7 Stylish Vanity Chair Design Ideas For Your Home

by Noopur Lidbide | February 25, 2024 | 5 mins read

Vanity chair design ideas for your home

Complete the look of your vanity with a vanity chair. Check out our ideas for different types of rooms and setups.

A little vanity hurt no one, right? Believe it or not, but even the most ‘low maintenance’ of people can be thankful for a well-organised and well-designed vanity, or dressing table and chair. Why is a vanity chair that important, one might ask. Isn’t a dressing table sufficient and uncomplicated enough? It is, but only for organising your everyday essentials.

A vanity chair is like a moment of calm in the chaos of your everyday routine. All it takes for you to charge up and sit pretty for an eventful day ahead is a few minutes on your beautiful vanity chair. And on days when you have the luxury of time, your vanity chair is just that — pure luxury!

Here are seven vanity chair designs that we love and are just the accent that your dressing table needs!

A Classic Mid-Century Modern Vanity Chair

First of all, you cannot not have a proper vanity table and chair setup when you have a dreamy walk-in closet! Work-day morning rush apart, we can totally picture ourselves trying out multiple outfits here. A classy mid-century modern vanity chair is the perfect fit for a larger-than-life dressing room. The design of the vanity chair is both aesthetic and functional, making it a comfortable option for your vanity.

Modern vanity chair in a classic style that perfectly fit for a larger-than-life dressing room
We love a classic MCM vanity chair

A Simple And Elegant Vanity Table And Chair For The Bedroom

Your vanity can be something as simple as a table and a chair, but that doesn’t mean it has to be uninteresting. This sleek and elegant vanity table and chair design for the bedroom works like an accent for the space. The vanity chair in particular is minimal, functional with the much-needed backrest and beautiful, going perfectly well with the vibe of the bedroom.

Vanity Chair and Table for Bedroom in A simple and elegant style
A sleek gold-plated vanity chair design

How About A Bench As A Vanity Chair?

A bench with an upholstered seating can be a great replacement for the stereotypical vanity chair. A bench can also serve multiple uses. If not using it with your vanity table, you can always use it as a bed bench, or an extra seat for the dining table or living room. With a fairly tall vanity table, you can easily stow the bench underneath it to save up on space. Lastly, a vanity bench means more than one person can leisurely get ready at a time!

A  bench as a Vnity chair with an upholstered seating that serves multiple uses
Consider a vanity bench instead of a chair

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A Stool And Armchair Combo For The Vanity

Why have just one vanity chair when you can have two? When you have a spacious vanity setup, you can always afford some luxury. The vanity stool is perfect for everyday use, when you have just enough time to get ready. The armchair works for more elaborate makeup sessions. Plus, having extra seating in here is a great reason to have a friend over for the occasional beauty session!

A stool and armchair combo for a spacious vanity setup that adds luxury feels to the space
You can go for more than one chair for the vanity

An Elegant Pouffe For The Vanity

The fun in having a luxurious walk-in closet and vanity is the amount of space you get — both for storage and for clothes and make-up trials. An elegant leather pouffe can make for the perfect vanity chair, a sturdy and fashionable seating accent that doesn’t block too much space in your closet.  

An elegant leather pouffe as a vanity chair in a walk-in-closet
A pouffe as a vanity chair in a walk-in-closet

A Cushioned Stool As A Vanity Chair

What’s a great vanity chair for a minimal and modern bedroom space? One that’s sleek, stylish and functional, just like this accent stool. The bright tangerine upholstery of the stool stands out against the chic white of the vanity, making it the perfect accessory that your table needs. What’s even better is that you can stow the stool underneath the vanity table when not in use to free up some space.

Cushioned stool as a vanity chair for modern bedroom space
A chic stool is a great vanity chair substitute

A Vintage-Style Vanity Table And Chair Setup

Few things make your home look as effortlessly chic as a classic vintage-style design. This bedroom is beautifully set in an old-world era, and the gorgeous vanity table setup complements the theme. The vanity chair ticks all the right boxes and stays true to the vintage vibe of this space. We love how the seating is extra wide and comfortable as compared to a more modern vanity chair design.

A vintage style vanity chair and table setup with extra wide seating
A vintage-style vanity with an elegant vanity chair

Vanity chairs are always a good investment to go with your vanity table. On the surface, it can seem like an element you can do away with but a functional vanity chair can rarely not be useful one way or the other. Whether or not you have the luxury of space around your vanity table, there’s always a vanity chair that fits with it!

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