Fabulous Corner Wardrobe Ideas For Small Bedroom

by Sneha Virmani | January 17, 2024 | 5 mins read

corner wardrobe ideas for small bedroom

Have a small bedroom? No problem! All you need are these clever corner cupboard design ideas to maximise the storage space in your bedroom

Do homes with a spacious walk-in wardrobe make your cringe just a little bit with jealousy? With just enough space to accommodate a corner cupboard, it’s time to make the best use of your space with design ideas that fit into every nook and corner. Especially when each square foot costs a bomb today, unlocking precious space for storage in your bedroom is crucial. When executed well, a little imagination can go a long way into turning your quaint room into a storage haven.

From nooks and crevices to sloping walls, here are some creative corner cupboard design ideas to help you shape your bedroom into a space you desire.

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Tall Corner Cupboard

The beauty of this corner almirah design is the excellent use of what would have otherwise been a dead wall. While not built into the wall, a floor-to-ceiling cupboard design accommodates various types of clothes and daily accessories. It augments the storage within your bedroom and adds an aesthetic value to the space. With the cupboard laminate matching the white bed, you do not have to worry about your room looking overwhelmingly mismatched. A pristine white bed with a self-checkered cupboard complements the pastel palette in the room and masquerades as an extended portion of the wall.

Tall corner almirah from floor to ceiling with white glossy laminate door in the small bedroom adds aesthetic look.
A wooden back panel and hardwood floors add to the decor of the small room by adding layers of texture without compromising on space

T-Corner Cupboard Design

The beauty of this T-shaped cupboard design is its versatility to integrate into even the smallest of rooms. A unit like this is perfect when you want to make use of extra storage space on the top of your cupboard. It is designed to hold occasionally used items like suitcases, quilts and woollens in the top half of the closet. This genius corner cupboard design utilises an entire wall for storage while allowing enough space to accommodate a study and the bedroom door. Built right up the ceiling, this design opens up a whole new area for storage, without occupying space on the floor.

The small bedroom has a t-shaped wooden corner cupboard in grey laminate and an attached study table.
The light-coloured laminate reflects light off the surface and makes the bedroom appear larger than it is

Unique Window Corner Cupboard

Built along the window wall, this corner cupboard design effectively creates storage space in a small bedroom. To compensate for the limited hanging storage within the cupboards, the TV unit has a chest of drawers below. The brilliant use of white throughout the room creates a sense of balance and unifies the bedroom with the cupboard as one. One lonely window wall turned into a corner cupboard area is a pretty impressive design for those who lack space in their home.

Small bedroom with corner cupboard design in white laminate and the TV unit has a chest of drawers.
A makeshift movable rattan shelf allows you easy access to everyday storage items like a laundry basket, books and small trinkets
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L-Shaped Corner Wardrobe Design

When it comes to storage space, more is better especially if that bedroom is also the children’s room. This corner L-shaped wardrobe design combines style, practicality and function to allow you to allocate a place for every little toy in the room. A mix of trendy matt colours in shades of pink and purple, the cupboard perfectly complements the room’s aesthetics without intruding on space. Built along the wall of the bed, this floating design with cabinets and shelves conceals clutter and allows you to bask in a divan-style bed.

Corner l shaped wardrobe design in white, pink and blue combination lends a sleek look to the children's bedroom.
When you customise furniture pieces for a small bedroom, try to make them movable. With wheels on the bed, you can quickly shift it and access hidden storage corners

Sliding Corner Cupboard

No space? No problem. This sliding corner cupboard design uses a freestanding wall to fit in a cupboard. An easy-to-customise unit like this blends with the decor of the room while providing adequate storage space. Using earthy hues like brown and beige throughout the room soften sharp edges and make the small bedroom appear chic. With the cupboard doors sliding open from corner to corner, you can enjoy more space around your bed.

Wooden corner almirah design with sliding doors in white and brown colour laminates looks aesthetic in the small bedroom.
In small bedrooms like these, a pouffe with storage placed in front of the bed adds to the decor of the room and provides extra storage space

Having a small bedroom is a nightmare in itself, let alone the pain of no storage space. But fret not because these stunning corner cupboard ideas are specially curated to help you maximise nooks and crannies in your bedroom. Easy to customise and even easier to use every day, these designs peel back to reveal surprisingly large storage spaces. From unique wall-panelled cupboard designs to floating ones, we at Design Cafe have a bag full of handy ideas to help you make your bedroom storage heaven.

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