10 Beautiful Marble Kitchen Countertops For You Home

Give Your Kitchen A Touch Of Royalty With Beautiful Marble Countertops

Marble countertops for your home

Marble is a timeless and classic material adds luxury to any space especially the kitchen

If you are remodelling your kitchen, countertops are a critical component, and there isn’t a more beautiful material than marble. Marble is the epitome of luxury and sophistication and in recent years, it has been used extensively for both interiors and exteriors.  This naturally occurring material comes in an array of designs, colours and varieties. Sophisticated and elegant, marble can be used in any design scheme, from modern to the farmhouse. Have a look at these kitchens with marble countertops that will take your breath away. 

An All White Marble Countertop

Nothing screams luxury than white. There is something ravishingly sexy about an all white kitchen. White is synonymous with purity, elegance and cleanliness. White marble countertops can make a big splash in any kitchen and can team up pretty well with any other decor. In this all-white kitchen, we can see how white dominates the entire area – from the cabinets, countertops, kitchen island, and lighting – are all covered in white. Subtle hardwood flooring breaks the balance evenly.

All white marble countertops in kitchen island with lighting and subtle hardwood flooring
The all-white kitchen is nothing but elegant and classy
Do you know whats trending for your kitchen countertops

The Black Stallion: Black Marble Countertops

If you’re planning to make a grand statement with your kitchen interiors then a black countertop is your best bet! Black marble countertops look sleek and magnificent, especially when paired with crisp white cabinets. In this image here we see how a black marble countertop and a kitchen island in black together with white cabinets make a stunning combination. Black bar stools around the island and a chimney in the same shade make this kitchen stand out.

Black marble countertops with with white cabinets and and bar stools around the kitchen islands
The black marble countertop paired with white cabinets look sleek and clean

A Kitchen Countertop With Veined Marble

There is no point designing and building a kitchen with good woodwork for cabinetry, best of sanitaryware, and superior choice of materials for the flooring and backsplashes if your countertop does not stand out. This will only make everything look dull and lifeless. A beautiful marble countertop can come to the rescue here. A marble countertop, as we see in the image here, with thick and thin veins is something you can incorporate into your design scheme. The veins make intricate patterns on the marble and add can be one of the major design elements of the space.

Kitchen design marble countertops with veined marble and superior choice of materials for the flooring and backsplashes
Choose the finish of the marble according to your needs and see what pattern looks good
Are you sacrificing on functionality or style in your small kitchen

A Neutral Coloured Kitchen Countertop

Marble comes in a variety of stunning hues, is water resistant and its smooth surface makes it an ideal choice for kitchen countertops. A neutral shade of marble such as white, as shown in this image here, is ideal if you don’t want it to blend in with the interior design and colour scheme of the space. Neutral coloured countertops also let you play around with cabinets of different colours if you want. Or you can keep in the same tone for a soothing look. Black pendant lights in this kitchen here add a stark contrast to an otherwise neutral toned space. 

Neutral coloured marble countertop cost with black pendant lights and water resistant with smooth surface in kitchen
A neutral countertop hue also emerges as a design choice with a bold cabinet colour

A Beige Marble Kitchen Countertop 

There are ample number of natural stones that are famous for their durability and  glamour quotient. Marble is certainly one as we have seen with the design ideas above. A perfect kitchen is incomplete without a perfect combination of texture, design and colour. For your kitchen interiors to look seamlessly beautiful it is important to choose a style and sync the colour of cabinets, accessories, flooring material with the countertop. The image shows a magnificent combination of a marble countertop combined with white and gold cabinets. Equal importance has been given to natural lighting so natural light can give your marble countertop a nicer sheen.

Beige marble kitchen countertop which is a perfect combination of texture, design and colour
A beige marble countertop with white cabinets and gold accents make a perfect design scheme

No matter what kitchen design you have it in your mind, make sure you give slight importance to the countertop. Marble is a great choice if it fits into your budget so plan ahead so you can make some room for it!

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Ashish Rai is a content writer at Design Cafe home interiors blog.

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