6 Creative Ways to Use Brick Wall Tiles in Home Interiors

by Sneha Virmani | February 8, 2024 | 5 mins read

Brick wall tiles ideas to give your home a rustic appeal

Brick tiles are a new hot trend, and here’s how to use them in your home interior.

Brick tiles are a classic design inspired by the bustling subway stations of London, New York, and Paris metro. Dating back to the 19th century, these tiles have a rustic vibe symbolic of their raw nature. Rusted red to shiny glazed ceramic brick tiles, today, these brick-style designs are a style statement glamorously used in home interiors. 

The beauty of brick tiles is their versatility in elevating both the indoors and outdoor spaces of a home. Tiles lend a luxurious feel to the space at a much lower cost than actual bricks and are easier to maintain. Want to add a sense of history to your home? Here’s how to creatively incorporate brick wall tiles into walls, floors, and more. 

Brick Wall Tiles for the Master Bedroom 

An inspiration from the red brick walls for underground metro stations, this bedroom is not your usual one. These elegant red and brown shaded brick wall tiles are elegantly minimal, yet make a statement. Blended seamlessly within a focal wall, they add textural dimension to the bedroom and create a striking first impression. 

Brick design tiles in red and brown shaded add textural dimension to the master bedroom
Using earthy undertones lends a calm vibe to the room
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Brick Design Tiles for Study Room 

Want to take your study room up a notch? Add a textured brick wall to draw the eye away from blank white walls. Thin rectangular pieces of brick-sized tiles are glued together to create a contrasting, busy effect in an otherwise calm room. Add framed pictures on the wall to amp up the ambience, and take a break gazing at your serenely chaotic view. 

White brick tiles for study room create a calming and contrasting atmosphere
White makes a big impression when used with textures

Red Brick Tiles for the Kitchen 

Who said your kitchen had to be boring? In an Indian home, kitchens are the busiest rooms where the family joins in to spend quality time together. A space so important it needs to stand out, and what better than a wall that draws attention? The red brick tile wall backsplash with hints of beige and brown is the perfect combination for an elegant kitchen. 

Red brick tiles for kitchen backsplash gives rustic look
Use plants adds a pop of green

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Half-N-Half Brick Cladding Tiles for Your Home

Brick decor in homes is a hot trend, and this half-n-half brick tile look is sure to stun! Creating a textured effect, the brick wall is paired with wooden bars that fashionably add depth to the space. This lends the room a rustic countryside vibe while staying uber cool, which is ideal to calm the nerves after a long day.  

Half-n-half brick cladding tiles with wooden bars add depth to the space
Get creative with your brick tiles!

Brick Pattern Tile Wall for Living Room 

Living rooms are the best places to experiment with your creative ideas. If you lack space to play with different furniture shapes or accent decor, try this brick wall to create a beautiful focal point. A tastefully done living room reflects your personality and class. This shaded pattern tile wall in red with a show-stopper art piece is an excellent alternative to bulky stone walls and mimics the exact feel of a breezy outdoor space. 

Brick pattern tile wall for living room to exude a beautiful focal point
Use the wall to highlight your cabinets and pendant lights

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Brick Style Tiles for the Patio 

Create a vintage blue brick-style wall in your front patio for a striking first impression. The combination of outdoor furniture, a small stream-like fountain, ambient lighting and the cool breeze whiffing into the space makes it a perfect spot to relax with friends and family. 

Brick design wall tiles for patio
Create hooves within the brick tile wall to add space for lights
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Brick tiles are an easier and more affordable decor than real bulky bricks. These creative ideas allow you to experiment with the size, colour, and room in question as you design a home to WOW! Want more out-of-the-box ideas? Reach out to us at DesignCafe for all your home design needs.

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FAQs on Brick Wall Tiles

1. Are there any maintenance requirements for brick tiles?

Like any other tiles, brick tiles have an easy-to-clean surface. Brush, dust, or clean the tiles to remove any marks or stains. 

2. Can brick tiles be installed over existing surfaces?

You can, but installing new tiles over an existing surface is not advisable because this leads to an inaccurate finish and loosening of new tiles.

3. Can brick tiles be cut or shaped to fit specific spaces or designs?

Yes, brick tiles can be cut to fit specific spaces and designs, but always get professional help. You can injure yourself in the process or crack the tile when you try to do it without the right machinery.

4. Are there any environmental benefits to using brick tiles?

Brick tiles do not contain any chemical or toxic components, making them an environment-friendly option.

5. How do brick tiles compare to traditional brick walls in terms of installation?

Brick tiles, as compared to traditional brick walls, are much easier to install. Conventional bricks are laid in mortar and stacked one after the other, making it a time-consuming and expensive process. Brick tiles, however, are like installing any other tile applied directly to the surface or wall.

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