out of it. Cheers!

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